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HoodLinkd is a new, nifty, locally inspired web-based app that connects people with local businesses in a specified area via a comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform. Passionate advocates of the #SupportLocal movement, HoodLinkd is a proudly South African platform centred around local community upliftment and building long-lasting customer-business relationships. There is no limit to the type or size of the business that can join the HoodLinkd platform – opening it up to a diverse variety of local businesses to join.
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How to celebrate Garden Day

With all the hype about Garden Day coming up, we thought it was best to ask proud plant parent @shaedy.pots to share some tips and ideas for how to spend the day. This year Garden Day is celebrated on Sunday the 17th of October. The day…
Cape Town Happy Culture Kombucha
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“Inspiring a Beautiful Evolution”– Happy Culture Kombucha THE HAPPY CULTURE KOMBUCHA STORY Happy Culture Kombucha is a local Cape Town based proudly South African company that produces an exciting range of live and sparkling, raw…
Single Hooks Pedersen and Lennard Furniture Design Company
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THE PEDERSEN + LENNARD STORY Pedersen + Lennard is a proudly South African design-focused business based in Cape Town, skilled in both residential and commercial products and designer furniture. Founded in 2008 by Luke Pedersen and James…