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Passionate advocates of the #SupportLocal movement, HoodLinkd is a proudly South African platform and initiative centred around local community upliftment and building strong long-lasting customer-business connections and relationships within local neighbourhoods and communities.

HoodLinkd is the true epitome of ‘local is lekker’ and is committed to sharing the South African spirit and sentiment of ‘we are stronger together’ as far and wide as possible.

What is HoodLinkd all about

HoodLinkd is a new, nifty, locally inspired web-based app that connects people with local businesses in a specified area via a comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform. To kick it up a notch, there is no limit to the type or size of the business that can join the HoodLinkd platform – opening it up to a wide range and diverse variety of local businesses to join. From restaurants and bakers to tailors, barbers, and legal services, HoodLinkd has it all!

In a nutshell, HoodLinkd offers a unique way for small and medium sized businesses from various industries to market their product or service to the people that live and work within their neighbourhoods, while at the same time giving these same people the opportunity to tap into and support their local entrepreneurs and businesses.


Wide range & diverse variety of local businesses you can access via the HoodLinkd App

Ultimately, HoodLinkd aims to add real value to local networks by building stronger links and relationships between a hood’s businesses, residents, and visitors.

HoodLinkd doesn’t stop there, it gives back to a local NGO to empower local businesses even further.

This empowered local initiative not only demonstrates HoodLinkd’s unwavering dedication to creating a better shared future for all, but the power and positivity that can be realized when local communities come together and support each other – regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem at the time.

Created by the community for the community, HoodLinkd is well and truly neighborhood networking on the next level – and we challenge you to tell us otherwise!

Origin & Evolution of HoodLinkd

The idea for HoodLinkd grew out of a passion to support small and medium-sized local businesses by offering them a convenient and affordable platform to connect with their community and target market.

In addition to giving businesses the opportunity to market their product or service to people that live and work within their area, HoodLinkd’s goal is to assist businesses in improving their online presence, maximising their local customer base, and strengthening their neighbourhood’s economy.

HoodLinkd is designed to offer top-notch customer satisfaction, maximum convenience, and ease-of-use for all users.

True to their slogan ‘Your hood in one app,’ HoodLinkd features an up-to-date electronic business directory (Bye Bye Yellow Pages), an event calendar, as well as weekly updated specials and deals by a variety of local businesses.

The platform’s Deals section is a real game-changer for anyone looking to save, while at the same time exploring and experiencing everything the city has to offer. Users simply filter by industry or keyword and get instant access to promotions offered by local businesses – and so your adventure begins – It really is as easy as that!

Great news for users – Registering on HoodLinkd is FREE!

Businesses can choose between different packages (ranging from free to premium versions). To download the app, simply go to the HoodLinkd website  on your mobile device and follow the pop-up instructions.

Why HoodLinkd?

HoodLinkd Business Benefits

  • Improves your company’s income by building strong ties and repeat customers within your local community

  • Gives your business great visibility to the local community through an easy-to-use platform

  • Promotes tailored specials directly to your hood’s online community

  • Boosts your business through positive customer reviews and ratings

  • Provides a platform for you to host online and physical events, product promotions and seminars

HoodLinkd User Benefits

  • Your convenient go-to for connecting with local businesses in your community

  • Buy or sell in your local community

  • Enjoy the benefit of deals and specials offered exclusively to your hood

  • Enjoy the privacy of your data – no Google Analytics, no location markers, no spam

  • Getting to know your neighbours enhances the feeling of belonging and improves security as neighbors are more likely to look out for each other

What Does HoodLinkd Offer?

  • Deals
  • Featured Listings
  • Showcasing & Promoting Events
  • Business Listings & Classifieds
  • Directory


Best offers in town, absolutely not to be missed!


Plumbers, restaurants, Yoga Studios, bee keepers & so much more!


From culture to couture, join us and see for yourself!


Need a car, a handyman, or a delicious home-made cake? We’ve got it all!

HoodLinkd Information & Details

  • HoodLinkd Pty Ltd t/a HoodLinkd, 41 Milner Road, Cape Town

066 177 5500

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