Curated Connections

Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking
Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking

Find your dating ZING with Curated Connections!

Are you single, searching, and tired of swiping? Do you find yourself attending the same-old events with the same-old crowd of people wishing you’d rather have stayed home instead – even if it is just you and your two cats? Does an average night out drinking leave you thinking that your over-priced cocktail isn’t the ONLY thing in desperate need of some extra zest and pizzaz, but your love life too? Perhaps even more so!

If you answered yes to all three of these questions (and don’t you dare try and lie to yourself, we know ;)), Curated Connections is not only perfect for you, but definitely your love life too!

Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking

Based in Cape Town, Curated Connections is a new, exclusive & wildly exciting singles’ events & matchmaking service & social dating concept that has loudly & proudly established itself as the latest & ultimate dating go-to for any & all Cape Town singles.

Julia and Marle, the passionate dynamic duo, founders, and dare we say the two fierce forces of nature behind Curated Connections, are all too familiar with the disappointment, struggles, and frustrations associated with dating apps as well as the difficulty many – if not all – of us face when it comes to meeting people in today’s world. This is exactly what inspired them to start Curated Connections. Introducing (or should we say re-introducing) the much-needed aspect of social interaction back into the world of modern dating, Curated Connections is all about bringing people together by providing a unique, safe, comfortable, and authentic platform for like-minded singles to meet, mingle, interact, network, make real meaningful connections, and potentially find their ultimate love match. To further elevate the Curated Connections experience, they host regular specially curated singles events, as well as offer exclusive memberships, and personalized matchmaking services.

Curated Connections Emphasize Exclusivity & Exceptional Standards

Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking

Exclusive and high-end, yet laid-back and on-trend, Curated Connections is designed to foster curiosity and connection within a highly curated group of handpicked singles. Beyond offering a unique and thrilling dating experience, Curated Connections is dedicated to both up-holding and maintaining a high-standard approach when it comes to the selection of their single candidates. This means all potential singles have to undergo a screening process prior to becoming part of the Curated Connections’ community. Singles are carefully and meticulously selected to prioritize meaningful and intentional connections.

**Note: Community membership is open to singles above the age of 26 for both males and females.



As all Curated Connections’ events are exclusive, everyone who attends needs to complete an application form as well as go through a screening process. This way, it not only wipes all the stress away, but forces you to focus solely and ONLY on having a great time as you meet, interact, and connect with other like-minded singles, letting Curated Connections take care of the rest. Afterall, one of the key reasons why Julia and Marle decided to create and host these unique and exclusive singles events was to eliminate all the pressures, anxiety, uncertainty, judgement, and fear of rejection people experience during the dating process (be it via dating apps or not) and put the joy, anticipation, excitement, emotion, fire, and thrill back into meeting and making new and genuine connections with people who are looking for the exact same thing as you are – a real meaningful connection!

With beautiful locations across Cape Town, delicious food and drinks, incredible experiences, and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll have no choice but to let go and stop fixating on the outcome and let your true self shine, while potentially finding that special someone.

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Personalised Matchmaking & Membership Options


Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking


Are you ready to get MATCHED? And no, we’re definitely not referring to the – ‘you’ve MATCHED’ – pop-up on your dating app which appears every time the internet thinks it’s found your potential match-made-in-digital-dating-app-heaven!

We’re talking about the REAL thing! Curated Connections takes personalised matchmaking to a whole new level – All you need to do is put your faith in their experienced and expertly skilled matchmaking hands.

As Curated Connections pride themselves on their exclusivity, attention-to-detail, and exceptionally high-standards, all applicants and applications are thoroughly and thoughtfully screened – this means you can breathe easy knowing that you are in the BEST possible hands. Once approved, the matchmaking process begins!

Each and every potential match is carefully, perceptively, and purposefully selected based on the specific details and personal information provided by you on your application, as well as the array of profiles on Curated Connections’ private singles database. Once they’ve narrowed down / found a potential match / possible love-match for you, both parties will be contacted, and, if both are interested and accept the ‘invitation’, Curated Connections will arrange and set-up an exclusive date for the two of you to meet, mingle, and interact in person.



As Curated Connections aims to eradicate the strong superficial aspect associated with dating apps, these personalised ‘matchmade’ private dates (which will only take place if both parties agree to it) are indeed blind dates – Thereby creating a sense of curiosity, intrigue, allure, and anticipation. It also completely eliminates any and all pre-conceived judgements we may otherwise have formed, instead, only allowing for open minds and open hearts! Just in case you feel slightly hesitant or intimidated by the idea of going on a ‘blind date’, you can rest assured that Curated Connections always go above and beyond to ensure that the candidates they select are not only top-notch and the most suitable (based on your application and preferences), but candidates / individuals that they themselves feel are the best potential match for you.

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Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking

If you’d like to experience everything Curated Connections has to offer – their exclusive singles events & their personalised matchmaking – you are definitely in luck. Take advantage of their incredible Events & Matchmaking Membership Options right away! You definitely won’t regret it!

Why You Should Sign-Up NOT Swipe On!

Curated Connections - Cape Town Singles Events and Matchmaking


Aren’t we all!

That’s EXACTLY why you should join Curated Connections & stop swiping your time away on dating apps!


Let’s be honest, finding love, REAL love, is, always has been, and will forever be, an emotional process. It’s something that is felt in both your heart and body, not in your mind or some out-of-touch made-up fantasy.

There is absolutely no denying that the struggles of modern dating are REAL! In today’s fast-paced digitally-driven world, dating and finding that all-elusive ‘one’ has become increasingly more robotic than romantic with us (for some unfathomable reason) simply surrendering any and all power and control we have over our own love lives and making the conscious decision to rely on the ‘magic’ of the Internet to form our romantic connections for us instead – Say what?? Yes, we are indeed referring to DATING APPS!

From one dating app to the next, we can all supposedly find our happily-ever-after, sweep-you-off-your-feet, make-your-heart-skip-a-beat, fairytale love with just a few clicks. All you need to do is open up one of the several dating apps at your disposal, set-up your ‘picture-perfect profile’, and just like that, you’re ready – ITS TIME TO GET SWIPING BABY!! And swipe you will!

Swiping right, swiping left, swiping right and left, up and down, you will swipe, and continue to swipe, swipe, swipe away as you essentially ‘shop’ for your ideal life partner / match-made-in-heaven purely based on your ‘must-have’ checklist along with the seemingly endless selection of potential suiters, all ready and waiting for you to swipe through, each boasting a beautifully curated profile, well-thought-out, meticulously-crafted, oh-so-clever, and incredibly captivating bio, and let’s not forget the absolutely flawless, beyond impeccable, not-a-fault-in-sight, stunning, make-your-heart-beat-faster, and down-right drool-worthy photos to seal the deal.

Anyone that does not make the cut, for one reason or another, is eliminated or rejected. For those that do, the process typically involves weeks, or in many cases even months, spent messaging back and forth, often without ever having a real, meaningful, or impactful conversation at all, and waiting hours, days, or weeks for a response, or nothing at all. Only for it all to ultimately fizzle out, leaving you right back where you started – dating square one!

This is extremely discouraging to those who are truly searching for love, someone to spend their lives with, and are genuinely looking to make a meaningful connection. Ultimately proving the point that we NEED (now more than ever) personal introductions, face-to-face conversations, and social interactions to find true romance, meaningful connections, and lasting relationships – ENTER THE ONE & ONLY CURATED CONNECTIONS!

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