We have some exciting projects we are working on right now. Latest update 20/2/2020

Amazing South African Start Ups

We have kicked off 2020 by showcasing some of the coolest Cape Townian start ups we can find. Each business we find gets a featured article on our blog, a post on our instagram and facebook pages to push readers to the blog and learn more about them and a give away competition to help grow their own following of avid fans.

See our list of cool Cape Townian businesses here.

Every Event In The City For 2020

We have just launched our event listing platform where people can load their events onto our site to showcase their local events. We are on a mission to get every event and race up so people can find out all the cool things taking place in Cape Town.

See our events page here.

On our way to Instagram 100K Followers

We have a goal to hit 100K Instagram followers by August 2020. We think we can get there before the end of the month but lets wait and see how the momentum grows.

Follow us now.

This now page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page idea.