Best Romantic Restaurants in Cape Town

Celebrating a special occasion is not complete without a romantic candlelit dinner for two. You’re likely to be on the lookout for the ultimate place where you can spend a great night with your loved one. You want the perfect venue, with decadently delicious food.

If you are looking for the best spot to spend a quiet and heartwarming moment with your partner, here are some of the best romantic restaurants in Cape Town.


Location: 70 Prestwich Street, De Waterkant

This stylish De Waterkant restaurant is the best place to treat your partner to some fresh oysters and indulge in the delicious flavours of the sea. Beluga also does its best to cater to lovers who are celebrating a special occasion.

Secret Cape Town Best Romantic Restaurants in Cape Town

The menu includes not only sushi but also anything from curry to calamari, all made with fine attention to detail. Beluga also has a delicious dessert cocktail, the perfect way to end  an amazing night. So, if you are celebrating something special whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding proposal, or a first date — this restaurant is definitely a great choice.

Four & Twenty Café & Pantry

Location: 23 Wolfe Street, Chelsea Village

The concept of this charming patisserie in the Chelsea Village area is inspired by Paris. Along with its birthplace, the restaurant also has that romantic French flair that everybody in love wants a taste of. The place is decorated with delicate roses and painted with bright colors of pink; old school black and white silent movies; and a cozy window seat with a quiet courtyard at the back where lovers can retreat after an enjoyable night.

Best Romantic Restaurants in Cape Town - Four & Twenty Café & Pantry

If you are  looking for a romantic dinner that is not so heavy on the pocket, Four & Twenty has a mix of favourite classics spiced up with innovative flair. These include much-loved pastries such as cupcakes and heart-shaped lemon cake.


Location: Vineyard Hotel Colinton Road, Newlands

If you want that dreamy fairytale type of romantic dinner, then this restaurant is definitely the best choice. Myoga is the perfect “Disney Princess” type of contemporary restaurant that not only has good food but also has one of the best views in Cape Town.  This upscale restaurant is located at the luxury Vineyard Hotel in Newlands. After a romantic dinner, lovers can take a stroll through the leafy pathways where they will find benches to relax next to the Liesbeek River and a cute little bridge that’s ideal for marriage proposals.


Location: 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa Victoria Street, Camps Bay

Azure - Best Romantic Restaurants in Cape Town

Looking for a one of a kind fine dining experience? Azure at the Twelve Apostles serves all kinds of classic South African dishes. To add a little bit more punch to your romantic night, you can choose a spot by the terrace, which overlooks the ocean. It’s located at the foot of Table Mountain, which makes it one of the best places to relax with your partner.

Thorfynns Restaurant

Location: Mountain Road (off Beach Road), Noordhoek

This restaurant is the best place to go to treat your date with a nature-filled outing. You can expect a wide variety of culinary styles on the menu, which includes South African dishes that are locally sourced, organic, and free range. Although this restaurant is a little casual, the rustic setting is very romantic in a homey and cozy way.

Big Five South African Beers

Cape Town’s streets are lined with pubs. Sometimes, choosing your favourite beer from a long list of exquisite craft beers can be tough. Here are the top five pints we recommend you try while visiting Cape Town.

Cockpit Brewhouse Black Forest Stout

The Black Forest Stout is a limited edition beer, which is not available all year round. It tastes like chocolate and cherries. You can find this beer at the Cockpit Brewhouse. The owner André de Beer likes to experiment a lot, there’s always a new seasonal “big beer” to try. These are available in limited batches alongside his other staple ales.

Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA

Secret Cape Town Big Five South African Beers

The bitterness of this beer is not for everyone’s taste buds. But for the seasoned beer drinker, the Devil’s Peak Pale Ale is the number one go-to South African Brews option. This beer is best paired with strong cheese or spicy food.

Boston Breweries Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale

The Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale is not the only available flavour you can get of this beer. The flavours can vary for each batch and include nutmeg, cinnamon, and butternut. This beer is not only infused with sweet flavours, they also experiment with spicy flavours.

Cape Brewing Company Amber Weiss

Bursting with a banana aroma, this beer is one of a kind. It’s a creamy pint that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether it’s in the afternoon accompanied with fancy finger foods or in the evening before a night out. It is a great accompaniment for a light meal like a salad or a sandwich.

Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Big Five South African Beers

The Bone Crusher is a full flavoured Belgian-style beer. With a unique orange peel and coriander flavour, it leaves a refreshing zing on your palate after taking a sip. This beer is so good that you can even accompany it with an early breakfast. Who says breakfast was not made for beer?


Giulios Cafe

When you step inside this quaint little corner café, you forget for a moment that you are in the middle of Cape Town’s CBD. It opened in October 2015 as a daytime diner, and since March 2018 they started offering dinner on Thursdays and Fridays, with live music.

The space is perfect for a fun gathering with friends or family. Or use it as an informal first date option, it’s not too casual and not too fancy.

A Son and Mom Duo

Giulio Loreggian and his mom always dreamed about opening a little corner café. After school he first attempted to follow in the footsteps of his accountant family, but soon realised that his passion lies with food. He shifted over to the SA Chef Academy and completed a one year culinary course.

After completing it, Giulio got a big break — the opportunity to work with Jamie Oliver’s executive chef in London. He stayed there for just over a year, but decided to rather move back to Cape Town. Upon his return he worked as a private chef before taking a leap of faith at age 26, to open the little corner café.

Giulios Cafe

A Home Away from Home

The restaurant serves authentic homemade Italian dishes. All the items on the menu are personal favourites of Giulio and his mom. The pristine white colours and marble finishes remind you of an Italian restaurant somewhere in Rome or Venice.

Giulio’s Italian charm draws people in, and customers soon become his friends. This warm hospitality flows into the vibe of the space, creating a great relaxing atmosphere. The son and mom duo believes in a hands-on approach. They personally painted the tables. And Giulio’s mom, a terrific artist, painted the famous roof scene as well as other artworks scattered around the space.

You might be intrigued with the wreath circle hanging from the roof (which they weaved themselves) It is used to wed couples under. Giulio’s Café has been turned into a wedding banquet hall a few times since its opening. The space can host up to 50 people, perfect for a special intimate event. You can hire the space for other celebrations as well.

Passionately Serving Authentic Italian Food

You know you are in for a feast when the chef is a true blood Italian! Giulio loves keeping the dishes authentic, but he does add a bit of African flair here and there, such as the Peri-Peri chicken livers. A few dishes from their menu to tantalize your taste buds:

Breakfast (available all day): La Colazione — poached egg, crispy bacon, pork apple and sage banger, balsamic-roasted tomatoes, flat mushrooms, wilted spinach, smoked paprika, beans with toast of your choice

Lunch: Panzerotti di Franca — hand-made pasta filled with spinach and ricotta served in a basil and pomodoro based sauce, and parmesan cheese

Dinner: Involtini di Pollo — ricotta-stuffed chicken breast wrapped in parma ham, with potato gratin, pan-fried wild mushrooms, and a whole-grain mustard sauce

They also serve pizza. And be sure to try the Italian Bake of the Day for dinner. The menu is versatile and the space lends itself to being both a daytime and evening eatery.

Giulios Cafe

Visit Giulio’s Café Now

With its handy location in the centre of town, it’s the perfect spot for a quick lunch date or meeting. A night time outing will treat you to the vibe of the city transforming into a more mysterious setting. You will find Giulio bustling about between the kitchen and the patrons on most days. He’s starting a fun new trend for the restaurant décor — if you want to become part of the family, ask him to take a Polaroid picture of you and your friends.

For more information, visit  and follow @giulios_cafe on Instagram.

fork it lets get cooking

Have you ever imagined yourself as part of the MasterChef team on the telly? Or do you perhaps follow the South African reality cooking show, Kokkedoor? Well, you now have the opportunity to make that dream come true in a unique way!

The Kokkedoor set is situated in Montague Gardens at the Atlantic Studios. The show is hosted by Hetta van Deventer-Terblanche and Nic van Wyk, as well as popular food blogger, Sam Woulidge. And the studio now host private cooking experiences during the filming downtime, in collaboration with Fork It events.

fork it lets get cooking

Cook Up a Storm

The Kokkedoor set features 10 fully-equipped cooking stations. Step inside the glitzy television set, with its modern look and extravagant décor. You can also hire out the space to host a private event. The state-of-the-art venue space can be transformed to fit your needs.

Homebrew Films decided to open up the fully operational real life television set to the public. Now you can become a self-made Kokkedoor with the help of Chef Anthony Mayer. He is also one of the consultants on the show, and can tell you more about what goes on behind the scenes of the popular reality cooking show.

Learn From a Master Chef

Anthony is passionate about cooking and food. He will patiently teach you the tricks of the trade – from how to chop sprouts properly, to how to make a delectable Asian soup. Learn how to prepare a delicious Sunday roast, choose the best cut of meat, bake a cake, and refine your culinary skills. There are new themed classes regularly and the dishes are also seasonal-based.

Choose from a wide variety including:

  • Magical Morocco
  • Italian “Mama Mia”
  • Asian & African Fusion
  • Spain on a Fork – An evening of Tapas
  • Quick Easy Winter Dinners
  • Curries from around the World

There’s Something for Everyone

Whether you already feel like a master chef, or you’re just a wannabe, Anthony’s Fork It classes are suitable for all skill levels. It’s perfect for those who love to cook and the ones who want to learn more. Most of all, it’s perfect for anyone who loves food! There are also surprise guest appearances scheduled at selected classes. You might meet your favourite TV chef in real life! The studio is also completely self-efficient, with generators taking care of the load shedding worries. Plus, there is convenient secure parking.

The Fork It cooking experiences are aimed at the everyday chef, anyone who wants to polish their cooking skills is welcome. Each class is carefully planned and hosted personally by Chef Anthony Mayer. You can become a Kokkedoor in your own kitchen!

fork it lets get cooking

The morning Fork It classes are perfect for stay-at-home parents and caregivers. These classes cover the various aspects of cooking for a family. And the evening classes are great as a fun outing with friends, or as a couple. But you don’t have to arrive with a partner, by the end of the evening your tummy will be full of the delicious food you cooked yourself, shared with the new friends you made during the cooking experience. Each class ends at a banquet-style table where you share the food with your cooking team members.

You can also use these classes as a fun team building experience. Chef Anthony believes in creating an immersive cooking experience. All the classes are completely interactive and you will also receive a booklet with the recipes that you learned to cook during the class.

Meet the Chef

In the culinary world, the name Anthony Mayer is familiar to many. He worked as a private chef for various celebrities as well as at top VIP villas in Constantia, Llandudno, Camps Bay, and beyond. Anthony also managed his own highly renowned restaurant in Durban before joining Homebrew Studios as a chef consultant.

His cooking style is firmly rooted in the South African tastes, but he loves to mix in international influences such as Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and the Far East. He brings home all the culinary tricks from his extensive travels abroad.

Fork It is an exciting new adventure in Anthony’s culinary journey. His passion for food will encourage you to explore more in the kitchen, and his friendly teaching style will make you feel right at home.

fork it lets get cooking

Book Your Fork It Cooking Experience Now

If you are looking for a unique outing, a Fork It cooking experience should definitely be on your to-do list! Pretend you’re part of a reality cooking show and take your cooking game to the next level with the help of an internationally acclaimed professional chef.

Visit for more information.
Or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop of upcoming events.

Location: 43 Victoria Rd, Camps Bay

The Camps Bay restaurant strip has the reputation of being glitzy and glamorous. And oftentimes locals steer clear of it because of this, many of the restaurants cater specifically for tourists. But Mantra Café has managed to hit the sweet-spot between offering clientele the glitzy setting, with epic sunsets, but in a relaxed dining environment.

A hidden Camps Bay gem, Mantra Café opened in December 2016. It combines spectacular beach views with superb food and friendly service. They’ve also added little personal touches to the décor, such as the photo on the balcony. The owners grew up in Camps Bay, and it’s a picture of their parents frolicking on the Camps Bay beach in the 60’s. As you travel down the buzzing Camps Bay Beach road, past Café Caprice and heading towards the Kauai (between Van Kamp street and The Meadway) – look out for the sign pointing towards a set of stairs leading you away from the noisy street. If you hit Col’Cacchio, you’ve gone too far. Situated on the first floor above The41, Mantra gives you the opportunity to soak up the expansive ocean views, without the clutter of the road and passer-by’s blocking your view.

It’s Not Your Typical Camps Bay Restaurant

Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay

Photo by Johann van der Merwe

From the uncomplicated décor, to the simplistic yet delicious dishes, Mantra aims to offer something refreshingly different in the area. It’s perfect for an impulsive sundowner after a day on the beach, or a special occasion to spoil a loved one. Whether you are wearing your flip-flops or high-heels, you’ll feel right at home in this relaxed yet sophisticated beautiful space.

The earthy tones used in the décor perfectly complements the warm afternoon glow that bathes the restaurant in a soft orange light. At sunset the balcony is an Instagrammer’s paradise! You can watch the sun sink towards the horizon in its full glory over the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Delectable Food in a Spectacular Setting

Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay

Photo by Johann van der Merwe

All the dishes are prepared from scratch on-site – from the hand-cut chips, to the delicious Malva Pudding. We’ll give you a sneak peak of the menu to get your mouth watering.

Starters: Sticky Chicken Wings, wood-fired in a sticky BBQ sesame sauce; Grilled Calamari in a fresh green Chimichurri Sauce.

Mains: Seafood Pasta, creamy linguini pasta with fresh line-fish, prawn, mussels, lemon zest and fennel leaves; Spicy Lamb Curry served with cucumber raita, salsa, chutney and basmati rice.

Desserts: Pear Frangipane, poached pears baked in almond frangipane served with vanilla ice cream; Trio of Homemade Ice Cream including Rooibos, butterscotch and vanilla ice cream.

Mantra aims to bring a fresh new trend to the Camps Bay restaurant strip. Instead of purposefully only catering for tourists, they want to create a delightful oasis where both tourists and locals can feel equally welcome.

And people definitely sit up and take notice of them. According to TripAdvisor they have managed to impress both the tourists and locals. They now rank among the top spots on the Camps Bay beachfront and they are part of the Top 5 Restaurants list in the area.

Visit Mantra Café Now

Mantra Cafe in Camps Bay

Photo by Johann van der Merwe

This lovely little spot offers you a secret hideaway from the bustling restaurant strip, and the view from upstairs will take your breath away. Make sure you plan your outing to perfectly match the rhythm of the setting sun.

The laid-back ambience of Mantra will rejuvenate your soul – feel like a tourist in your own city! Or if you are visiting from out of town, put this down-to-earth café on your to-do list. And on your way out, pop in at the adjoining décor shop to buy a memento of your experience. They stock a variety of proudly South African brands, with a product selection of their favourite local artists.

What’s more, they’ve just launched some incredible Winter Specials. Tucked away from the elements, Mantra offers a cosy location for a winter night out. View the full list of specials here

Visit for more information and follow on Instagram.

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