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Hoi P’loy’s Origin & Purpose


Hoi P’loy Bespoke lighting solutions

Hoi P’loy was founded in 2013 by Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt. By identifying a gap in the market and seizing the opportunity to fill it, these two forward-thinking individuals and trail blazers in their own right came together to design, create, and elevate the level of custom-made lamps and lighting components available all across South Africa.

Through years of hard work, dedication, passion, and true commitment to their craft, the unstoppable duo that is Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt created and established a highly reputable company and brand that has since become the go-to solution of choice for discerning supporters of high-end, functional lighting design pieces.

Hoi P’loy’s Secret To Success

Hoi P’loy Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Over the years, like all now-successful brands and companies, Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt discovered and dealt with the various challenges that came with efficaciously meeting the incredibly high standards they set and strived towards. But that did not deter or stop them from continuing to work towards achieving their ultimate goal of building the brand they set out to create – all they needed was a little “secret sauce”. And what is this “secret sauce” you ask – here it is, directly from the dynamic duo:

“Our “secret sauce” that makes this journey possible is a committed and tight-knit team.

We encourage an atmosphere where each person values the bigger picture and their contributions are valued in return” – Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt Founders of Hoi P’loy

Hoi P’loy’s Values & Motivation

They just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

Hoi P’loy Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Photo credit: Hoi P’loy

That is the very question and daily reminder that has continued to inspire Hoi P’loy founders Ploy Phiromnam and Guy van der Walt, along with their committed and passionate Hoi P’loy team, to consistently elevate the quality of what they create and constantly raise the industry bar and standards.

Hoi P’loy is driven by a deep desire to unceasingly challenge the current status quo. They do this by drawing from tried and tested traditional approaches, making use of only the highest quality authentic materials (such as brass), practicing and embracing the latest technologies and advances available to them, and fully immersing and investing themselves in meaningful and purposeful experiences, starting with their production environment all the way through to the impact their products have on the lives of their supporters and valued clients and customers.

Hoi P’loy Services

While some of their products are manufactured by partners internationally, the majority of Hoi P’loys Custom-Designed lights, fittings, and components are manufactured locally in Cape Town.

“We’re a little obsessive when it comes to detail and this can be seen even in our smallest custom made components, such as our acid etched name-plates and precision engineered thumbscrews” – Hoi P’loy.

There are three key pillars and services Hoi P’loy focusses on:

Product Customization

Product & Interior Designer Guidance

Lighting Restoration & Upgrades

Product Customization

Product & Interior Designer Guidance

Hoi P'loy Bespoke Lighting Solutions
Hoi P'loy bespoke lighting solutions

Lighting Restoration & Upgrades

Hoi P’loy Products & Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Hoi P'loy bespoke lighting solutions



Visit The Hoi P’loy Cape Town Workshop & Showroom

Locally designed, crafted, and made in Cape Town, Hoi P’loy encourages everyone to visit them at their Salt River workshop and showroom to see and experience how they work, what happens behind the scenes to produce each unique product, as well as get a sense of what bespoke quality products look and feel like.

Hoi P'loy bespoke lighting solutions

Photo credit: Hoi P’loy

Hoi P’loy Information & Details

Showroom Location

48 Hopkins Street, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa

Contact details

021 447 1433 | [email protected] | www.hoiploy.com

Operating hours

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm | Public Holidays & Weekends: Closed

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