Secret Cape Town PR Contacts

Would you like to get your client’s business, event or restaurant featured on Secret Cape Town? We can work with you to let our followers and readers know about your news via our website or one of our social media platforms.

Please send your press releases to [email protected]

We shall look at your press releases and decide which ones we would like to feature on our website and social accounts. We have a number of popular post types you may be interested in.

For example “Things to do in Cape Town this weekend” and “Things to do in *MONTH* in Cape Town”.

Our team will look at the information we receive and decide which ones fit our posts the best and the ones we want to share. Please start your subject line with “PRESS RELEASE:” Followed by the title and location.

Paid For PR

If you would like to guarantee your event, restaurant or news is added to one of our “Things to do” posts or other blogs so that our followers and readers are informed about it, then we offer a paid for service where you can make sure it is featured. Please email [email protected] with the subject line “PAID REQUEST:…”, and we will inform you about our rates.