Top 5 Authentic Food Experiences in Cape Town

Top 5 Authentic Food Experiences in Cape Town

The best way to immerse yourself in a culture, is to try the local food. Only problem in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, there isn’t just one specific culture to experience. But if you are foodie fanatic, any excuse to eat as much as possible counts! Here’s the top 5 different types of food experiences you can try out in the Mother City.

#1 Cape Malay

Cape Malay cuisine is unique to the Western Cape of South Africa. Renowned for its hearty, flavourful dishes, this cuisine remains an important part of Cape Town culture. The food is a combination of South African, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine. With a bold blend of spices including cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric to name a few – Cape Malay cuisine has a distinctive aromatic quality.

Bo-Kaap is arguably the best place to experience Cape Malay food in Cape Town. The bright, rainbow-colored houses were home to former Cape Malay slaves in the early 19thcentury.

Some must-try foods include curry, halfmoons, and dhaltjies. And don’t forget to try some delicious Cape Malay deserts. Koesisters and Koekisisters (yes, trust me—there’s a difference!) are a must. Koesisters are spiced syrupy donuts covered in coconut. Koeksisters are plaited, syrup covered donuts.











You can try all of these dishes and more at Biesmiellah, a traditional Cape Malay restaurant located in Bo-Kaap.

2 Wale St & Pentz St |Malay Quarter, Bo-Kaap | Monday to Saturday 12pm-10pm

#2 Fish and Chips

Cape Town is well-known for its delicious, near-legendary fish and chips. Locals and visitors alike love the mouth-watering, deep-fried meal. There are several spots to choose from, all complete with fresh food and spectacular views.

Kalky’s Fish & Chips

If you’re near Kalk Bay Harbour, the legendary Kalky’s is a must. Arguably the most popular fish and chips spot in Cape Town, they serve a variety of delicious, fresh seafood. Options include hake, snoek, and yellowtail—all caught fresh on the owner’s boat. Grab a koesister on your way out for a sweet snack, if you have space left after devouring one of their formidable meals.

Kalk Bay Harbour | Kalk Bay |Sunday to Saturday 10 am—8pm

Salty Sea Dog

Salty Sea Dog, located just down the road from Kalky’s, is another local and legendary spot in Simon’s Town harbour. The restaurant sits in a former fish market building and offers a delicious variety of seafood including hake, calamari, and their legendary fish and chip rolls. You can choose to either take your food to go or sit down and relax in their licensed restaurant with a glass of wine.

2 Wharf Street | Simon’s Town |Monday to Saturday 10 am—9pm, Sunday 10 am—4:30 pm

Fish on the Rocks

Located between Hout Bay harbour and the West Fort Battery Naval Heritage site, Fish on the Rocks is a local favourite. The restaurant has been around for more than three decades, and has beautiful views of the infamous Chapman’s Peak in the distance. You have to try their legendary, near-perfect prawns, delicious hake, snoek, line-fish, and mouth-watering calamari.

1 Harbour Rd | Hout Bay | Sunday to Monday 9am—8pm

Ocean Blue

If you’re in the Camps Bay area, head to Ocean Blue. Known for their extensive seafood menu including crayfish, giant prawns, live oysters, and calamari, Ocean Blue is a beautiful and well-worth-it stop.

85 Victoria Rd | Camps Bay | Sunday to Monday 8:30 am—10 pm

#3 African Food

Before European colonists arrived, African cuisine consisted of a wide variety of bulbs, leaves, berries, roots, grains, fruits, vegetables, and game meat. Beef was considered to be a “status meat,” so although meat was consumed on a daily basis, it was generally limited to chicken, goats, and sheep. Popular dishes included sheep heads, called “smileys,” intestines, and even the stomach. Bread was also a staple; baked in a round pot, called “pot brood,” and dense dough grilled over the coals of a fire, called “rooster brood,” were common. While traditional South African cuisine has been affected by European influences, it still remains quite distinct from other cooking styles.

You can find traditional South African food throughout Cape Town in some of the best restaurants listed below.

Mama Africa

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Mama Africa offers a unique African dining experience. Live African music plays in the background as you enjoy dishes like Mozambican chicken livers, lamb curry, Kudu Biltong, and kebabs.

178 Long Street |Cape Town City Centre | Tuesday to Friday 12pm—3pm & 6pm—12 am, Saturday and Monday 6pm—12am

Gold Restaurant

With a 14-course set menu and traditional entertainment, Gold Restaurant is hot-spot for traditional African food. Dishes range from Xhosa pot bread, Tanzanian friend fish, to Mozambican chili chicken wings. A variety of performances by traditional dancers, Mali puppets, drummers, and singers ensure guests get the complete African dining experience.

15 Bennett St | Green Point | Sunday to Saturday 6:30 pm—11pm

#4 Braai

What is a braai? While some might say it’s like a barbecue, others might say its grilling meat, and most might say it’s just something you do when in South Africa—it’s all of the above. What makes a true braai isn’t just the meat or the food; it’s the atmosphere, the vibe, and the gathering of friends and family. Braais are one of the most popular types of Afrikaans cooking styles. For locals, having a braai is a way of life. For visitors, it’s a way to truly experience the South African culture.

Cape Town is full of great braai spots, and even restaurants that provide a place for the whole experience. We’ve listed the best (and most secret) ones here.


A trip to Mzoli’s is a must for locals and visitors to Cape Town. Located in the township of Gugulethu, Mzoli’s is a self-serve braai hot spot. You can choose from a selection of raw meats from the on-site butchery. Then, you take it over to the braai area where the staff will grill it on an open fire. There is a liquor store nearby were you can buy drinks, or you can bring your own. A local DJ plays fun music while you eat, and there’s a dance floor waiting for you when you finish.

Ny 115 | Guguletu | Cape Town | Sunday to Saturday 9am—6pm

Newlands Forest

Located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, Newlands Forest is a relaxing and scenic spot for a braai. Bring your own wood, charcoal, and grill to the assigned braai and picnic areas. With several hiking trails nearby and natural shade under the pine trees—this is the perfect, quiet spot for a day out.

Table Mountain National Park | Table Mountain (Nature Reserve)

Silvermine Nature Reserve

The Silvermine Nature Reserve is arguably one of the most beautiful spots for a braai in Cape Town. While you can only braai here during the winter, the relatively secluded braai areas are a perfect spot for a quiet and relaxing day out.

Table Mountain National Park | Silvermine National Reserve

Check out our post on tidal pools to find the best spot to spend a day swimming, relaxing, and having a braai.

#5 Eastern Food Bazaar

The Eastern Food Bazaar is a street-food lover’s paradise. Home to some of the best Indian food in Cape Town, the Bazaar is a bustling, canteen-style eatery. It is also a certified Halaal establishment. With flavours and foreign spices from as far as Istanbul and Bombay, and food varying from Turkish kebabs to Cape-style biryanis, creamy North Indian curries, and Tandoor dishes—the Bazaar has something for everyone. The Bombay menu is a great option for vegetarians with vegetable curries, biryanis, and rice.

Along with the wide variety of Eastern food available, the Bazaar is also popular for its great prices. You can get a tasty and filling meal from upwards of R20.

The Wellington | 96 Long Market St. | Monday to Thursday 11:00am – 10:00pm, Friday & Saturday 11:00am – 10:30pm

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Top 5 Secret Bars Cape Town

Top 5 Secret Bars Cape Town

It’s well known that Cape Town has a bright and lively nightlife. There is somewhere to go and something to do every night. While the hot-spots are a fun go-to, these hidden gems have some of the best drinks, food, and views around. If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a drink after work or relax with a good drink in hand, these hidden bars are a must.

#1 The Gin Bar

Tucked away behind Honest Chocolate on Wale Street, this conceptual gin bar is one of the best, hidden spots in the Cape Town bar scene. Gin lovers will enjoy The Gin Bar, also called “The Secret Gin Bar,” which serves only gin and gin cocktails with some of the best local gins. Focusing on quality rather than quantity, The Gin Bar serves refreshing, tasty, and subtly delicious drinks. Sitting in the secret, Mediterranean-style courtyard makes you feel like you’re escaping the commotion of the outside world.

64A Wale Street | Monday to Thursday 5pm—12am, Friday & Saturday 3pm—1:30 am

#2 Jamaica Me Crazy

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Jamaica Me Crazy is an up-and-coming hot spot with delicious, Caribbean-inspired food and great drinks. This restaurant and bar is located in Woodstock at the top end of the vibrant Roodebloem Road. With a wide variety of cocktails, beers, shooters, wines, and drink specials every day, Jamaica Me Crazy is the perfect spot if you’re looking for great drinks, good food, and a fun atmosphere. The colourful hangout also has a rooftop terrace with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains in the distance.

74 Roodebloem Rd | Woodstock | Monday to Saturday 11am—11pm, Sunday 12am—10pm

#3 Lefty’s

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With a simple menu and great drinks, Lefty’s has become a well-known hangout for students and locals. Their legendary chicken and waffles are a must-try when you visit. The easy-going, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff make this a great spot for an after-work or evening drink.

105 Harrington St.| Zonnebloem | Monday to Saturday 4pm—1am

#4 Publik Wine Bar


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Publik is a neighbourhood wine bar that is the perfect place to discover quality, lesser-known South African wines. With a focus on unusual and interesting wines, you’ll be sure to enjoy something new. With a passion for serving quality drinks, they serve wines made from sustainably farmed vineyards. Located in a small, intimate setting, Publik is the perfect, quiet spot for good wine, along with a few beers and craft spirits.

11D Kloof Nek Rd | Gardens | Monday to Friday 4pm—11pm, Saturday 12pm—6pm

#5 Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar

Located on the top of the Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa, the Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar offers the best 360-degree views of Cape Town. With a lively vibe and uninterrupted views of Table Mountain, Signal Hill, and the Mother City’s beautiful cityscape, the bar is a special spot for a night out. The bar is open to the public, which means everyone can enjoy the seemingly never-ending views and delicious cocktails.

Be sure to check out the bar for their drink specials every Wednesday with local beers and ciders 2-for-1 and R45 cocktails from 3pm—7pm.

12 Kloof Nek Road | Tamboerskloof | +27 (0) 21 424 1133

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Secret Cape Town Top 5 Kayak Tours

Top 5 Kayak Tour Operators in Cape Town

Kayaking dates back to the 1500’s. The Inuit, an artic people, were the first to use these handy little boats mostly for hunting. Originally a kayak was made from wood and sealskin. The design has remained consistent over the years, a small hole for the rower in the middle, and a streamlined design to glide through the water.

In 1845 John MacGregor built the Rob Roy. Thereafter more and more people became interested in kayaking for fun. He used Intuit drawings of kayaks and canoes to tweak his design. He created the Canoe Club in 1866 for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts to gather. The first competitive regatta was hosted in 1873. And in 1936, kayaking was included in the Olympics as an official sport.

Experience A Unique View of The Mother City

Do you like commandeering your own kayak or prefer to be a backseat driver while someone else does the hard work? Either way, there are various kayaking Cape Town tours available. It’s a magical feeling to peacefully float on the water, admiring the city in its full glory from a distance.

Not only will you go home with epic Instagram pics, you will also feel closer to nature, surrounded by aquatic wildlife of all sorts. The beauty of a kayak is that it’s a non-threatening water craft. Chances of a sea creature approaching the funny looking floating thing out of curiosity is big. This interaction is a great bonus experience.

The birds and animals you might come across include sea gulls, penguins, cormorants, turns, cape fur seals, sunfish, brooders whales, southern right whales, humpbacked whales, dolphins, and more.

#1 Atlantic Outlook

A new company to the adventure tour scene, established in 2017 by Jordan Zeelie and Ben Brown. They are located in the V&A Waterfront, the perfect spot for a kayak tour starting point. Ben brings a lot of experience to the table. He’s a former World Champion Marathon Canoeist, as well as an internationally acclaimed photographer and videographer. He can offer you great tips to stay afloat, while taking amazing photos and videos of your experience. Jordan complements his partner perfectly, hosting fun tours. He is also a qualified Lifeguard, plus he represented South Africa at Marathon Canoeing.

The tours launch from the Oceana Power Boat Club, near the Grand Restaurant. This is a great protected kick-off spot. Find your groove in the safe waters between the boats before heading out to the open ocean. They use extremely stable kayaks, which means you are welcome to jump off for a dip in the ocean. If a pod of dolphins surrounds the kayak, it creates an amazingly memorable moment.

#2 Kaskazi Kayaks

This adventure company has been operating for more than 15 years. The name comes from the Swahili word meaning ‘North Wind’. Their offices are situated in Three Anchor Bay, Sea Point. Look out for their doggy mascots that might join you on your tour. Depending on the weather, the starting point is usually from the beach launchpad near the Sea Point putt-putt course. Firstly, you will go through basic safety procedures and orientation. You don’t need much experience to kayak, only good balance. Settle into a tandem kayak with your guide and enjoy the ride.

The panoramic views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head will take your breath away. Relax with the gentle sound of the waves lapping and keep an eye out for the seals, dolphins, and sometimes even whales frequenting the stretch of ocean. Before heading back, you will be treated to a gourmet picnic lunch, on a little secluded cove.

#3 Kayak Cape Town

This kayak tour is hosted in False Bay with the route passing by Boulders Beach for penguin watching. In the winter months you might also spot a whale while out on the peaceful waters. Passing by the penguin colony is a very unique experience, definitely on the Cape Town bucket list.

The tour starts at the town jetty in Simon’s Town. Here you will first be briefed on safety and paddling techniques. Head out past the Naval Harbour, admiring the massive naval vessels from up close before heading towards Boulder’s Beach. Look out for the Cape Fur seals frolicking in the water. Depending on the weather and time of the tour, a stop on the beach for a quick swim can also be scheduled. You can also swim closer to the penguins.

#4 Downhill Adventures

Pick and choose your tour starting point with this company – Mouille Point, Simon’s Town, or Hermanus. They’ve been showing people the beauty of the city from the waters since 1995. Sightseeing from a small, yet safe kayak, should be on everyone’s to-do list when visiting the city.

There’s nothing quite like staring into the playful eyes of a seal, curious whiskers twitching at the sight of you on its turf. Or listening to the dolphins chat to each other while playing in the waves. And a truly magical experience is your heart jumping in surprise when a whale breaches close by.

Book a sunset tour for a magical view of Table Mountain, Signal Hill, and Lion’s Head. If you want to ensure that you are very likely to see a whale, book a tour from the Hermanus launch spot during whale watching season, June to December.

#5 Shark Warrior

This diverse adventure tour company offers a variety of exciting experiences. Founder Lesley Rochat is passionate about ocean and shark conservation. She is also a wildlife filmmaker, environmental writer, and underwater photographer.

The company serves as a self-funding initiative for AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, a non-profit organisation. Besides adventure tours, the company also has a great educational project, Swim Like A Shark, teaching disadvantaged kids to swim. So, while you are enjoying a fun kayaking experience, you will also be contributing to a worthy cause.

Based in the secluded Seaforth Beach bay, in Simon’s Town, they have a variety of kayaking experiences to choose from. These include a Penguin Paddle to Boulder’s Beach, a kayaking and snorkel safari, sunset kayaking, and a Full Moon Paddle.

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Top 5 Hiking Routes Up Table Mountain Sunrise

Top 5 Hiking Routes Up Table Mountain

If you are a hiking enthusiast, a hike up Table Mountain is a must-do bucket list item. But don’t be fooled by the accessibility of the mountain, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Always tackle the mountain with a group of friends, and make sure you are prepared. Read our post Top Five Hiking Groups in Cape Town with hiking tips at the end.

Ascending the Mighty Mountain

Another great option to consider, is only hiking one way, and using the cableway to complement your experience. Hike up and take the cableway down. Alternatively, take the cableway up and hike down again. This is a safer option if you are still building up your hiking fitness.

Please note: all hiking times are calculated one way and dependent on fitness level, break times, and length of route.

#1 The Pipe Track

This route is perfect for beginners or if you want a more relaxed outing. It doesn’t go up all the way, but circles around the mountain. The easier hike offers you magnificent views of both Lion’s Head and the Atlantic Ocean.

The starting point is from the lowest parking lot on Tafelberg Road. There are concrete stairs located to the right of the parking lot, towards the Twelve Apostles on Camps Bay side. You can turn back whenever you want, the route meanders to the Corridor Ravine for roughly 6 km.

Hiking time: 1.5 – 3 hours

Map view

#2 Platteklip Gorge

Top 5 Hiking Routes Up Table Mountain Platteklip

It’s one of the most popular routes up the mountain. The route starts out zig-zagging, in a stair-like manner. Get ready to take lots of epic pictures on the beautiful trail. This route is a good option for both beginner and more advanced hikers.

The starting point is on Tafelberg Road at the top, past the Cableway station. Keep driving until you spot the Platteklip sign with parking close by. Once you start hiking, keep to the left until you see the sign pointing to the Platteklip turnoff. The zig-zag route will take you up to the ravine. At the top you can continue on the route towards the right to reach the top of the mountain.

Hiking time: 1.5 – 3 hours

Map view

Related: in-depth info about hiking Table Mountain

#3 Woodstock Caves

This large cave offers you a great view of Woodstock and the surrounding areas. It is a nice family-friendly hike, not too strenuous. Pack a nice picnic and stop to admire the view from the shady area next to the small waterfall.

The first starting point option is from Tafelberg Road. Continue driving past the Cableway station and look out for the Woodstock Cave route sign. There is parking close by, but sometimes this road is closed. The other starting point option is from the Rhodes Memorial, hiking up towards the King’s Blockhouse. As the Blockhouse road forks, keep to the left. The next fork to the right will take you towards the Cableway.

Hiking time: 1.5 – 2 hours starting from Tafelberg Road, 2 – 3 hours starting from Rhodes Memorial.

Map view


#4 Skeleton Gorge

This is another one of the most popular routes up the mountain. Start in a forest and end with epic panoramic views. Beware, even though it’s only 3km long, it’s a tough hike. But breaking a sweat will be worth it. Take snacks and stop at Breakfast Rock or chill on the “beach” at Hely-Hutchinson reservoir, with its reddish turf. Just resist the urge to swim in the reservoir.

The starting point is located in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden (entrance fee required) You’ll be hiking over the back of Table Mountain. This route’s first part is shaded, for a moment you will feel like you’ve been transported to some distant jungle. Once you reach the top, breath-taking views will greet you. If your knees feel too wobbly for the climb down, follow the signs to Maclear’s Beacon towards the cableway. On your way you’ll past the highest point on Table Mountain, 1 086 metres above sea level. Circle back through Skeleton Gorge or Nursery Ravine to end in the botanical gardens again. Or alternatively take Platteklip Gorge down.

Hiking time: 2 – 4 hours

Map view

#5 Kasteelspoort

This is a great option if you want a calmer route, with less congestion. Take on the mighty mountain from the Camp’s Bay side. The route offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Admire the Twelve Apostles, Lion’s Head, and even on a clear day Robben Island. A morning climb is a great choice on a hot day, utilising the mountain shade. Look out for the “diving board”, on the summit to your right. Perfect spot for a memorable Cape Town Instagram pic. But don’t attempt it on a windy day.


Interesting titbit: look out for old cableway remnants. The route was used to carry supplies up for construction of dams in the 1800s.

There are two starting point options. If you start from the Pipe Track, it will add about an extra hour to your hike. Or park in Theresa Road to walk up the Jeep track towards the Pipe Track. Turn left on the Pipe Track to reach the Kasteelspoort turn-off. On top of the mountain you can hike for about an hour on your way to the Cableway for an alternative option down.

Hiking time: 2 – 4 hours

Map view

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top 5 hiking groups in cape town Llandudno Tim Johnson
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Top Five Hiking Groups in Cape Town

Some things are just more fun when you do it with a group of people. And when it comes to hiking, it is also much safer in a group. Joining a hiking group is also a great way to meet new people. Nature lovers in Cape Town unite almost every weekend to explore the many wonders found a mere stone’s throw away from central Cape Town.

Fun Hiking Groups in Cape Town

Whether you are looking for a challenging hike, or simply a leisurely stroll, one of these hiking groups in Cape Town will have the right partners that will want to explore with you. If none of the options below catch your fancy, there are some more niche hiking groups in Cape Town on

#1 Meridian Hiking Group

This is a great option for a family-orientated hike. The Meridian Hiking Group was founded in 1989 and over the years it has remained an exclusive group of passionate hikers. At the moment, the group consists of just over 200 members. Although exclusive, they are always willing to welcome a new hiking enthusiast.

Based in Cape Town, they regularly arrange free hikes you can join, as well as scheduled weekends away and special conservation activities. Fill in the membership form to join and keep an eye on their calendar to stay in the loop with upcoming weekend trail hikes.


Photo by Christian Perner

#2 Cape Union Mart Hiking Club

This group is great for all fitness levels. You can choose the hiking intensity level according to what you feel comfortable with. Joining the Cape Union Mart Hiking Club is a great way to systematically challenge yourself to attempt more advanced hikes. They schedule more than 120 hikes a year, each fascilitated by one of their 20 experienced hike leaders.

Founded in 1991 they have just over 300 dedicated members. They schedule both weekday and weekend hikes. From a simple stroll in the fresh air, to a challenging hike that will leave you huffing and puffing, you will find something to fit your mood. Bookings can be made via their website or a direct email.

hiking groups-cape-town-kloof-corner-steps-path-tim-johnson-unsplash

Photo by Tim Johnson

#3 Mountain Club of South Africa

This countrywide organisation caters for people passionate about all things outdoors. From hiking, to rock climbing and bouldering, to mountaineering. By joining the organisation, you will gain access to exclusive hiking opportunities. The Cape Town Section was founded in 1891. They host over 200 activities each year, ranging from basic to advance hiking trails.

The MCSA is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to offering nature lovers access to the best hiking opportunities across the country. The Cape Town Section is the oldest club. Visit their website for more information about the process to become a member.

#4 Table Mountain Treks and Tours

Unfortunately, each year there are numerous hiking accidents on Table Mountain. With its convenient access, situated in the heart of the city, many people misjudge the intensity of the hikes. There are various trails leading up the mountain, ranging from beginner to advance routes.

If you are a hiking novice, it’s best to join a group of hikers with a professional guide. Table Mountain Treks and Tours offer tours up Table Mountain, as well as other nearby hiking spots. These include Hoerikwaggo Trail, Lion’s Head, Platteklip Gorge, India Venster, Maclear’s Beacon and Echo Valley, Kasteelspoort, Skeleton Gorge, Devil’s Peak, Chapman’s Peak, Shipwreck Trail, and Noordhoek Peak. You can also schedule a private tour with them to other Western Cape areas.


Photo by Crystal Mah

#5 Hiking Cape Town

Hiking Cape Town Facebook Group

This is by far one of the most popular hiking groups in Cape Town, with over 6 000 members. Hikers of all fitness levels are welcome to join. Explore the mountains and rivers of the amazing Mother City with fellow nature lovers.

Hiking Cape Town hosts regular planned hikes. But you can keep an eye on the Facebook group for more spontaneously organised hikes as well.

Tips for Hiking in Cape Town

Firstly, Cape Town is infamous for offering you four seasons in one day. So always make sure you are prepared for almost any type of weather. Even in high summer, there can suddenly be a chill in the air from the wind factor. Especially when you reach the top of Table Mountain, 1 085m above sea level.

  • Never hike alone. If possible, aim for at least a group of four people.
  • Make sure you pick a route that is suitable for the fitness level, experience, and ability of the whole group.
  • Inform someone of your hiking schedule for the day, including routes and the time you expect to return.
  • Be prepared for bad weather. Take weatherproof clothing along, torches, proper hiking shoes, enough water, flask with warm beverage, and a big rucksack to fit everything so that your hands and arms are free at all times.
  • It’s best if someone in the group is familiar with the route. Alternatively, take a paper map or guidebook along. Don’t assume you can rely on cell phone signal.
  • Stick to the straightforward and well-used paths. If possible, rather use the same route back down, especially on your first hike on a new route. Don’t ignore danger signs and resist the urge to take short cuts through unfamiliar ravines.
  • Before starting your hike, decide who is the leader for the day. This is crucial for bigger groups.
  • Stick together and strike a pace that everyone is comfortable with. Don’t split up, even if the pace is slower than you prefer.
  • Keep a close eye on the weather and the time. Rather turn back if the weather starts changing suddenly, or if the route becomes too tedious for someone in the group to complete.
  • When you safely arrive back home, remember to tell the person you informed of your hike.



Photo by Dibert Theron


Emergency Numbers:

Emergency Services: 021 480 7700

Table Mountain National Park Security: 0861 106 417

General Emergency Services Number: 10177.