Top 5 Reasons to Visit the West Coast National Park

Top 5 Reasons to go to the West Coast National Park

Is a visit to the West Coast National Park worth your while? ABSOLUTELY! As one of the Cape West Coast’s most glorious natural wonders, not to mention one of Cape Town’s most sought-after attractions and destinations to visit among locals and tourists alike, the breathtaking West Coast National Park will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations.

Beyond its wild unapologetic natural beauty, this West Coast gem is renowned for is sensational, sweep-you-off-your-feet wildflowers (which come to life every year during Cape Town’s captivating flower season), vast, varied, and vibrant fauna, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful wildlife. That’s certainly not all! Not by a long shot! The West Coast National Park is also home to several stunning secret beaches, hidden gems, thrilling hiking trails and nature walks, and tons of exhilarating adventure experiences for everyone to enjoy. It’s for all these reasons (plus so much more) why a visit to Cape Town’s West Coast National Park deserves to be on your Cape Town bucket list!

While the reasons to visit this Cape West Coast wonder are truly endless, here are our top 5 reasons to visit the West Coast National Park.

#4 Exhilarating Hiking Trails & Scenic Nature Walks

It’s time to go exploring!

Lace up your hiking boots, walking shoes, or even your trail-running wilderness blazers, if that’s more your speed, and embark on an epic journey of discovering and exploring the unapologetic natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and stunning wilderness surroundings of the West Coast National Park by going on one of their incredible hiking trails or scenic walking routes that wind their way throughout the park.

To make things even more exciting, the West Coast National Park boasts a wide range of both thrilling and stunning (all depending on what’s best suited to you) hiking trails and nature walks. Its variety of options means that there is a hiking trail or nature route that is suitable for all fitness and experience levels – ensuring that absolutely everyone gets to join in on the hiking fun!

Take the coastal paths that meander along the shoreline, treating you to panoramic ocean views and the refreshing sea breeze. You can also opt to explore the tranquil inland trails that lead you through fynbos-covered hills, where you can immerse yourself in the unique flora and fauna of the region.

Here are some of the West Coast National Park’s top trails and walks:


#Geelbek Short Day Walks:

  • 9km: Beginning at the Geelbek Information Centre, the 9km is a circular walk to the dunes and back.
  • 7km: Also beginning at the Geelbek Information Centre, the well sign-posted 7km includes part of the 16mile beach, and is a circular walk.

#Bakoor Trail:

This is a short walk from the Langebaan gate to the Seeberg View Point, which is 4,6km long. Along this route bat eared foxes, Ostriches, Eland and many other animals can be spotted, as well as the beautiful view of the Langebaan lagoon.

#Strandveld Trail Two-Day Hike:

Day 1 of this trail will take you through about 14km of Strandveld unique to the West Coast of South Africa. Learn to identify plants such as the wild asparagus, sedge-stemmed love grass and many more while walking on this trail. Day 2 of this trail is 14km long and will take you through Strandveld to the Sixteen Mile Beach before heading back to Geelbek.

#Postberg Two Day Hiking Trails (Only during August and September):

**NB! This trail must be booked in advance (bookings open in June). For booking and tariff information, contact the Geelbek Information Centre on 022 707 9902/3.

Postberg Trail in a Nutshell:

  • Hikers start and finish at Tsaarsbank and overnight at Plankiesbaai(tents are required)
  • Duration: 2 days one night
  • Day 1: 15.5 km (6 Hours)
  • Day 2: 11.8 km (3,5 Hours)
  • Maximum number of people on the trail: 12

#Steenbok One Day Trail (Only during August and September):

**NB! This trail must be booked in advance (bookings open in June). For booking and tariff information, contact the Geelbek Information Centre on 022 707 9902/3.

Steenbok Trail in a Nutshell:

  • Hike starts and finishes in Tsaarsbank.
  • Duration: One day hike.
  • Distance: 13.9 km (5 hours excluding breaks).
  • Maximum number of people on trail: 20

#Eve’s Trail:

Eve’s Trail is a 2,5 day 30km guided trail, traversing the ancient steps of “Eve” – the being from whom it is thought that all human life descended.

Eve’s footprint was discovered in rock (formerly sea sand) at Kraalbaai in 1995 and are said to belong to a young woman who lived 117 000 years ago. The original prints are housed at the Iziko Museums’ South African Museum in Cape Town. The replica of the footprint can be seen at the Geelbek Visitor’s Centre.

To find out more information about all of the West Coast National Park’s amazing trails and walks – click here.


#BONUS: The West Coast National Park also boasts a variety of amazing cycling and mountain biking trails!


Cycling routes:

  • Langebaan gate – Geelbek & return 30km on tarred road.
  • Langebaan gate – Kraalbaai & return 70km on tarred road.

Mountain biking routes:

  • The 13km Green Trail (follow Green signs) starts at the Langebaan gate and traverses up to the Seeberg Bird Hide before heading back to the gate.
  • The 17km Red Trail (follow Red signs) uses a similar route to the Green route, but heads up instead to the Seeberg Lookout and thereafter to Mooimaak before heading back to the Langebaan gate.

Code of Conduct for Cycling and Mountain Biking:

  • Respect the National Park and do not damage anything.
  • Beware of and do not scare the animals.
  • Leave no trace except tyre spoors on the route.
  • Ride on marked trails only and heed no-entry signs.
  • Be alert to other riders and cars.
  • Normal road rules apply on the tar.
  • No helmet – no ride.
  • Except for the deviations described above, no bike may use any other trail or dirt road in the Park.

Click here to find out more as well as to view and / or download the West Coast National Park’s various cycling routes map.

#5 Picture-Perfect Picnic Spots & Braai Sites

The West Coast National Park is dotted with an array of picturesque picnic spots that invite you to unwind and indulge in a leisurely outdoor feast, all perfectly complemented by the most breathtaking views and stunning surroundings.

Top 5 Reasons To Go To The West Coast National Park

Whether you prefer a peaceful nook amidst the wildflowers or a spot near the lagoon waters or one of the Park’s beautiful beaches, with Kraalbaai being a firm fan favourite, providing the perfect setting for a memorable picnic or braai with family and friends, enjoying a picnic in the glorious West Coast National Park promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Top 5 Reasons To Go To The West Coast National Park

If you fancy the beach as against the banks of the lagoon, take a drive further north to the Tsaarsbank section of the park and enjoy a wonderful picnic or braai while keeping a lookout for Southern Right whales swimming along the coastline (during August and September).

**Important Note: Please do note that alcohol is not permitted at public areas such as the picnic and braai sites, beaches and the banks and shores of the Langebaan Lagoon.