Best things to do when its cold in Cape Town
Top Things To Do On A Cold Day In Cape Town
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The Best Things to Do When It Rains in Cape Town

Winter in Cape Town is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Despite the fact that the Mother City’s winter season is largely characterized by wet, grey, gloomy, and dark days - like they say, when winter arrives in Cape Town, the rain…
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Cape Town Seasons: Expect Four in One Day

The gorgeous city of Cape Town is one of the most interesting places to visit in South Africa. Alongside the amazing scenery and fun activities, it is also well known for its unpredictable weather. Locals will jokingly warn you to expect all four…
5 Best Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

5 Best Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

The Mother City may be best known for her golden sunshine, summer beaches and outdoor activities, but there’s a lot more to this beautiful gal than six months of summer. If you haven’t gone Cape Town-exploring in the winter months, we guarantee…
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Where to See the Snow in Winter in Cape Town

Feature image courtesy of @snowreportsa Snow in South Africa remains a fascinating weather phenomenon. Maybe it’s because we’re used to mostly sunny skies and warm days. It’s a great adventure to go snow hunting in winter, and in Cape…