Boulders Beach African Penguins
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Our Top 10 Boulders Beach Instagram Pics

Boulders Beach Cape Town is one of the most instagrammable places in Cape Town, South Africa and probably the whole continent of Africa. Below is a selection of our favourites taken at Boulders Beach. If you have any ones that you love,…
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Best Cape Town Surf Spots

Feature image courtesy of Cape Town is surrounded by amazing surfing options, the ocean wrapping itself around the city borders. The wind patterns around the coastline varies, offering surfers a chance to pick and choose what kind…
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Best Places for Outdoor Yoga in Cape Town

Featured image courtesy of The Om Revolution. There’s something magical about the scenic beauty of Cape Town. Some have speculated that the mountain has very unique energy fields. Whatever your theory is around the Mother City’s popularity,…
Maidens Cove Top 10 Images
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Our Top 10 Pictures Of Maiden's Cove

Maiden's Cove in between Camps Bay and Clifton is one of Cape Town's most popular tidal pools and a hot spot for Instagrammers who are visiting Cape town as well as those who live here. These are our 10 favourite images of Maiden's Cove…
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Smitswinkel Bay Beach

How cool does this cloud over look? Follow @secretcapetown for more and tag us or use to be featured. Photo by @wherethelight_is
St James Pool Beach Huts Tidal Pool
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St James Pool & Huts

Who'd like to cool off in one of Cape Town's many? Follow @secretcapetown for more and tag us or use to be featured. Photo by @naturewithoutgravity
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Bantry Bay Rocks

We love this photo of the burning sky over Cape Town! Follow @secretcapetown for more and tag us or use to be featured. Photo by @whatsupdoc_photography
Dungeons Surf Spot Cape Town

Dungeons Surf Spot Cape Town

With surfing available almost year-round and an abundance of surf spots to choose from, Cape Town is one of the best destinations in the world for surfing. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro surfer, there are options for everyone no matter how…
Camps Bay Tidal Pool From Above
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Camps Bay Tidal Pool

this amazing spot is on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town. Follow @secretcapetown for more and tag us or use to be featured. Amazing Photo by @nasreenroberts
Boulders Beach Instagram
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Boulders Beach Cape Town

Tag a friend who needs a hug! ? Did you know that Penguins ? mate for life? All 17 Penguin species are only found in the Southern Hemisphere , so although our famous Boulders beach is no secret you may not have appreciated how lucky we are to have these strong yet adorable creatures on our door step in. Follow @secretcapetown for more. Amazing photo by @emmett_sparling