10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

Cape Town. The glorious Mother City. A world-renowned and wildly beloved travel destination. A vibrant melting pot of people, cultures, backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. A place where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate life, discover, explore, experience, and immerse themselves in the pure unspoiled beauty of one of the most magnificent places in the world – CAPE TOWN!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

There is absolutely no denying that the Mother City’s unbelievable lust for life, unapologetic natural beauty, incredible diversity, and bold sense of adventure will leave you spell-bound and wanting more every day you spend in her wake. Getting to explore and discover all her spectacular hidden gems, best kept secrets, remarkable landmarks, exciting attractions, beautiful beaches, and glorious natural wonders is a fate that will forever keep Cape Town locals, tourists, globe trotters, avid explorers, and eager travelers completely hooked, head-over-heels, and utterly enchanted by the city’s undeniable charm and captivating spirit.

Living in Cape Town is EVERYTHING you can imagine and so much more. Just in case we haven’t convinced you yet, here are 10 reasons to love living in Cape Town and why you’ll undoubtedly fall head-over-heels in love with the magical Mother City and everything she has to offer. Who knows, once you’re here, you may never want to leave again – And we don’t blame you one bit.

#1 Table Mountain & the magnificent mountain ranges

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

Of course we’re kicking off our list of reasons to love living in Cape Town with the tall-standing mountainous giant of the Cape Town skyline and one of the New7Wonders of Nature – Table Mountain. In fact, this glorious Cape Town natural wonder is reason enough to pack your bags and move to the Mother City, or, at the very least, make you fall head over heels in love with the glorious city of Cape Town and its spectacular natural wonders. Regardless of whether you’ve seen Table Mountain once or a hundred times before, it will never fail to amaze you. Its all part of the magical Table Mountain charm.

In addition to the awe-inspiring Table Mountain, the Western Cape is home to a variety of magnificent mountain ranges, each of which is bound to sweep you right off your feet. From Lions Head, the Twelve Apostles mountain range, the Cederberg mountains, and Cape Point’s beautiful and captivating mountain ranges and plunging cliffs, to the mountains of Drakenstein, Paarl, Franschhoek, Jonkershoek, Simonsberg, Stellenbosch, and the beloved Hottentots-Holland mountain range, all are equally beautiful.

#2 Cape Town was named the ‘3rd Greatest City on Earth’

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

Named the third greatest city on Earth by the flagship UK newspaperThe Telegraph, out ranking major global heavy hitters and top-of-their-game international travel destinations like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, and Venice – to mention a few – as well as voted the ‘Greatest City in the World’ by the Telegraph Travel Awards for more than 7 years in a row, Cape Town is at the very top of its game and people are loving every single second of it! Further cementing the Mother City’s status as a top bucket-list travel destination and sought-after location for visitors, travellers, and avid globe trotters from around the world.

It’s no surprise her breathtaking beauty, vibrant energy, and endless variety of things to do, see, and experience has stolen the hearts of millions world-wide.

#3 Beautiful Cape Town Beaches

There is nothing like being sun-kissed, sandy-toed, and salty-haired while soaking up all the Mother City sunshine as you enjoy a blissful day on one of Cape Town’s beautiful beaches.

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

Life’s a beach, a Cape Town beach that is! There’s just something about being close to the ocean that makes life a little bit sweeter. Home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, it’s no surprise that people travel from far and wide to experience Cape Town’s beach magic first-hand.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning secluded beach escape, long stretch of white sand, something a little cooler and quirkier, a great fun-filled family beach, the ultimate surfing hotspot, or a beautiful beach gem where you can simply sit back, relax, and soak up the glorious Cape Town sunshine, the Mother City has the perfect beach for every head-over-heels beach lover at heart and its all right in your backyard, just a stone’s throw away.

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

While some of our beach favorites are Clifton Beach, Llandudno Beach, Bloubergstrand, Big Bay, Boulders Beach, Beta Beach, Bakoven, Water’s Edge, Camps Bay, Muizenberg Beach, Sunset Beach, and Windmill Beach (to mention merely a few), we’ve put together the Ultimate Cape Town Beach Guide to ensure you find the ideal beach for you. Click here to check it out!

#4 The cool & charismatic Cape Town marine life

The Mother City’s vast and wonderful marine life is without a doubt one of the top reasons to love living in Cape Town. Home to the incredible Cape Town Marine Big 5, which includes the African Penguins, Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins, Whales, and the Mola Mola Sunfish, along with a glorious (and often intriguing) diversity of marine life species, there really is nothing like seeing these amazing ocean locals in their natural habitat.

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

WAIT! It gets even better! Not only do you get to witness spectacular sightings of Cape Town’s marine life from the shoreline but enjoy awesome bucket-list worthy experiences with them too! From snorkelling with Cape Fur Seals at Hout Bay’s famous Duiker Island (also known as ‘Seal Island’), revelling in every second of a boat-based whale watching adventure, and going shark cage diving in Gansbaai (one of the only destinations in the world where you can actually get up close and personal with the ocean’s most daring predator, the Great White Shark), to thrilling scuba diving endeavors, going shipwreck and reef diving, snorkeling among Cape Town’s fascinating Kelp Forests, and kayaking, swimming, and even chilling on the beach with Cape Town’s coolest ocean locals, the African Penguins, the Western Cape boasts an endless variety of ocean adventures and experiences to be enjoyed by all!

#5 Cape Town has a little bit of EVERYTHING!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

By far one of the top reasons to love Cape Town is the fact that it has a little bit EVERYTHING! Yes, we know that’s a pretty bold statement to make – Let’s be honest, how is it possible that one place can have absolutely anything and everything your heart desires? But what can we say, Cape Town is just one of those magical cities that has it ALL!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

To make it even better, its all right at your finger-tips, simply waiting to be discovered, enjoyed, explored, and experienced by you whenever and however you please – How absolutely incredible is that?! Stunning mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, the ocean, magnificent natural wonders, nature reserves, gardens, parks, and sensational flora, the captivating Cape Winelands, unbelievable marine life and wildlife, fantastic food, exceptional restaurants, and pristine culinary gems, extraordinary art, culture, history, and heritage, world-renowned landmarks, highly sought-after attractions, spectacular sherbet-colored sunsets that will sweep you off your feet, an endless array of exhilarating and unforgettable bucket-list worthy experiences and thrilling adventures, and SO much more – the list truly is ENDLESS!!

What are you waiting for – GO, GO, GO!

#6 Every Cape Town season is unique & exciting in its own way

Boasting a beautiful year-round mild Mediterranean climate means every Cape Town season brings with it something unique and exciting to be enjoyed by all. While summer in Cape Town means glorious sunny weather, late sunsets, and blissful beach days, winter (also known as the ‘Green Season’ transforms the Mother City into a lush green paradise perfect for adventuring and exploring.

The Cape Town spring season is not only beyond wonderful, its world-renowned and widely known as the Mother City’s flower season. Spring is the time of year when the Mother City transforms into a glorious floral escape filled with wildflowers that stretch far and wide, covering the Cape Town landscapes in blankets of fabulous florals, colour, and vibrancy. Not to mention Autumn, when the weather is perfect for just about everything and anything. Regardless of what time of year or season you visit Cape Town, it promises to be filled with beauty and splendour.

#7 Ultimate destination for thrill seekers, adventurers & adrenalin junkies

Avid adventurers, daring thrill seekers, die-hard adrenalin junkies, and anyone & everyone eager to take a walk on the Mother City’s wild side – This is for you!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

If you’re keen to get your blood pumping, Cape Town is DEFINITELY where it’s at! Deemed the adventure capital of Africa, the Western Cape is any die-hard thrill seeker’s dream come true. Beyond Cape Town’s obvious natural beauty, electrifying energy, vibrant diversity, and endless array of things to do, see, and experience, the Mother City is every bit as adventurous, bold, and daring as she is stunning – and oh how she loves showing off her wild adventurous side!

Home to such a vast diversity of natural wonders, National Parks, mountain ranges, beaches, the ocean, exhilarating hiking trails, and endless stretches of untouched wilderness, you better believe the Mother City has an adventure experience for absolutely everyone.

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

From shark cage diving, cave exploring, skydiving, paragliding, sandboarding, surfing, deep-sea scuba diving, snorkeling with Cape Fur Seals, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and kayaking with African Penguins, to surfski paddling, kloofing / canyoning, stand-up paddle boarding, free diving, cliff jumping, coasteering, shipwreck and reef diving, abseiling down Table Mountain, waterfall exploring and adventuring, going river-rafting & tubing in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, or embarking on one of the Mother City’s most daring and adrenalin-inducing hikes, Cape Town has the perfect adventure and ultimate thrill seeking experience for absolutely EVERYONE!

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#8 The Cape Winelands, incredible Wine Routes & TONS of wine

In Cape Town, any time is wine time!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

The fact that the Western Cape is home to the largest, and certainly the most beautiful and unique, wine producing region in Africa is just one more amazing reason to love living in Cape Town. There is absolutely no denying that visiting and exploring the captivating Cape Winelands and all of its remarkable Wine Estates is one of the top things to do in Cape Town all year-round.

Whether you’re a Mother City local or frequent Cape Town flier, chances are you’ve gone wine tasting – however, if you’ve not had the opportunity to explore and taste your way through the wonderful Western Cape Winelands, you better add it to your Cape Town bucket-list right away.

The Western Cape is truly spoiled for choice when it comes to exceptional Wine Estates and Wine Farms, its abundance of highly sought-after Wine Routes, and, of course, its award-winning wines and pristine wine tasting and pairing experiences. To top it off, the Western Cape is said to produce among the very best wines in the world, which is known to punch well above their weight. Not to mention they often cost considerably less than wines from other parts of the world – which is just an extra BONUS! It’s all this and so much more that makes Cape Town and the Western Cape as a whole the ultimate destination for wine lovers and avid vino aficionados from all around the world.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of a wine enthusiast, you’ll undoubtedly fall head-over-heels in love with the stunning Cape Winelands, its beautiful surrounding scenery, its remarkable vineyards, its charming allure, as well as its excellent wine selection. The Western Cape Winelands just has a way of converting us all into wine lovers, somehow, someway, but hey, who are we to complain?!

Here are some of the most popular & renowned wine routes in the Western Cape:

  • Stellenbosch wine route
  • Wellington wine route
  • Franschhoek wine route
  • Helderberg wine route
  • Breedekloof wine route
  • Constantia wine route
  • Durbanville wine route
  • Elgin Wine Route
  • Little / Klein Karoo wine route
  • Tulbagh wine route
  • Darling wine route
  • Walker Bay wine route
  • Cape Agulhas wine route
  • Cape Point wine route
  • Olifants River Valley wine route
  • Paarl Vintners wine route
  • Robertson wine route
  • Swartland wine route
  • Worcester wine route

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#9 Cape Town’s vibrant cultural diversity

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

Bo-Kaap – Formerly known as the Malay Quarter | Bo-Kaap’s origins date back to the 1760s

Known as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the Mother City is a magnificent melting pot of people, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and traditions – Each of which is deeply rooted within Cape Town’s very own culture, history, and heritage and has had a MAJOR impact on the city we know and love today.

Boasting a vibrant cultural diversity, eleven official languages, a rich and intricate history, and an incredible variety of cultures and ethnicities, South Africa ranks among the 10 most culturally diverse countries in the world with its population being one of the most complex and diverse. It is in this spirit that all Capetonians and South Africans are encouraged to not only embrace, share, and celebrate their own cultural traditions, beliefs, and heritage which ultimately makes up our glorious ‘Rainbow Nation’, but each other’s too!

Exploring the Mother City’s vibrant cultural diversity through her various renowned historical landmarks, museums, heritage sites, attractions, and colorful cuisine is by far one of the best and most rewarding experiences for both locals and tourists alike. In fact, fully immersing yourself in South Africa’s and Cape Town’s vivid, vibrant, and wonderful cultural diversity and heritage should most definitely be at the top of your bucket-list – Trust us, you won’t regret a single second of it!

#10 Stunning sherbet-colored sunsets

There is no sunset quite as magical as a Cape Town sunset!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

This is undoubtedly one of the top reasons to love living in Cape Town – hands down! Known for her stunning sherbet-colored sunsets that set the sky alight in a glorious celebration of colors, there is no denying that the Mother City is pure sunset bliss.

Home to some seriously spectacular sunset spots, its no surprise that going on the ultimate sunset chasing adventure has become one of the best and most exciting things to do in Cape Town all year-round among sunset lovers from across the world. However, sometimes you need to wander a little off the beaten path to find the real sunset hidden gems – That’s when the real sunset adventure begins!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

**Here are our top secret sunset and overall best sunset spots in Cape Town, all of which deserve a prime spot on your Cape Town sunset bucket-list:

  • Look-out Cave on Chapman’s Peak Drive | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • The Clifton Ridge Rocks | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Lions Head
  • Table Mountain
  • Signal Hill
  • Llandudno Beach
  • The ‘Sunset Rock’ | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Diaz Beach | Cape Point | *Secret Sunset Spot
  • Kloof Corner
  • Camps Bay | Camps Bay Beach | Camps Bay ‘Sunset Strip’
  • Camps Bay Tidal Pool
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive
  • Clifton Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Bakoven Beach Boulders
  • Bloubergstrand / Blouberg Beach
  • Victoria Road
  • Tafelberg Road
  • Hout Bay
  • Glen Beach
  • Boulders Beach
  • Big Bay
  • Noordhoek Beach
  • Kommetjie
  • Sea Point Promenade
  • Kalk Bay
  • Muizenberg Beach
  • Paarl Rock
  • The Pipe Track hiking trail
  • Oudekraal Road
  • Kloof Road
  • Beach Road (Sea Point)
  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  • Cape Point & all of it’s beautiful beaches

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If you’re keen for a bit more of an adventure, in addition to watching the magnificent Mother City sunset from one of these incredible sunset spots in and around Cape Town, pairing an exhilarating hike with some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever encounter makes for a truly unforgettable bucket-list worthy experience. Check out our best sunset hikes in Cape Town’ blog for everything you need to know. What are you waiting for? Do it right now!

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Happy Sunset Chasing!

#BONUS: Its ALL about that Cape Town feeling!

10 Reasons To Love Living In Cape Town

It really is ALL about that Cape Town feeling! That cool and captivating Cape Town vibe. There is a certain magic to this city. An unexplainable electricity in the air that’s pretty hard to put into words – you have to FEEL it! And once you do, it will have you hooked, head-over-heels, completely captivated, and utterly love struck by the glorious Mother City, her energy, beauty, charm, and everything in between. It’s no surprise that Cape Town’s vibrant energy, everyone-is-welcome atmosphere, bold lust for life, desire for adventure, and fun-loving spirit has stolen the hearts of locals and travellers from all around the world.

All we can say is, move over Justin Timberlake, Cape Town most definitely can’t stop the feeling! You’ll be flying up, no ceiling, when you’re in the zone. The Cape Town zone that is!