Top Things to do at night in Cape Town

Are you ready to experience Cape Town by night? This is the time the Mother City truly comes alive!

Whether you choose to unwind in style with a cocktail or glass of vino in hand, take in a concert, see cutting-edge theater, wine and dine at one of Cape Town’s renowned restaurants or rooftop spots, or decide to slip into your favourite dancing shoes for a night of partying – it’s entirely up to you! Evenings in Cape Town have a myriad of joys to offer, so why not treat yourself, try something new, discover the latest hotspot or find a new favorite tipple?

Here are some of the top things to do at night in Cape Town – Trust us, there is something for absolutely everyone to enjoy!

#Have a great time at SurfaRosa Dive Bar

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: SurfaRosa

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to shake things up with a bit of cool Cape Town Dive Bar action. An edgy dive bar with subliminal punk and surf influences, SurfaRosa was named the 19th BEST dive bar in the world as rated by Big 7 Travel. It’s also the only bar of its kind in Cape Town – Undoubtedly making having a grand ol’ time at SurfaRosa one of the top things to do at night in Cape Town.

While this edgy neighborhood bar might serve up a bit of grunt and street side edge with their drinks, SurfaRosa is everything you could ever want in a Dive Bar and more.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: SurfaRosa

From cool rustic interiors, a lekker laid-back vibe, and quirky bar staff, to ice-cold beers on tap, viby music, and an all-for-one-and-one-for-all everyone is welcoming atmosphere, it’s no surprise this hip Mother City hangout is a real fan-favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Located on the cool East City Precinct Harrington Street, a visit to SurfaRosa is an absolute must if you’re looking to enjoy an amazing night out in the lively Mother City.

#Celebrate & dance the night away at Life Grand Café Waterfront

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Life Grand Cafe

There is no denying that Life Grand Café is one of the coolest beachy hotspots in town. If you’re in the mood to celebrate in true opulence and style – this is EXACTLY where you need to be for an unforgettable night out in Cape Town.

The vibrant Life Grand Café is the perfect combination of trendy and comfortable yet chic, stylish and sophisticated. It’s no surprise that it has fast become one of the most sought-after inner-city spots to see and be seen – so keep a lookout for some famous faces!

The stunning setting, prime location, beautiful backdrop, and spectacular waterfront views of this renowned Cape Town hangout and beach bar is merely scratching the surface of what Life Grand Café has to offer.

From finely and meticulously crafted cocktails, premium wines, sensational bubbly, an amazing selection of drinks, and inspired culinary creations, to a lavish laid-back vibe, lively atmosphere, an electric energy that is down-right contagious, and music that will undoubtedly get you on your feet in mere seconds, dancing the glorious night away – The Life Grand Café Waterfront is the ultimate Cape Town hotspot and viby beach escape.

It’s time to celebrate and dance the night away – Simply because you can!

  • Location: Life Grand Café Waterfront | 2 Pierhead Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 205 1902
  • Website: Click here to visit the Life Grand Café Waterfront website to find out more information & book your spot

#Enjoy the evening at The Piano Bar

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Piano Bar

Located at the corner of Jarvis and Napier Street in the trendy De Waterkant District of Cape Town’s inner city, the infamous Piano Bar is a trendy New York-inspired music revue bar and eatery serving modern tapas cuisine. In addition to its prime location, The Piano Bar’s wraparound terrace boasts spectacular views through De Waterkant village all the way to Devil’s Peak. It truly is the ideal spot to chill out over an evening cocktail (or perhaps a few).

Now for the live music! With a baby grand piano, microphones, instrument plug-in points, and premium surround sound through excellent speakers – The Piano Bar is live music at its very best! Boasting an amazing selection of jazz, live funk, soul, and blues every night of the week, you’re in for quite a live music treat! Inspired by the swanky Jazz joints of New York City, the Piano Bar has established itself as one of the most sough-after live music spots in Cape Town for tourists and locals alike.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Piano Bar

The Piano Bar also boasts a cosy Bar Room where guests can taste their iconic curated cocktails along with a variety of other beverages.

That’s not all! This renowned must-visit live music revue bar and eatery is known for their cool laid-back atmosphere and top-quality food and drinks. All of which can be enjoyed to the soulful sounds of exceptional live music acts and a spectacular view of the Mother City.

  • Location: 47 Napier (cnr Jarvis) Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town

#Go to the iconic Gin Bar!

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Gin Bar

Bring on the GIN! Known as one of Cape Town’s coolest hidden gems, hippest hangouts, and favorite Gin nirvanas, The Gin Bar should be right at the top of your ‘Things to do on a Night Out in Cape Town’ list!

At The Gin Bar, they take their gin seriously – VERY seriously – as they pride themselves on making the entire experience all about the star of the show – THE GIN! Oh, and you of course! So, if you’re a head-over-heels gin-lover at heart, the legendary Gin Bar is without a doubt where you should be at.

**Interesting fact: Did you know that the Gin Bar was one of the first bars in the Mother City to dedicate itself to all things gin? Thereby making it the true OG of the Cape Town gin scene. It is also one of the country’s only true speak-easy bars – how incredible is that?

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Gin Bar

As the name suggests, all the signature cocktails at The Gin Bar contain Gin, well, besides the virgins of course. The menu is concise and definitely favors quality over quantity, just as it should be. If you’re not much of a gin lover, no problem! They also offer a selection of amazing classic cocktails to choose from.

When it comes to their much-loved signature cocktails, The Gin Bar cleverly named their classic five cocktails The Head, The Heart, The Hope, The Soul, and The Ambition, all intended to provide their drinker with as much needed healing for whatever may ail them. Undoubtedly adding an extra unique and personalized touch to the already bucket-list worthy experience.

Fondly known by Cape Town locals as the ‘secret’ Gin bar, mainly due to its hush-hush, unmarked location hidden behind a cool Chocolate Café, Honest Chocolate, and nestled in a Mediterranean-style secret courtyard – Going to The Gin Bar is one experience you absolutely cannot afford to miss!

The Bubbly Bar

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Gin Bar

The Gin Bar has added a new exciting addition to their already impressive repertoire – The Bubbly Bar! This little bar is a celebration of local crafters making some of the best bubbly in the world. Our South African version of Champagne is called Cap Classique, and is just as good as the French version in our (and many others’) opinion. Some local makers also experiment with unusual grape varietals to produce flavor experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The tasting flight of 5 different producers is highly recommended. If you love bubbly then this bar is for you!

  • Location: The Gin Bar | Enter through Honest Chocolate Café – 64a Wale Street, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 071 241 2277 | [email protected]
  • Opening hours: Gin Bar Trading Times: Monday – Wednesday: 5pm-1:00am* ; Thursday – Saturday: 3pm-1:00am* | Bubbly Bar Trading Times: Wednesdays: 5pm – 1:00am* ; Thursdays – Saturdays: 3pm -1:00am*
  • Website:

#Enjoy a theatrical dining experience at StarDust

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: StarDust

The trendy Cape Town Cape Town neighborhood of Woodstock is home to this uniquely wonderful, one-of-a-kind theatrical restaurant – StarDust! With incredible, get-up-on-your-feet, can’t resist the beat musical and theatrical performances by profoundly talented young local performers, dancers, and singers – most of whom are total triple threats – paired with an array of sensational Mediterranean dishes, and a lively and vibrant atmosphere – You are in for the mother of all treats at StarDust Theatrical Dining!

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: StarDust

Oh, did we mention that these remarkable musical and theatrical performers double as your waiters too? That just blew your mind didn’t it? All the more reason to plan your next night out in Cape Town at this cool inner-city theatrical dining restaurant / epic musical and dining destination.

What makes this already enjoyable, vibrant, and wildly entertaining experience even more fun, is the fact that absolutely everyone in attendance is encouraged to join in on the lively festivities – including the dancing & singing! So, don’t be shy, sing your heart out, get moving and grooving, and most of all – have an absolute BLAST!

  • Location: StarDust Theatrical Dining | 118 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 462 7777 | 072 414 6522 | [email protected]
  • Website: Click here to find out more about StarDust Theatrical Dining & to make your booking

#Enjoy a Night Out at the Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema

The Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema in Cape Town is dedicated to restoring the true experience of cinema!

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema | Grand Daddy Hotel

Enjoy the ultimate movie night with an epic Cape Town twist at the famously cool Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema.

Located right in the heart of Cape Town’s lively CBD, the iconic Pink Flamingo open-air Rooftop Cinema is part drive-in, part social event, and part adventure. Set in the legendary Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel – the only designer Rooftop Airstream Trailer Park in the world – The Pink Flamingo celebrates the silver screen in a silver setting – right beneath the night sky.

Showcasing an array of films, including all your beloved classics (yes ladies, that includes your favourite Rom-Coms), watching a movie under the Cape Town night sky and Mother City moonlight while surrounded by the Grand Daddy’s amazing gleaming vintage Airstream Trailers, is by far one of the top things to do on a night out in Cape Town. Not to mention one of the most unique and memorable too!

To add an extra special touch, be sure to order a delicious picnic basket to enjoy as you sit back, relax, and relish in every second of your open-air Rooftop Cinema experience. Or, if you’re keen for a bit of a night out adventure, why not spend the night in one of their magical themed designer Airstream trailers? Now that’s a bucket-list worthy experience you absolutely cannot let slip through your fingers!

**Note: You can choose from three unique seating options: General Seating, the Love Seat, and the Couch. Each ticket includes a welcome drink, a bag of sweets and popcorn.

  • Location: The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel | 38 Long Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 207 8888 | [email protected]
  • Website: Click here to find out more about this incredible experience | To find out more information about The Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema at the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel click here

#Have fun at First Thursdays

Its First Thursday time! Going to Cape Town’s iconic ‘First Thursdays’ event is without a doubt one of the most exciting things to do at night in Cape Town.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: First Thursdays

On the first Thursday of every month you are invited to explore the lively inner-city and its vast array of cool and captivating art galleries and cultural attractions. Its free, open to everyone, and there is no official tour, route, or guided walk. This means that whichever exhibitions, performances, and locations you would like to visit / attend (be sure to pick up a map at participating venues) is entirely up to YOU!

One of the many things that makes First Thursdays so fun and thrilling is the fact that everything (including the art galleries & cultural attractions) around the central city stays open until 9pm, and more often than not even later than that. This gives everyone the opportunity to explore Cape Town’s vibrant, diverse, and lively inner-city on foot and experience the wealth of art and culture the city has to offer.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: First Thursdays

An interesting fact that many may or may not be aware of is that the main emphasis and driving force behind Cape Town’s First Thursday events is walking the streets of Cape Town (in a combined unified effort to reclaim the city-centre streets) so as to change the concept and general perception people have of the CBD.

This epic Mother City movement takes place between Wale and Strand streets, including Cape Town’s buzzing hip-and-happening Loop, Long, and Bree Street.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: First Thursdays

In addition to Cape Town’s roughly 35 galleries (this number varies depending on which locations choose to stay open), plenty (or rather most) of the city’s local bars, restaurants, rooftop lounges, and hangout spots are open until late. Soak up the electric atmosphere and contagious vibe as several of the bars, restaurants, and lounges offer great drink specials and incredible live music events (among countless other things) to keep you entertained and loving life right throughout the night.

**Tip: It is a good idea to have some sort of plan before you go. Otherwise you might just find yourself wandering around aimlessly, not really knowing where to go or what to do.

**Extra Tip: If you can, it is highly recommended that you Uber into the city for First Thursdays. Parking is a real struggle, and you’ll end up having to leave your car blocks away.

  • Location: Between Wale and Strand streets, Cape Town Central, City Bowl, Cape Town
  • When: First Thursday of every month from around 6pm to 9pm
  • Cost: FREE
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Website:

To find out more – check out our ‘Exploring First Thursdays in Cape Town’ blog.

#Have an unforgettable night at Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar

Tjing Tjing House is unique in the fact that it covers three storeys, each one as glorious as the next. It truly is a marvel.


Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Tjing Tjing House

What used to be Dear Me (a pared-down café) has been transformed into Tjing Tjing Torii, a visual odyssey of Harajuku proportions in Cape Town’s lively inner-city. Tjing Tjing Torii is known for its sensational Japanese street food and indulgent desserts, among several other things. As you make your way up the stairs, you’ll find yourself in the first-floor middle space, dubbed Tjing Tjing Momiji, a minimalist kaiseki restaurant with a bustling lounge.

Ascend two more flights of stairs, and you’ve officially arrived at the scarlet-red Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar. The bar opens up to an airy outside rooftop terrace, perfect for lovely summer nights out on the town.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Tjing Tjing House

The famous Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar is most definitely a cocktail den that excels at the classics like an Old Fashioned and Negroni. You can expect a wide selection of bespoke cocktails (including an array of classics by request), Japanese whisky, gin, sake, a large selection of draft and bottled craft beers, as well as an extensive wine list, including Tjing Tjing’s very own house wine, made by David & Nadia Wines. Ensuring there is something for everyone to sip, savor, and enjoy.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Tjing Tjing House

That’s certainly not all! As a surprise to many, the Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar is well-known for its cool electro-indie beats, which will undoubtedly have you dancing the night away with a signature Tjing Tjing cocktail in hand.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Tjing Tjing House

Whether you’re craving some amazing Japanese street food, have a sudden urge for something sweet and delicious, or if you’re ready to dive right into the rooftop bar action and festivities and enjoy their vast array of bespoke drinks and signature cocktails from the moment you arrive – Its entirely up to you! Its all in the same building after all.

With so much to offer (and, to be honest, we’ve barely scratched the surface), how could you not want to experience every inch of the magnificent Tjing Tjing House and Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar?

#Go to the Planet Bar at Mount Nelson Hotel

A gloriously decadent champagne bar at the luxury Mount Nelson Hotel, Planet Bar is undoubtedly one of the hottest bars in Cape Town. Offering guests an exceptional selection of champagnes and premium wines, along with an inventive, thrilling, and regularly changing cocktail menu – There is something for absolutely everyone to sip, savor, and enjoy at the marvelous Mount Nelson Planet Bar.

The Planet Bar boasts a beautifully opulent interior space, featuring rich, lavish tapestry of velvet, leather, and satin. This stunning space opens up out on to the breathtaking garden terraces of the hotel, showcasing some of the most sensational views.

  • Location: Mount Nelson Hotel, 76, Orange Street, Cape Town

#Enjoy a night of live music at Café Roux

Live music time! Café Roux, located in the popular Noordhoek Farm Village below Chapman’s Peak, is the hub of the South Peninsula community. What began as a small family affair has grown into one of the country’s most loved live music venues, showcasing some of SA’s top musical and comedy acts.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Cafe Roux

While it might be more urban chic and stylish than the chilled out Noordhoek spot, it boasts all the same cool vibes and incredible live music performances than its counterpart. The fact that this top Cape Town live music venue welcomes every genre of music with open arms, means there’s something for every live music lover to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of folk, acoustic or blues, or prefer something a bit more poppy, jazzy or somewhere in between, there’s something for you too.

In addition to hosting the best of SA live music, Café Roux also offers live comedy performances – giving you the very best of both.  That’s not all! Alongside their live music and comedy performances, they also screen a variety of films and inspiring talks – Ensuring there’s something for everyone. Undoubtedly making Café Roux one of the top things to do at night in Cape Town.

#Visit the famous Baxter Theatre

Hosting award-winning productions throughout its 30 years, all while remaining at the forefront of Cape Town’s creative and entertainment scene, the remarkable Baxter Theatre is a true stalwart of Cape Town’s live theatre scene.


Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Baxter Theatre

With an impressive history of supporting and promoting local ideas, creativity, and talent, it is an excellent place to sample the vibrant and wonderful Cape Town art scene. One of the best things (amongst countless others) about the Baxter Theatre is the fact that it nurtures and hosts a range of innovative and exciting productions of drama, music, comedy, opera, and ballet, promoting emerging artists as well as welcoming back established and well-loved performers – Giving everyone the opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight!

**Extra Note: To experience the arts in true exclusivity and style, you can book an entire performance at the Baxter for a private audience.

  • Location: Baxter Theatre Centre, Main Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town

#Embark on a thrilling Lions Head full moon hike

While the phrases thrilling full moon hike and fun night out in Cape Town don’t exactly ‘match up’ – we’re putting it out there anyway – because going on a full moon Lions Head hike is every bit as exhilarating as it sounds!

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Standing tall at 669 meters above sea level, showcasing a beautiful panoramic view of the beautiful Mother City, Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain and beyond, Lion’s Head has established itself as one of the most popular Cape Town hiking trails for both hiking first-timers and avid hikers.

While Lion’s Head is undoubtedly one of the best and most sought-after sunrise, sunset, and any-time-of-the-day hiking trails, it is particularly popular for its full moon hikes – Some may say its Lion’s Head’s claim to fame.

The Lion’s Head full moon hike is a monthly Capetonian tradition. The essence / idea behind the famous full moon hike is to hike up Lion’s Head and watch the beautiful sunset and full moon rising, all while enjoying a lovely picnic on the Lion’s Head summit.

This is followed by an exciting descent as you make your way down the mountain following the same path. Only this time it’s under the magical Mother City moonlight and starry night sky.

The Lion’s Head full moon hike typically starts around 6-8pm on a full moon night, depending on the time of year. Be sure to reach the top of Lion’s Head before the sun sets to avoid missing out on this once in a full moon experience!

Check out our ‘What you need to know about hiking up Lion’s Head for the full moon’ blog to find out more about this bucket-list worthy adventure.

For everything you need to know about hiking Lion’s Head, check out our ‘Hiking Lion’s Head Cape Town: Everything you need to know’ blog.

If you’re keen to go on more exhilarating full moon hikes in Cape Town – Check out our ‘Top 5 Full Moon Hikes in Cape Town’ blog.

  • Difficulty: Easy – moderate
  • Fitness level required: Mild – Moderate
  • Start point: The Lion’s Head hiking trail starts at the car park on Signal Hill Road. Follow the trail which circles around the mountain to get to the top.
  • End point: The end point of the hike is the Lion’s Head Summit. Once you reach the summit, make your way down the same way until you reach the initial starting point.
  • Approximate route distance: The total length of the trail is 5,5 km (3,4 miles) both ways
  • Average time to the summit: Between 1 – 3 hours (depending on fitness level)
  • Total elevation: 669 meters (2,195 feet)
  • Best time to hike: Sunrise | Sunset | Full Moon

#Let loose with a fun karaoke night!

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to sing your heart out to your all-time favorite classic karaoke tunes! If you’re keen to do something slightly different but oh so FUN on an epic night out in Cape Town, a night of karaoke is right up your alley!

Let’s be honest, EVERYBODY LOVES KARAOKE – and those who claim they don’t, just need a little incentive…

Things to do at night in Cape Town

The best thing, or rather things, about karaoke is just how freeing and down-right enjoyable it is. It’s not about how perfectly you hit the notes, in fact, you have full permission to completely mess up the words, botch up the melody, and sing in your own made-up key (we all do it anyway). It’s about letting go, having a blast and of course a lot of laughs (and perhaps even a bit of liquid courage to calm the stage fright). It really is just about having TONS of fun & relishing in every single moment of it!

Here are some top karaoke spots in Cape Town:

  • Planet Sports Bar Bellville
  • Mitchell’s Waterfront Brewery
  • Boogie Bar
  • The Armchair Theatre
  • The Swerve Pub and Grill
  • Casa do Mar
  • Pint & Pelican
  • Dizzys Restaurant & Pub
  • Golden Oldies Sports Bar
  • Brass Bell Restaurant & Bar
  • Walala Wasala Restaurant and Sports Bar
  • Kennedy’s On Long & The Dubliner
  • The 2 Eves
  • Franky’s Diner

#Treat yourself to an evening at Asoka Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

For over a decade, Asoka has been the gem of Kloof Street, a sensual experience where the music is intoxicating, and the energy is palpable.

Asoka is an elegant lounge featuring stylish interiors that mixes Victorian charm, contemporary glamour, and subtle oriental influences. Transformed from a twentieth century house, Asoka is a restaurant and bar where leisure meets mystique. As Table Mountain towers over the roof, the deck is the perfect spot to unwind and watch Kloof Street spill down from the doorstep. Inside Asoka’s unassuming shell, in the glow of candlelight – that’s where the real magic happens; where food awakens the senses and cocktails keep them enticed.

The bar’s expansive and adventurous cocktail menu underpinned by fresh ingredients makes Asoka the perfect place to enjoy a drink (or a few) and some sensational tapas on a fun night out in the Mother City.

Asoka thrives on the journey of a night – from food to cocktails to late nights under the skylight. As rulers of their petit palace in the city, Asoka has one simple request for their diners; come for dinner, stay for drinks!

Asoka is the playground of celebration and the home of the city’s most seductive house music.

  • Location: 68, Kloof Street, Cape Town

#Go to the Labia Theatre

What’s better than enjoying an exciting night out at one of Cape Town’s most prestigious theatres – The renowned Labia Theatre?!


Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Labia Theatre

The Labia Theatre is the oldest Independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa, showcasing the best off-circuit, independent movies, foreign films, documentaries, classics, and other alternative as well as art circuit films. This makes the famous Labia Theatre the epitome of old-school cinema at its very best and any old-school movie buff’s dream come true.

Even if you’re not much of an old-school / classic cinema lover, you’ll undoubtedly fall head-over heels in love with the iconic Labia Theatre and everything it has to offer.

Besides its original and authentic theatre experience, the Labia Theatre Cinema boasts a cosy coffee bar which offers home-made delicacies, a chocolate bar serving sweets, chocolates and popcorn, an outside garden terrace as well as a fully licensed bar to keep visitors and guests entertained throughout the night. In fact, the Labia Theatre is the only cinema where you can sit back, relax, and sip on a drink from the bar all while watching a classic movie screening. This Undoubtedly makes a visit to the Labia Theatre one of the top things to do on a cold day in Cape Town. In fact, this incredible and unique cinema experience can be enjoyed right throughout the year.

**Important note: The Labia Theatre is in full compliance with all COVID-19 government safety regulations and guidelines and have put numerous safety measures in place so that you can relax and enjoy the big screen experience.

  • Location: The Labia Theatre | 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Cost: All shows are R70 | Student / Fanatics / Seniors / Children: R50
  • Show times: Subject to the movie
  • Contact details: 021 424 5927 | [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Open daily from 11am until the end of the last screening at approximately 11pm
  • Click here to find out more about the Labia Theatre as well as all the screenings on offer

Other fantastic theatres in Cape Town you absolutely have to go to include:

  • Baxter Theatre | Rondebosch
  • Theatre On The Bay | Camps Bay | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • Maynardville Open Air Theatre | Maynardville Park, Wynberg | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • The Masque Theatre | Muizenberg | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • Kalk Bay Theatre | Kalk Bay | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • Artscape Theatre Centre | Foreshore, Cape Town | Click here to visit their website for more information | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • Magnet Theatre | Observatory | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • The Barnyard Theatre Tyger Valley | Tyger valley Shopping Centre, Bellville, Cape Town | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • The Rainbow Puppet Theatre | Belle Constantia | Click here to visit their website for more information
  • Gate69 | Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre | Click here to visit their website for more information

#Go to the Boschendal Friday Night Market

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Boschendal Wine Estate

Boschendal’s Weekly Friday Night Market is one of Cape Town’s most beloved and highly anticipated night markets. Not only is it a massive fan-favorite among the young and young at heart, but one of the absolute best ways to spend a wonderful evening under the Mother City night sky catching up with friends and family your, and having tons of fun while you’re there!

You can expect everything from live music, fresh farm produce, and a variety of down-right delicious food stalls, to amazing artisanal stands filled with handmade local products and a vibrant local is lekker vibe.

Get your crew together and enjoy every single magical moment under the stars every Friday evening at the not-to-be-missed Boschendal Night Market.

  • Location: The Werf Area at Boschendal | R310 Pniel Road, Groot Drakenstein, Franschhoek
  • When: Every Friday
  • Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Cost: Entrance is free | Capacity may be limited
  • Contact details: 021 870 4200 | 021 870 4223 | [email protected] | [email protected]
  • Click here to visit the Boschendal website for more information
  • **Note: The market is both kid-friendly / family-friendly and dog-friendly (all dogs should be kept on a leash)
  • **Insider Tip: Head on over a little earlier and enjoy a stunning sunset soiree cocktail offering on the Werf deck | Available from 5pm

Other great Cape Town Night Markets include:

  • Lourensford Friday Night Twilight Market
  • Cape Point Vineyards Community Night Market
  • V&A Waterfront Food Market
  • Century City Natural Goods Night Market
  • Earth Fair Market
  • Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market

To find out more about the not-to-be-missed Boschendal Friday Night Market & any other awesome night markets happening in Cape Town check out our ‘Best Night Markets In Cape Town’ blog.

#Publik Wine Bar

Wine lovers, this one is just for you! It’s no secret that Capetonians love their wine, so it only makes sense that a specialty wine bar as cool as Publik will have local and international wine enthusiasts flocking to this trendy inner-city specialty wine bar for an incredible night out in the lively city of Cape Town.


Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Publik Wine Bar

Publik is definitely no ordinary wine bar. Dedicated to finding and sharing a vast selection of wines from sustainably farmed vineyards, made with minimal intervention in the cellar, Publik aims to showcase the true shining star of the experience – THE WINE!

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Publik Wine Bar

As part of the Publik Wine Bar adventure, you can expect to discover and enjoy top-notch quality, wildly unique and authentic, interesting and unexpected lesser-known wines. Giving avid wine drinkers the opportunity to enjoy and indulge in an entirely different and unique wine bar experience than what they may be used to. As the wine list changes regularly, Publik promises to take you on an epic journey of wine discovery on every visit.

Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: Publik Wine Bar

One of the best things about Publik Wine Bar (among countless others) is the fact that it is by no means a wine-snob. It’s everyone-is-welcome atmosphere, and cool lively vibe invites absolutely everyone to join in on the wine-loving fun! From vino connoisseurs, the ‘I REALLY love drinking wine’ crowd, to those completely new to the wonderful wine drinking world, everyone is welcome at Publik!

  • Location: 11d Kloof Nek Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

#Enjoy a wonderful dining experience at The Lawns At The Roundhouse

Showcasing some of the most beautiful views in the Mother City, The Lawns at the Roundhouse offers diners an unrivalled culinary experience as you wine and dine under a star-drenched veranda.


Things to do at night in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Lawns at The Roundhouse

Enjoy the good life at The Lawns – your every day, all-day restaurant for any occasion – be it delicious breakfasts, decadent brunches, lingering lunches. or drinks with friends.

Casual, quality, comfort food awaits you at this top Camps Bay restaurant with something delicious for everyone to enjoy. The Lawns also boasts an exceptional, carefully selected wine list as well as an array of classic fan-favorite cocktails, perfect for any occasion or celebration.

  • Location: The Lawns At The Roundhouse |Round House Road, Off Kloof Road, The Glen, Camps Bay, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 438 4347
  • Website: