15 Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Surf’s up, salty-hair and sandy-feet is Muizenberg to a T.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Located along the vibrant False Bay coastline, approximately 27km (around 30 minutes) away from the Cape Town City Centre, Muizenberg Beach’s laid-back beach vibe, surf’s up approach to life, and vibrant energy has made it one of Cape Town’s coolest coastal towns and top places to visit on any Cape Town trip. To further add to Muizenberg’s already ultra-cool and highly sought-after status, it also boasts one of Cape Town’s top blue-flag swimming beaches, making it the perfect beachy escape for enjoying a lovely laid-back beach day with the whole family.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

That’s certainly not all this incredible beach and stunning seaside village has to offer! From tons of thrilling water-based activities, exciting adventure experiences, several scenic locations, sensational seaside dining, and SO much more, Muizenberg has it all!

Now its time to experience it ALL for yourself!

To ensure you have the best experience possible, we’ve put together a list of the 15 top things to do in Muizenberg. Now get out there and live your best cool, coastal, laidback Muizenberg life!

#1 Spend the day on Muizenberg Beach

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Its beach time! Home to one of Cape Town’s top blue-flag swimming beaches, the sought-after Muizenberg Beach is by far one of the best family-friendly beaches in Cape Town and is known to attract quite the beach-loving crowd. This makes Muizenberg Beach one of the best beach escapes to enjoy an amazing and fun-filled beach day with family and friends, all while soaking up the glorious Mother City sunshine and basking in every second of Muizenberg Beach’s cool laid-back beach vibe.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

To further add to Muizenberg Beach’s already ‘top Cape Town beach status’, it is widely beloved and wildly famous for its warm and shallow waters. Muizenberg beach is situated on the Indian Ocean side of Cape Town, hence its warm waters, whereas other popular Mother City beaches experience the cold Atlantic Ocean currents. This is just another reason why enjoying a wonderful beach day is one of the top things to do in Muizenberg.

Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, sit back, relax and admire the stunning scenic ocean and False Bay view, go sand-castle building, take a refreshing dip in the ocean, stroll along the 20km long sandy stretch, enjoy one (or all) of Muizenberg Beach’s exciting and thrilling water-based adventure experiences, or simply watch the glorious Mother City sunset – Muizenberg Beach has something for absolutely EVERYONE to enjoy!

#2 Learn to surf the cool Muizenberg waves

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

The time has come to get your surf on – so, let’s do it! Did you know that Muizenberg Beach is known as the South African surfing birthplace? This undoubtedly makes learning how to surf one of the top and most exhilarating things to do in Muizenberg for both the young and young at heart.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Muizenberg’s famous Surfer’s Corner is one of the most popular surfing beaches in Cape Town for locals and travelers alike. But, most importantly, it is the best place in Cape Town to learn how to surf – best thing is, it welcomes surfers of all ages and skill levels to join in on all the surfing fun and games.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Muizenberg Beach’s shallow, gentle, and consistent waves and clean lines makes it the ideal surfing spot for beginners to learn how to surf, and better yet, it can be surfed almost all year-round. It is also any longboarder’s paradise.

**As the sea-side town of Muizenberg embodies Cape Town’s surf’s up culture in every way, it boasts a variety of places where you can rent surf boards, wet suits, and take up surfing lessons.

#3 Check out Muizenberg’s colourful Beach Huts

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Besides its blissful beach status, Muizenberg Beach is home to the bold and beautiful colour display that is the Muizenberg beach retro wooden bathing boxes, also known as the famed Muizenberg Beach Huts.

These cool and colorful works of art is not only one of the most sought-after Cape Town attractions and top things to do in Muizenberg for locals and tourists alike, but it has claimed the title as one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots in Cape Town too. It certainly isn’t hard to understand why. These vibrant Muizenberg Beach Huts are so popular in fact that they have made their appearance on the pages and covers of countless travel magazines, postcards, travel guides, and Instagram feeds – So be sure to seize your moment in the spotlight by taking a cool snapshot or sassy Muizenberg beach hut selfie while you’re there.

**There are two rows of beach huts along the Muizenberg beach shoreline. One row is located opposite the children’s playpark at Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner and the other row is closer to the elevated walkway that runs adjacent to the Putt-Putt course. Another perk of these famed Muizenberg beach huts is that the soft white sand behind the Beach Huts offers some shelter from the wind in the height of Cape Town’s summer season.

**Extra Note: To find out more about Muizenberg’s colourful beach huts, check out our ‘Muizenberg Beach Huts’ blog.

#4 Walk the Muizenberg Catwalk

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Are you ready to strut your stuff on the famous Muizenberg Catwalk? If you’re looking to discover and explore more of what this bold, beautiful, and laidback seaside town has to offer, why not try the 3km Muizenberg Catwalk?

The Muizenberg Catwalk is a shoreline walk on a level pathway that can be enjoyed by EVERYONE! This easy flat walk takes you right along the ocean shoreline as you pass beautiful views, historical buildings, incredible birdlife, war memorials, and so much more.

That’s not all! Taking a walk along the Muizenberg Catwalk is filled with tons of fun adventures and exciting experiences – From whale and dolphin watching (the False Bay coastline is known for its amazing marine life sightings after all), swimming in numerous rock pools, bird-watching, taking a dip in the ocean, admiring and soaking up all the stunning surroundings and scenic views, and more, walking / strolling along the Muizenberg Catwalk is a not-to-be-missed experience and top thing to do in Muizenberg.

What are you waiting for? Breathe in the fresh air, stretch your legs, appreciate the Cape coastline, get sea sprayed wet at high tide and enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountain ranges; all to the background music of crashing waves – What more could you possibly ask for?

**Note: The Muizenberg Catwalk begins at Surfer’s Corner Beach and ends at Danger Beach in St James.

#5 Explore the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Situated on the False Bay coast, close to Marina Da Gama in the seaside suburb of Muizenberg, the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve is a 2000-hectare wetland, river system and estuary with an environmental education center (which may be of particular interest to avid nature lovers), as well as a mile-long (+/- 1.5km-long) walkway boasting bird hides and picnic tables. On your wanderings, look out for otters, mongeese, and the endemic Cape grysbok antelope. Along the way you will also find informational posters that will help you to identify endemic birds and animals found within the reserve.

As the last functional estuary on the False Bay Coast, the reserve functions as a fish hatchery, nursery, and habitat for many animals, especially a number of endangered bird species. The Greater Zandvlei Estuary Reserve was also declared a local nature reserve in terms of the Provincial Nature Conservation Ordinance in 2006.

Exploring the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve is definitely one of the top things to do in Muizenberg, especially among avid explorers and nature enthusiasts.

#6 Go swimming at the Muizenberg Pool

If going to the beach isn’t quite your thing, then why not cool off at the Muizenberg Swimming Pool? The Muizenberg Swimming Pool provides the perfect opportunity for families to cool down on a hot summer’s day in Cape Town. What makes this pool so great is the fact that there are kiddies pools, grown up pools, waterslides, picnic areas, changing rooms, showers, and lifeguards to keep a watchful eye.

  • Location: 1 Beach Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town
  • Cost / Entrance fee: Adults: R9 | Children: R3 | Pensioners: Free
  • Operating times: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm
  • Contact details / Booking: 021 444 6948 / 021 444 6811 / 021 444 3950 | [email protected] | [email protected] (general enquiries)
  • Click here for more information

#7 Walk / Hike the Muizenberg Circular Walk

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Get ready to hike it out – Muizenberg style! Put on those hiking shoes and grab your sunscreen, water, hat, camera, and torch for a fun and thrilling hiking adventure.

Beginning on Boyes Drive at Baileys Kloof, you will climb up a series of stone steps that will lead you into the Mimetes Valley where you can stop, take a minute, and soak up all the breathtaking views of False Bay – Its beyond worth it, we promise! From there you will continue until you reach the much-anticipated cave – this is where the real adventure begins!

At one point along your Muizenberg Circular hiking journey you will notice that you can see all the way from Hangklip to Cape Point, which is a rather spectacular sight. Switch on your torch and shed some light on the cave walls so you can admire the stunning san paintings. Make sure to shine the light on the floor in front of you too as there is lots of water, making the rocks slippery, not to mention the fact that at some point there is a 6 meter drop you absolutely NEED to avoid. It is incredibly important that you take all the necessary cautions when walking through this remarkable cave as well as ensure that your children are always supervised if you take them along on this bucket-list worthy adventure.

The descent after the cave is rather easy and pleasant, giving you the opportunity to take it all in and admire the fabulous Fynbos in Peck’s Valley smothering the mountainside along with the glorious False Bay views, as you make your way back down to Boyes Drive.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

**Note: The Muizenberg Circular Walk hike is considered relatively easy and is suitable for children aged six and over.

**Extra Note: If you’re keen for a longer walk / hike, start at Muizenberg station and follow the trail towards Baileys Kloof.

  • Where: Beginning on Boyes Drive at Baileys Kloof, Muizenberg, False Bay Coast, Cape Town
  • When: Best during daylight hours
  • Cost: Free

#8 Enjoy a variety of thrilling Watersports

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Surfing is definitely not the only way to get your adrenaline fix on Muizenberg’s beaches. Oh no, there are tons of thrilling watersport adventures and experiences waiting for you to tick off your bucket-list! In addition to surfing lessons, Muizenberg Beach is a great place to take up kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) lessons too. If you’re already an avid kite surfer, Muizenberg is the perfect spot for you to come out and hone in on your craft.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Hold on, we’re not done yet! Sunrise Beach is a popular spot for blokarting. Blokarts are essentially wind-powered land yachts that you can use to “sail” up and down the beach at breakneck speeds. If you’re an avid fisher, you’re in luck – there are several yacht clubs that hires out small sailboats for public use, allowing anglers to fish for local species such as shad, kob, and Cape stumpnose from the beach’s rocky areas.

If you’d rather be under the water than on top of it, a freediving course may be right up your alley! There are various places that offer an exciting variety of freediving courses that teach you the art of breathhold diving. whether you want to dive for the pure fun of it or if you simply want to be properly prepared for a crazy surfing wipeout – this will definitely do the trick. If you can already freedive, sign up for exhilarating dives with the area’s native Cape Fur Seals and prehistoric seven-gill sharks along with False Bay’s vast array of other marine life.

#9 Visit the Het Posthuys & the Rhodes Cottage Museum

While Muizenberg is known for its beautiful beaches, excellent marine life, endless adventure experiences, cool beach vibes and laid-back ambiance, there is far more to this seaside town than what meets the eye. Muizenberg’s Historical Mile sheds light on the past with a series of important landmarks which includes the Het Posthuys and the Rhodes Cottage Museum.

The Het Posthuys

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

The Het Posthuys, which has some interesting history behind it, is the oldest surviving building on the False Bay coastline. This building was constructed by the Dutch East India Company in the 1670’s, making it the second oldest building in the Cape. Over the past centuries, it has been a toll house, police station, brothel, stables for the navy, a private home, and even an ale and eating house.

Today, the Het Posthuys is part of the historic mile of the coastline of False Bay, providing incredible knowledge and insights into the Cape of yesteryear. The museum has a small photographic exhibit that showcases the remnants of the area, as well as provides visitors with a sneak peek into what Muizenberg looked like before it was occupied by modern society.

There is also the small stone cottage and outbuildings, in which the horses were once stabled. In addition, the museum has a two-stuiwer coin which was minted in Holland in 1680, as well as a flintlock musket. Both of these treasures were discovered when the area was being excavated by archaeologists. Such valuable finds only add to the value and charm of the museum. If you’re eager to open yourself up and learn more about Muizenberg’s history, visiting the renowned Het Posthuys is certainly one of the top things to do in Muizenberg.

  • Where: Main Road, Muizenberg, False Bay Coast, Cape Town
  • Contact details: 021 788-7972
  • Cost: Prices on request

Rhodes Cottage Museum

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Located on Main Road in Muizenberg, forming part of the Muizenberg’s Historical Mile, is Rhodes Cottage. The Rhodes Cottage was once the home of infamous imperialist Cecil John Rhodes who purchased the cottage is 1899 and passed-away there in 1902. In 1937 the cottage was taken over by the Cape Town City Council with the Rhodes Cottage Museum now being run by the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society.

The Rhodes Cottage and Museum is well worth a visit for those who are interested in Cape history and Cecil John Rhodes, as it now houses various interesting exhibits about his life and legacy. The property also boasts a beautiful mountainside garden.

  • Where: Main Road, Muizenberg, False Bay Coast, Cape Town
  • When: 10am – 4pm during the week (summer months) | There are reduced opening hours during the winter
  • Cost: Prices on request
  • Contact details: 021 788 1816

#10 Go whale watching from Boyes Drive

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

The vibrant False Bay coastline is renowned for being one of the best places in Cape Town for spectacular marine life sightings. Surrounded by the False Bay waters and the shark infested Seal Island, whales are an especially common sight within the bay.

Whether you prefer a passing drive-by or a lovely and leisurely stroll along Boyes Drive, you will find several allocated stop-offs and amazing look-out points along the mountain side where you can park and view the vast ocean below as well as enjoy some sensational whale and marine life sightings.

**Must-know Insider Info: Between the two coastal towns of Muizenberg and Kalk Bay, half way along Boyes Drive, is where you’ll find the ultimate / perfect whale watching and marine life viewing point. This is also where you will find a mountain man equipped with binoculars and various books and information about ocean / sea life. He will happily educate you on the behavior of whales as well as when the best time of year is to see these majestic ocean beings.

Should you happen to stop off later in the day, there are multiple sign boards with easy to read information on all there is to know about the whales.

  • Where: Boyes Drive, Muizenberg, False Bay Coast, Cape Town
  • When: Daylight hours

#11 Go to Casa Labia

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

If you’re looking to experience some Muizenberg culture and artistic flair, we’ve got just the place for you – Casa Labia! Believe it or not, grand artistic talent is not only nurtured, but alive and thriving in Muizenberg, with several excellent entertainment venues to explore and experience.

Once the residency of Count and Countess Natale Labia, Casa Labia was built by an Italian Count in flamboyant 18th-century Venetian style. Today, the famed Casa Labia is a cultural center which boasts a seasonal program of art classes, concerts, lectures, and poetry readings. It also hosts various monthly series such as the Summer Sunday Jazz Concerts and the Classical Morning Concerts (held on Thursdays), along with elegant live music events, and fine dining experiences at its restaurant. You can also book a high tea package if you happen to be part of a group of 6 people or more.

**Alternatively, Muizenberg’s Masque Theatre is the venue of choice for community and professional plays. Its event calendar also includes everything from dance showcases to film screenings.

#12 Enjoy a walking tour of Muizenberg

Brush up on your Muizenberg knowledge and see the seaside village from the eyes of a local with the Muizenberg Like a Local Walking Tour. The tour will take you to all the iconic sights, curious little shops, and lovely eateries in the area; and best of all, you can take the tour anytime. All you need to do is download the VoiceMap App and access the tour using the app – that’s it!

#13 Visit the Blue Bird Garage Market

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Locally known as the ‘Friday market’, as it kicks off each weekend and is only open on Friday evenings from 4pm till 10pm, the Blue Bird Garage Market is without a doubt one of the cornerstones of the Muizenberg community. Situated in an old postal plane hanger, the unique venue gives the Blue Bird Garage Market an urban edge, while the laidback vibe and vibrant energy makes it perfect for a fun-filled family market experience.

Every Friday evening the market comes alive as a vast variety of vendors, artisans, artists, bakers, and brewers come together to celebrate Cape Town’s cool market scene with fellow market lovers at the Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market.

This cool and quirky coastal market boasts everything from beautiful locally made goods, fresh produce and delicious food from various cultures that is cooked right in front of you, freshly baked homemade goods, great craft beer and local wine (which is sold at the bar) as well as an exceptional range of books, clothes, jewellery, ceramics and more. You’ll get a real local experience at this market and a chance to take home some truly one of a kind gifts and goods.

The Blue Bird Garage Food & Goods Market also has fantastic live music as well as an awesome play area and jungle gym to keep the kiddies entertained – Making it another one of the top family-friendly markets in Cape Town.

  • Location: Blue Bird Garage, 39 Albertyn Road, Muizenberg
  • Operating hours: Thursdays and Fridays, 4pm-9pm
  • Contact details: [email protected] | 084 405 3544 (Laura) | 082 920 4285 (Marcus)

#14 Hike up Muizenberg Peak

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

Muizenberg Peak involves a relatively steep climb alongside a stream, There is also a thrilling little scramble right before the summit, to really get your adrenalin pumping and boost your sense of achievement.

Top Things To Do In Muizenberg

When hiking up Muizenberg Peak, park at the sign to Pecks Valley on Boyes Drive. Go through the stone archway at the Peaks Valley sign, and up the stone steps. At the top, turn right onto the contour path. From there, there is a gentle gradient until you get near the stream, you will come to a junction, and see Muizenberg Peak signposted to the right. The views from the top are down-right spectacular as you look out over Muizenberg, all the way to Gordon’s Bay on a clear perfect day.

#15 Discover the ‘lekka’ local Muizenberg culinary scene

Muizenberg’s culinary scene and eateries are just as cool, casual, and diverse as the captivating, chill-vibes, and good times town itself with a vibrant mix of cafés, hangouts, ocean-side eateries, and restaurants to choose from. Kickstart your day at the fabulous Hang Ten Café, a legendary hangout for surfers that has mastered the art of serving down-right delicious signature crépes. Picture yourself in this groovy spot, where Jack Johnson’s tunes fill the air, the menu boasts mouthwatering vegan options, not to mention the breathtaking ocean views too – what more could you ask for?

If handcrafted pizzas, burgers, and Tex Mex alongside a ‘lekka’ locally brewed own-label lager is more your style, the iconic, hip, and hard-to-miss Tiger’s Milk located at the famous Muisenberg Surfer’s Corner is definitely right up your alley.

Of course, being so close to the coast, Muizenberg is known and celebrated for their vast and oh-so sensational seafood offerings. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds at Carla’s, an incredible Mozambique-style restaurant that takes pride in serving enormous peri-peri prawns that will absolutely leave you craving more. Alternatively, for an elegant dining experience with a beachfront view, Live Bait is the place to be. Step inside this beach house-chic restaurant, where stylish decor blends seamlessly with a menu that showcases freshly prepared sushi and line-caught fish – promising a feast for both the eyes and the palate – how can you possibly say no to that?

So, whether you’re a surfer seeking a delightful breakfast, a food enthusiast yearning for a scrumptious pizza or simply craving a ‘lekka’ local craft beer, or a seafood lover looking to indulge in the catch of the day, Muizenberg’s eateries are ready to welcome you with open arms and an absolute explosion of flavors. Get ready for an unforgettable culinary journey that will leave you smiling from ear to ear!