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Top 5 Wine Bars in Cape Town

There’s a thrilling and thriving wine bar scene that’s been sweeping the streets of the Mother City one trendy wine bar at a time. And we’re so here for it! It’s certainly no secret that South Africa is home to some of the most incredible wines and vineyards in the world. With the Western Cape loudly and proudly leading the wine charge as one of the largest, and certainly the most unique wine producing regions in Africa. Boasting an amazing variety of award-winning Wine Estates, incredible wine routes, exceptional wine and indulgent food and wine pairing experiences.

However, the Mother City has officially decided to take her die-hard wine love affair to the next level with a super cool variety of Cape Town wine bars popping up all over the city. Therefore, besides a visit to the beautiful Cape Winelands for a traditional Cape Town wine tasting experience, the Mother City’s amazing selection of sought-after wine bars is giving local and global wine lovers the opportunity to experience Cape Town’s authentic local wine culture in a whole new and exciting way. Here are our top 5 wine bars in Cape Town that all deserve a prime spot on your Cape Town wine bucket-list.


Top 5 Wine Bars in Cape Town - Openwine
Photo Credit: Openwineza

Openwine is not only one of the top 5 best wine bars in Cape Town, but definitely one of our personal favorites too. And we’re pretty sure most wine-loving locals and head-over-heels global wine enthusiasts would whole-heartedly agree with us. With a passionate wine mission to introduce Capetonians and global wine lovers to a new way of experiencing the local South African world of wine. It’s no surprise that Openwine has established itself as one of the trendiest and most sought-after wine bars in Cape Town’s vibrant inner-city. Located right on the corner of Bree Street and Wale Street, right in the heart of the Mother City, Openwine is described as a ‘Taste Pair Shop’. Not to mention the fact that Openwine is also the very first Enoteca in Cape Town. Which is a pretty impressive achievement in itself!

Besides being one of the coolest Cape Town wine bars and trendiest inner-city one-stop wine spots. Openwine prides themselves on offering local and global wine lovers from all walks of life with the very best selection of unique and exciting range of wines to try, taste and enjoy. Essentially, Openwine is divided into three main sections, the bar, lounge and cellar. Thereby offering every avid wine enthusiast or laid-back wine drinker with the perfect setting in which to enjoy their chosen bottle or glass of wine.

In addition to a truly exciting and exceptional selection of wine, ranging from unique boutique wines, local gems and bigger industry-leading wines. Openwine is also known for their great food selection, warm and welcoming atmosphere, cool laid-back wine bar vibe and vibrant energy. Not to mention their amazing taste in music! So, whether you’re looking to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience in the heart of the inner-city, sit back, relax and savour every sip of an exceptional glass of Cape Vino at one of Cape Town’s trendiest wine bars. Or merely looking to purchase a sensational bottle of local wine. Openwine is the perfect city-centre wine hotspot and top Cape Town wine bar to do it all.

  • Location: 72 Wale Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Tuesday – Wednesday, 12pm – 11pm | Thursday – Sunday, 2pm – 11pm
  • Contact Details: 079 944 2754 | 021 422 0800 | [email protected]


Top 5 Wine Bars in Cape Town - Publik Wine Bar
Photo Credit: Publik Wine Bar

The sought-after PubliK Wine Bar is another trendy inner-city wine hotspot that has fast become one of the top wine bars in Cape Town. And the fact that it’s located along one of the trendiest streets in the Mother City, along Kloof Nek Road, certainly gives Publik Wine Bar some extra city-centre cool cred. But, besides it’s cool Cape Town wine bar status, the star of the show is most certainly the wine of course! Boasting an incredible and extensive variety of wine, ranging from local and organic to sophisticated and top tier. There is truly is something for every head-over-heels wine lover to sip, savour and enjoy. And even if you’re not much of a wine enthusiast, you might just be after a visit to this highly sought-after Cape Town wine bar.

Besides their superb selection of wine, by far the coolest thing about Publik Wine Bar is their love and passion for celebrating local South African wines every way they can. They therefore pride themselves on giving both local and global wine lovers the opportunity to explore and experience the thrilling and thriving local South African wine scene like they never have before. As well as discover a few knock-your-socks-off local wines they never knew existed. And let’s be honest, for a head-over-heels wine lover, there truly is nothing more exciting than that! Thereby making it a truly unique and unforgettable Cape Town wine tasting and wine bar experience.

As Publik Wine Bar is all about keeping things fresh, fun and thrilling as people taste and immerse themselves in Cape Town’s and South Africa’s authentic local wine culture. Wine enthusiasts from around the world can always expect to try, taste and experience something new, unique and exciting on the local wine scene when visiting this trendy inner-city wine bar. As they’re all about discovering new and authentic local wines and then giving the rest of Cape Town and the world the opportunity to taste and enjoy them too. Thereby making a visit to Publik Wine Bar nothing if not a great Cape Town wine adventure!

If you’re feeling a little hungry however, Publik Wine Bar also offers a great selection of local and imported cured meats and cheeses to pair with your wine. As well as some gourmet small plates that will certainly fill the hunger gap.

  • Location: 11D Kloof Nek Road, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday – Friday, 4pm – 11pm | Saturday, 3pm – 8pm
  • Contact Details: [email protected]


Top 5 Wine Bars in Cape Town - Frogitt and Vonkel
Photo Credit: Frogitt & Vonkel Wine Bar

The laid-back and cool Frogitt and Vonkel is definitely another local Cape Town wine bar favorite. While the popular Frogitt and Vonkel might be the new kid on the Mother City wine bar block, only opening their doors in 2018. That certainly hasn’t stopped them from making their presence known and establishing themselves as a major Cape Town wine bar contender. Set in a 200-year-old heritage building that drips with character. This Bree Street wine bar is an absolute must-visit for anyone who’s serious about good-quality, limited-edition, small-batch wines. 

When it comes to Frogitt and Vonkel’s wine, there is so much to be enjoyed and celebrated! Featuring over 30 local and international wines. This top Cape Town wine bar boasts a truly sensational selection of exceptional wines that can be enjoyed by either the bottle or glass. Therefore, besides the fact that they have something for every wine lover to enjoy with their extensive and exciting selection of wines. Frogitt and Vonkel is the perfect inner-city wine bar to enjoy a wild wine night out. Or simply sit back, relax and enjoy a superb glass or two of Cape vino. The choice is yours!

In addition to their amazing selection of wines, Frogitt & Vonkel boasts a cool laid-back wine bar vibe, and a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel right at home from the moment you arrive. They also offer guests the best combination of old-school local charm, paired with a trendy ambiance and energy. The classic surroundings of their old building is therefore perfectly complimented by the fun atmosphere of pool, darts, board games and live music they have playing in the background.

If you’re feeling a little peckish, order a cheese and charcuterie board to accompany your wine. However, If you’re feeling more than peckish and in need of something a little more sustainable, pop across the corridor to Grub & Vine. A fabulous bistro that serves honest, made-to-perfection dishes.

Besides an incredible wine tasting experience in an authentic setting, visitors to Grub and Vine can expect to enjoy a fun-filled night out in the heart of the lively Mother City. All paired with really good wine of course! What more do you really need?

  • Location: 103 Bree Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 12am
  • Contact Details: 087 898 2206 | [email protected]


Frogitt and Vonkel - Grub and Wine
Photo Credit: Grub & Vine

Establishing itself as one of the trendiest wine bars and bistros in Cape Town’s lively inner-city, it’s no surprise that Grub and Vine has fast become one the most sought-after Mother City hotspots for enjoying some exceptional wine and sensational bistro-style food. But first, the wine! Boasting a truly impressive selection of wines that’s bound to get every wine lover excited. Grub and Vine is widely known for their incredible, yet relatable, wine lists that ranges from amazing small-cellar finds, a variety of big names and a procession of beautiful French choices. Truly making a point of it to have something for every head-over-heels local and global wine lover to enjoy.

But don’t worry, you by no means need to be a wine aficionado of any kind when visiting this sought-after Mother City wine bar and bistro. Even if you don’t know a single thing about wine, Grub and Vine’s warm, welcoming and incredibly vibrant staff will be there to guide you every step of the way throughout your exciting wine journey. Grub and Vine therefore invites wine lovers from all walks of life to come together and celebrate Cape Town’s local wine culture in the coolest way.

In addition to being one of the top wine bars and bistros in Cape Town. Grub and Vine gives you the opportunity to experience the Mother City’s fine dining scene in a whole new and exciting way. Therefore if you’re looking for the perfect culinary feast or meal to pair with your bottle or glass of wine, Grub and Vine has you covered too. With Michelin-trained chef Matt Manning adding his culinary magic to the mix, diners can expect an incredible selection of world-class cuisine that will have you savouring every bite.

Perfectly complimented by a stunning setting, Grub and Vine promises an unrivalled Cape Town wine bar experience filled with spectacular wine, world-class cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere. Thereby making for a great afternoon or evening spent in the heart of the vibrant Mother City.

  • Location: 103 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
  • Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 12pm – 2pm ; 6pm – 10pm | Saturday 6pm – 10pm | Sunday – Closed
  • Contact Details: [email protected] | 087 898 2207


Frogitt and Vonkel - Proof Wine Bar
Photo Credit: Proof Wine Bar

Proof Wine Bar has brought something truly unique to the Cape Town wine scene by being South Africa’s first crowd-funded wine bar. How incredible is that? Co-owners Dan Crowe and Wayne Mongie had a dream of bringing the diversity of the local wine estates into the heart of Somerset West. By injecting life (and wine of course) into the after-hours of the stunning quaint Winelands town. Thanks to the backing of the community and some major financial investors, it all came together, and the ultimate dream was achieved of opening Proof Wine Bar.

Today Proof has not only established itself as an intimate highly sought-after wine and craft beer bar; but a beloved local hangout spot for wine and craft beer lovers from around the world. Offering unique varieties of exceptional wine, refreshing local craft beers, cocktails and tasty tapas. Not to mention a cool, laid-back everyone-is-welcome local wine bar vibe that will make you feel right at home from the very moment you arrive. Thereby making a visit to Proof Wine Bar an absolute must when visiting the beautiful town of Somerset West.

  • Location: Proof Wine Bar, 7 Drama Street, Somerset West
  • Opening Times: Open Monday – Saturday, 3pm – 11pm
  • Contact Details: [email protected] | 066 227 3262