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Calling all local and global wine lovers! It’s time to experience Cape Town’s unique and exciting local wine culture like you never have before. By visiting one of its trendy wine bars of course! Besides the fact that the Western Cape is home to the largest wine producing region in Africa. Boasting a variety of world-renowned wine estates, top-tier wineries, exceptional wine and superb food and wine pairing experiences. There’s a thrilling and thriving wine bar scene that’s sweeping the streets of the Mother City one cool wine bar at a time. And we’re so here for it! And by far the most sought-after and trendiest wine bar of them all is Openwine! The Openwine Wine Tasting Room and Kitchen in Cape Town is not only one of the city’s top local wine bars. But it has undoubtedly established itself as a real fan-favourite amongst local wine lovers and global wine enthusiasts. And with really good reason too!

We’re about to tell you exactly why a visit to the Openwine Wine Tasting Room and Kitchen in Cape Town should be at the very top of your wine bucket-list. And why you can’t wait another second but to experience it all for yourself. Especially if you consider yourself to be a head-over-heels wine lover at heart!


Photo credit: Openwineza

Owners of Openwine, Raphael Paterniti and Marta Gobbo, moved from Italy in August 2015 in search of the perfect spot for this concept. When Isola closed, the duo jumped at the chance to transform the space into a welcoming locale amidst the busy city bowl streets. And that’s exactly what they did! Since officially opening their doors in July 2016, Openwine has welcomed wine lovers from all corners of the globe with open arms and an exceptional bottle of local South African wine. Ready to be served, savoured and enjoyed in a lovely laid-back setting.

With a passionate wine mission to introduce wine-loving Capetonians and global wine enthusiasts to a new way of experiencing the local South African world of wine. It’s no surprise that Openwine fast established itself as one of the trendiest and most sought-after wine bars in Cape Town’s vibrant inner-city.

Tucked away on Wale Street, right in the heart of the Mother City. Openwine is described as a ‘Taste Pair Shop’, based on an Italian concept store with unwavering mission to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience, taste and learn more about South Africa’s authentic local wine culture. Thereby creating the perfect wine escape in the inner-city of Cape Town.

Besides being one of the trendiest wine bars in the Mother City, the Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen is also Cape Town’s very first Enoteca. Offering wine lovers a wide variety of proudly South African wines. An Enoteca is essentially an Italian word derived from the Greek word Οινοθήκη, which literally means ‘wine repository’. It can also be described as a wine bar that gives visitors the opportunity to sample locally produced wine with a view of buying it. Openwine therefore stocks an extensive and exceptional selection of local South African wines available for purchase. As well as invites wine lovers from all around the world to taste an array of fine local wines in an authentic wine bar setting.


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Wine oh glorious wine! Dedicated to all things vino, Openwine is without a doubt the ultimate wine lover’s paradise located right in the heart of the vibrant inner-city. Offering patrons and wine enthusiasts a unique local wine experience that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in the Mother City. A visit to Openwine undoubtedly deserves to be on every head-over-heels wine lover’s Cape Town wine bucket-list.

When it comes to wine, the Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen in Cape Town prides themselves on offering local and global wine enthusiasts the very best collection of authentic local South African wines to try, taste and enjoy. Boasting a sensational selection of over 200 wines ranging from boutique South African wines, lesser-known wine gems and bigger industry-leading local wine brands. Openwine truly has something for everyone! And the best thing is, all their wines can be enjoyed by the bottle or glass and are bound to steal your wine loving heart (and pallet) from the very first sip.

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This all new Cape Town wine-concept space is therefore all about giving people the opportunity to indulge in a wide selection of proudly South African wines (many of which you may never have heard about before) served with an Italian-cum-French flair. And you’ll be sure to experience the local wine love and passion from the very moment you arrive. As soon as you step foot on the white ’flying carpet’ painted on the floor outside Openwine’s entrance. You will be whisked away on an enriching wine tasting journey of some of the finest vintages known to the Cape. And what an incredible wine-filled journey it will be indeed!

Independently showcasing a wide variety of proudly South African wines (ranging from Tamboerskloof, Kanonkop, Anthonij Rupert and Tokara, to name just a few) all under one roof. Raphael and Marta (owners of Openwine) take great pride in selecting only the best local wines, drawing from their personal experiences and love for each vintage. Their wine selection process is therefore considered somewhat intricate and unique, further adding an extra personal touch to this sought-after Cape Town wine tasting experience. Besides merely tasting the wines they wish to include in the Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen experience. They take it a step further by visiting each winery, as well as personally meeting with each wine maker. Thereby truly immersing themselves in the experience and discovering the story behind each wine.

“We really like to meet the winemaker of each wine so that we have a story to tell about the wines rather than just serving it – it’s important to build a relationship” – Marta Gobbo



Openwine is divided into three main sections, The Kitchen/The Bar, The Lounge and The Cellar. Thereby providing every avid wine enthusiast or laid-back wine drinker with the perfect setting in which to enjoy their chosen bottle or glass of wine.

The Bar

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Let’s kick things off with the Openwine bar area! The bar area is the perfect setting for those looking to enjoy an amazing wine tasting paired with a few delicious nibbles and delectable bite-size treats. All prepared by Openwine’s expert kitchen team. They also have a wood-fired pizza oven for all the pizza lovers out there! The Openwine bar area is an informal laid-back space that encourages you to sniff, swirl and sip your wine to your heart’s desire in a beautiful and relaxed setting. The bar area is also great for those looking to enjoy an after-work glass of Cape vino or pop in for a quick glass of wine while exploring the streets of the inner-city. Not to mention it’s also the perfect spot for those wanting to do a speedy tasting at one of Cape Town’s coolest wine bars.

The Lounge

It’s time for the ultimate Cape Town wine bar lounge experience! The Openwine Lounge area is the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy a more leisurely plate of food paired with a few glasses and/or bottle of wine. The comfortable, yet stylish setting gives wine lovers the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. And enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening of exceptional wine and freshly prepared and conscientiously paired food in your own piece of wine paradise.

The Cellar

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Often referred to as the heart of Openwine, the Cellar is without a doubt the pride and joy of the Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen. And it certainly has established quite an exceptional reputation for itself. With local and global wine lovers lining up at the door eager to experience this authentic space and tasting experience for themselves. Boasting a floor-to-wall wine shelf filled with an exceptional and exciting selection of local South African reds, whites and bubblys. As well as the infamous Openwine drinkable black chalkboard-wall mounted with various wine bottles for an extra unique and personalised touch. The Openwine Cellar Area invites wine lovers from all around the world to enjoy a sensational tasting hosted by local wine makers or simply sample the spectacular selection of local wines (both from the drinkable Openwine black chalkboard or the fully stocked wine shelf).

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In addition to a unique wine tasting experience, the Openwine Cellar Area gives you the opportunity to purchase any and all bottles of local South African wine that stole your heart and your pallet. As well as invites you to linger a little longer as you enjoy a glass or bottle of exceptional wine over a superb meal. The authentic setting, locally made wooden tables and chairs and intimate and relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect wine oasis that encourages you to explore, experience and discover the true essence of each wine. Making it quite a memorable and magical wine adventure! It’s therefore safe to say that a visit to the Openwine Cellar is an absolute must for any and all wine lovers travelling to Cape Town.

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Although Openwine cannot be described as a restaurant in the traditional sense, it certainly serves up some sensational wine-inspired food items. As the authentic selection of local South African wines are indeed the stars of the Openwine show. The idea is for visitors to start with the wine and then for the journey to evolve from there. The Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen therefore doesn’t offer a normal three course menu. But rather a unique and exciting chalkboard menu that changes weekly and is specially crafted and created for wine lovers. As well as with the vision in mind to be the perfect complimentary pairing to their range of wines on offer for tasting.

The weekly-changing chalkboard menu boasts four pairing options where each dish is perfectly paired with a suggested wine. The four pairing options includes one for the bubbly-lovers, the white wine fanatics, the light red wine drinkers and of course, the full-bodied red wine devotees. Thereby ensuring there is something for every wine lover to savour and enjoy!

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In addition to a truly exciting and exceptional selection of local South African wines, Openwine also serves a tasting of local craft beers, gin and olive oil. Thereby making sure that even the non-wine lovers feel right at home.  Paired with their delicious food selection, warm and welcoming atmosphere, cool laid-back wine bar vibe, vibrant energy and authentic setting. Not to mention their amazing taste in music! It’s no surprise that the Openwine Wine Tasting Room & Kitchen in Cape Town has become one of the most sought-after wine bars in the Mother City.

It truly is a one-stop shop, and it’s hard to believe that a concept like this didn’t really exist before in the City Bowl until Openwine forged the path. So, whether you’re looking to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience in the heart of the inner-city, sit back, relax and savour every sip of an exceptional glass or bottle of Cape Vino at one of Cape Town’s trendiest wine bars. Or merely looking to purchase an incredible bottle of local South African wine. Openwine is the perfect city-centre wine hotspot and top Cape Town wine bar to do it all!

  • Location: 72 Wale Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday – Friday, 12pm – 10pm
  • Contact Details: 021 422 0800 | [email protected]