Secret Cape Town

Signal Hill Sun Star

Secret Cape Town-Signal Hill Sun Star

Photo taken at: Cape Town, Western Cape

Photo Caption: This art installation used to light up the #capetown skyline at night. It has been removed now but do you know where it used to be, and better yet what it was called? ? @eye_shott – #amazingcapetown #ilovecpt #secretcapetown #guesswhere #guesswherecapetown #capetown #capetownnights #nightphotography #igerscapetown

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This magnificent artwork used to be at the top of Signal Hill,  called the SunStar Beacon of Hope.  It is a 24-meter high art installation, conceptualized and designed by Cape Town artist and founder of the Robben Island Art Company & Trust (RIACT), Christopher Swift.  The SunStar is a symbol of both the Country’s rusty past and bright future. It was also a showcase project for the Cape Town: World Design Capital 2014 celebrations, aimed to inspire the city and community.

The SunStar was created with aluminum poles, recycled ship containers, 4,000 solar-powered LED lights and original prison fencing from Robben Island. The structure was shaped in the form of an eight-point star with a sphere suspended inside, utilizing some parts of the original fence which once kept prisoners locked in on Robben Island. The sphere in the center of the sculpture has a radius of 6.4m.

The light from the SunStar was visible from across Cape Town. Signal Hill was chosen as the debut site for the eight-pointed star because of its impressive views over the city. Today, the SunStar can be found at its permanent home at the iconic Sun City, proudly serving as a reminder of South Africa’s greatest liberation story and a shining symbol of hope for the country’s future.