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Love Locks in Signal Hill

Secret Cape Town

Photo taken at: Cape Town, Western Cape

Photo Caption: Love is in the air in #capetown. This #lovelock chain is just starting out but there are amazing collections of love locks all around the world. A few locations include France, Germany and Los Angeles. Do you think this one in #capetown will take off?

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It is believed that if a lock with the names or initials of two people in love is locked to a bridge, fence, or gate – their love will be locked in forever. Although there is no definite origin of the love locks legend, most sources seem to point to Asia. They have become a worldwide symbol of love and commitment. The practice of locking a padlock on a bridge, fence, gate or similar public fixture and throwing the key into a nearby river or ocean, forever seals the couple’s love for each other. This romantic idea has led to love lock locations popping up at popular tourist spots across the globe.

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love locks paris

One of the most renowned locations for love locks, is the Love Bridge in Paris. It is said that love locks first appeared on the Pont des Arts Bridge in 2008. This romantic tradition is believed to have been initiated by Asian newly-wed couples who traveled to Europe for their honeymoon.

Not long thereafter, love locks spread like wildfire across Paris, as many couples wished for their bond to stay forever unbroken. However, the love locks triggered major safety issues which led the City of Paris to clear the bridge of all the locks. But the removal did not stop the love lock tradition in the City of Love, as they quickly began to appear again.

love locks cologne germany

In Germany love locks of different colors, shapes and sizes started appearing on Hohenzollern Bridge over the Rhine River, in Cologne in 2009. These love locks have since been considered one of Cologne’s most charming traditions – couples lock their love locks to the railings of the bridge and throw the key into the Rhine River.

The Sunnynook Pedestrian Bridge over the Los Angeles River also has an increasing number of love locks. The first love locks appeared around 2013 or 2014. Today hundreds of locks of all shapes and sizes dangle from the chain link walls on both sides of the narrow bridge.

In Cape Town, a slowly growing collection of love locks is located on Signal Hill. It may not yet be as famous as the other renowned love lock locations, but the lovers in Cape Town can now partake in this famous love locking tradition.