Secret Cape Town - Seals In Cape Town

Lazy Seals Next To Quay 4 – V&A Waterfront

Secret Cape Town

Photo taken at: Cape Town, Western Cape

Photo Caption: Lazy days by the water! #guesswhere in #capetown.
#secretcapetown #guesswherecapetown #seal #seallife

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Cape fur seals belong to the eared seal family and are a subspecies of the Afro-Australian fur seal. These seals are the largest of all the fur seal varieties. They have relatively large heads with a pointed snout and small external ear flaps. The Cape fur seal adult males are dark gray to brown, with a darker mane, coarse hairs, and a light belly. They measures an average of 2.3 meters in length and weigh between 200 and 300 kilograms. Adult females, on the other hand, are light brown to gray with a light throat and darker back and belly. They measure an average of around 1.8 m long and weigh about 80 to 120 kilograms.

Cape fur seals are often referred to as the ‘dogs of the ocean’. They are possibly the most curious and playful mammals you will ever have the joy of interacting with. While it is unusual to get a close-up view of these seals because they prefer offshore islands as their breeding grounds, a colony of Cape fur seals are however a familiar sighting at the V&A Waterfront. These seals are often spotted chilling in the harbour. They have become an integral part of harbour life, entertaining Capetonians and visitors with their playful nature.

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