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Local Designer Face Masks – South Africa & Cape Town Brands

As announced by the South African government, it is mandatory for us all have to wear face masks when out in public. This means that wearing a mask is now a part of our everyday lives. So we thought we would put together some of our favourite face masks made by local South African and Capetownian brands. This is a great way to support local businesses during this time. There is a number of local designer face masks South Africa small businesses.

The National Department of Health requested that the public not use surgical/medical masks as these must be reserved for healthcare workers and other first responders.

Face Masks Cape Town - Face Masks South Africa
Illustration by @beloved___designs

Here is our list of local South African businesses currently making face masks:


Face Mask Cape Town  - Designer Face Masks South Africa

Since 2013, Ballo has been handcrafting unisex sunglasses from recycled and upcycled materials. In 2016, they expanded to making a range of other goods and products from sustainable fabrics and resources. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they began making handmade fabric face masks in Cape Town. They also donate one face mask to someone in need for every one they sell.

Kentse Masilo

Face Mask Cape Town  - Designer Face Masks South Africa

Kentse is an incredibly talented South African fashion designer who won the 2018 South African Project Runway and is now also making South African face masks during lockdown. You can place your face mask order via email: [email protected]

Wren Design

Fabric Face Mask Cape Town - Designer Face Masks South Africa

Wren Design manufactures bags and device covers using recycled cement packaging paper. They fuse it into a fabric so that it is durable, coat it with an environmentally friendly coating making it water-resistant resulting in a bag which is like none other in the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wren Design developed a unique paper mask. A percentage of the proceeds of all mask sales goes to UNICEF’s Little Hands Campaign to build hand-washing stations in underprivileged areas of South Africa.

Company & Good

Designer Face Masks South Africa - face masks for sale Cape Town

Company & Good is a leather goods company which has now begun making and selling face masks during lockdown. Their masks are available in many different colours and designs, they also have a three-layered cotton finish with a 80 GSM filter in-between for extra protection.


Fabric Face Mask Cape Town  - Designer Face Masks South Africa
Photo by @audreychabalala

ROWDY is a Cape Town-based leather bag company established in 2012. Their range of genuine leather bags is made from premium-grade free-range leather. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the ROWDY Factory in Woodstock, Cape Town has temporarily been re-purposed to make and supply reusable face masks. This will keep some of the ROWDY staff members busy and fill a big gap in supply. The masks are reusable, made from a non-woven polymer fabric and have pleats to reduce permeability.

Cyla Gonsolves

Cloth Designer Face Masks Cape Town - Cloth Designer Face Masks South Africa

Cyla Gonsolves is a proudly South African luxury womenswear brand, whose mission is to add value to their customer’s lives by making sure they produce high-quality garments and accessories which make them feel good. Cyla Gonsolves is now making breathable washable cotton and spandex fabric face masks.

Sealand Gear

Designer Face Masks South Africa - cool face masks Cape Town

Sealand Gear is a local Cape Town-based brand that is taking sustainable gear to new heights with their range of handmade, upcycled, eco outdoor bags, accessories, clothing and apparel. They have designed an upcycled face mask, the combination of the materials is breathable, resistant to water droplets and soft against your skin. For every 5 masks made, Sealand donates 1 mask to the Courage Initiative.

Suck It Straws

Funky Designer Face Masks South Africa - funky face masks cape town

Suck It Straws is a company which sells and manufactures glass straws and bamboo cups with the aim of making the products reasonably affordable in order for there to be a great move away from plastic cups and straws. During lockdown their employee Sarah Usenga who makes their straw pouches began making reusable face masks which Suck It Straws is selling on her behalf.

All the money from the sales goes to Sarah. The masks are washing machine friendly.

Robyn Roberts Bridal

face masks for sale cape town - Designer Face Masks South Africa

Robyn Roberts is a wedding gown studio that offers unique experiences to brides looking for the perfect wedding gown. They now have a cloth face mask collection which was launched with the aim of supporting their staff members. Their masks consist of 4 layers: 2 outer layers of thick weave cotton and 2 inner layers of 100% fine cotton. They feature a 2-in-1 design, as they are reversible.

Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Anna-Louise is designed and locally made sleepwear, the company was born out of love for sleepwear and aims to help women no longer have to choose between comfort and style. Anna-Louise is now also making triple layer spandex and polyester, curved and tapered face mask.


Black Designer Face Masks South Africa - Black Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Ciovita was founded and is run, by individuals with a wealth of experience in the sportswear, and fashion industries. They design and manufacture high-quality cycling apparel for both the mountain and the road. Their 4-layered face masks are designed specifically for exercise allowing for easier airflow and breathing. The mask also includes an additional nose wire to improve the fit of the mask and accommodate a wider range of face shapes and sizes.

Zana Products

Fabric Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Zana has been designing and producing fun, bold and colourful textile goods since 2012. They have been given permission to produce and distribute fabric face masks in Cape Town through the lockdown period. Zana will match every sale of fabric mask with a free fabric mask given to those South Africans who are less fortunate. If you buy a pack of 10 then 10 will be given away for free to those at risk, charity organisations, the elderly and the homeless.

Sexy Socks SA

Funky Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Sexy Socks started in 2014 with a mission to provide every child in South Africa with a pair of socks to wear to school. For every pair of Sexy Socks bought, they give a pair of school socks to a child in one of South Africa’s township schools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sexy Socks has started making fabric face masks. Their face masks are made in Cape Town by a local women’s empowerment project using fabric off-cuts otherwise destined for landfill. A portion of proceeds goes towards providing face masks to those most vulnerable and less fortunate.

Koko Active

Sport Designer Face Masks South Africa - Fabric Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Koko Active is a luxury activewear brand locally made in South Africa. Each piece has been designed and made by women, for women. Koko Active is making and selling Active Masks which allow you to breathe easier than an ordinary mask while exercising. The 2-in-1 mask can be used as a mask as well as a buff.

Hallo Jane

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Hallo Jane is a South African laser-cut décor and jewellery company based in Pringle Bay. All their products and designs are South African inspired. Hallo Jane is selling face shields made out of high quality, recycled and fully recyclable plastic. They are also selling face masks made from 2/3 layers of cotton. There are two styles available: single strap around the head or ear loops.

Blu Betty

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Blu Betty is a proudly South African authentic leather company based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. They are proud to be one of the leading shoe brands in the country. They have been issued an Essential Service Provider Certificate and are within the confines of the law to send their fabric face masks to your home via contactless delivery. The Blu Betty masks are made from a double layer of fabric and they have beautiful prints to choose from.

Rosehip Design

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Rosehip Design is a South African company, with an international flair. They design and manufacture a range of botanical-themed fashion and accessories range. The inspiration behind the brand comes from a love of gardening and spending lots of time in the garden. Their face masks are made in South Africa of a thick 300gsm cotton which is unlined, breathable and washable.


Colourful Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town

Blanki is a South African brand that finds delight in creating fun, comfy and good-looking but still practical goodies for kids. They are currently making and selling kids face masks that add a little bit more fun for kids needing to wear a mask.

Granadilla Swim

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town - Granadilla Masks

Granadilla Swim is a Cape Town-based swimwear brand which initially focused on premium swim shorts made locally in South Africa, they have since expanded to bikinis, kiddies shorts and other quintessential beach products. Their most recent addition: face masks. Their masks are created using double-lined ultra-soft microfiber and a robust elastic to strap the mask behind your ears.

House of Hohwa

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town - House of Hohwa

House of Hohwa is a fashion line based in Newton, Johannesburg which realised that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives going forward and that face masks are now the new normal. The HoH motto: “Your mask, your fashion statement, your safety”. HoH Masks come with striking designs and are made with first-class quality textiles. 

Jessica Anne Collection

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town - Jessica Anne Collection

Jessica Anne Collection is a sustainable and ethically made clothing brand. Their masks are made from 100% cotton fabric and two additional layers of lining. Each mask is reusable and sustainably made by hand in South Africa.

The Joinery

Designer Face Masks South Africa - Designer Face Masks Cape Town - The Joinery

Is a proudly South African, sustainable product design house whose vision is to make a difference to people and the planet through finding a solution to environmental and community issues through design. All of their luxury products made from recycled plastic bottles. To place your orders and/or find out more about bulk offerings pop them an email: [email protected] 

Please note:
A face mask will not prevent you from contracting the Coronavirus. The main benefit of wearing a face mask is to reduce the spread of droplets as it will stop you from coughing and sneezing onto others. Cloth/fabric face masks need to be worn and cleaned properly, incorrect use may result in individuals putting themselves at greater risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Here are some guidelines for how to correctly use a face mask as outlined by The National Department of Health:
1. Only use a mask that has been washed and ironed.
2. Wash your hands before putting the mask on.
3. Place the mask with the correct side facing your face, and ensure that it covers both your nose and mouth properly.
4. Tie the strings behind your head, or if you are using elastic bands, make sure these are tight.
5. Make sure it fits well. Move it around to get the best fit. Never touch the cloth part.
6. Once you have put on the mask, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE again until you take it of.
7. When you take it off, undo the ties, and carefully fold the mask inside out, hold it by the strings/elastic and place the mask in a container reserved for washing the cloth mask.
8. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry before doing anything else.
9. Wash cloth masks with warm soapy water and iron when dry.
10. You must have at least two cloth masks per person so you will be able to wash one and have a clean one ready for use.
11. Masks should be washed with soap and hot water, rinsed thoroughly and ironed.

Source: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/2020/04/21/use-of-cloth-face-masks-by-members-of-the-general-public-in-south-africa-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/