Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach

Just 18 kilometres from the centre of Cape Town, nestled between Camps Bay and Hout Bay lies Llandudno. Home to some of the most exclusive real estate in the city, this suburb is regarded as one of Cape Town’s most beautiful and desired residential areas.

Llandudno was named after the North Wales seaside resort of Llandudno, which means “Parish of Saint Tudno” in the Welsh language. There are striking similarities between Kleinkommetjie Bay and the Llandudno in Wales.

Interestingly, Llandudno has no street lights or shops of any kind, but Hout Bay is just a few minutes away, where there are a number of restaurants, shopping centres, and other stores. Camps Bay, the CBD, and the Constantia Winelands are also less than 15 minutes away.

Llandudno Beach
Llandudno Beach

The main attraction of Llandudno is its amazing beach. The beach is made of soft, white, clean sand making it the perfect location for sun tanning, swimming, playing games with your friends, taking your dogs for a walk or relaxing and enjoying the sunset. Llandudno beach is quite isolated as it is a large cove surrounded by the natural bush and milkwood forest of the rocky Atlantic coast line.

Large granite boulders frame the beach adding to its picturesque nature. You can go exploring in the rocky boulders and even discover some caves.

The rocky headland on the South side of the beach is known as Sunset Rocks. It is a great place for evening sundowners and some brave souls jump off the rocks into the freezing water. We do not advise you doing this unless you have someone who knows the rocks and the ocean very well. You can also walk along Sunset Rocks to Sandy Bay ( A nude beach ) and further to the wreck of the Romelia.

The Logies Bay promontory on the North side of the beach has several caves among the granite boulders, which were used by Khoisan ‘strandlopers’. You can see the nearby shell middens that were excavated in 1953.

How To Find Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach is located between Camps Bay and Hout Bay on Victoria Road which runs along the Atlantic seaboard. Drive through Camps Bay and Bakhoven suburbs and keep heading South along Victoria Road. Once you are through Bakhoven the houses will end on both sides of the road and you will be driving along one of the most scenic routes in South Africa. The beautiful Atlantic Ocean will be on your right and the famous twelve apostles of Table Mountain will be on your left. Drive about 6.8 km from Bakhoven until you reach a set of traffic lights above Llandudno. Turn right into Llandudno road and wind your way down to Hargrave Ave.

It is important to know that parking can be quite limited at this beach, so you may have to park a bit away from the beach and walk to the entrances.

Click on the map below for directions or you can use the GPS co-ordinates: -34.00811348089828, 18.340988954918974

Llandudno Beach

Llandudno is home to one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Cape Town. The Llandudno beach is among the most naturally diverse beaches, surrounded by large granite boulders with mountains in the backdrop. It is perfect for early morning breakfast by the beach with the whole family or a romantic sundown picnic with a loved one. The beach is very photogenic, a favourite destination of photographers.

Llandudno Beach is also a popular surfing spot. You will often see surfers and surf skiers challenging the waves. Llandudno is not a beginner surf spot as the waves here can be quite powerful, so if you are learning to surf rather head to Muizenberg. For intermediate surfers, Llandudno beach is an incredible surf spot if you can brave the icy ocean water. Remember to be respectful to local surfers as well as other ocean and beach users.

Llandudno Beach Surfers

Llandudno lifesaving club provides a voluntary service every day during Blue Flag season (1 December to 31 March), but please note that swimming on this beach can be dangerous because of the chilly water, it’s powerful waves and currents. A quick swim on a hot summer day is okay, as long as you take necessary precaution. More comfortable ocean swimmers and body surfers will have a fantastic time enjoying the tubing waves.

One good reason to visit this beach is that it is often less crowded than some of the other beautiful beaches in an around Cape Town.

Llandudno Beach

A Tucked Away Idyllic Spot

Aside from surfing, other beach sports like volleyball, frisbee and beach rugby are also popular at Llandudno Beach. Families enjoying a picnic is another common view at Llandudno. Dog walkers and kids building sand castles also enjoy this long stretch of pristine white sand. When you visit this picturesque beach, bring your own picnic baskets. There are no snacks and refreshments available for sale, so come prepared.

The suburb’s remote village atmosphere and the beach’s gorgeous setting makes Llandudno a perfect destination for a family holiday getaway!