Exploring The Hout Bay Area

Exploring The Hout Bay Area

Photo Caption: Did you know that Hout Bay was transformed into Hong Kong for filming of Tomb Raider?

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Just twenty kilometres south of the CBD is a fantastic sea-side suburb called Hout Bay. It offers some of the most exciting adventures to those exploring Cape Town.

Hout Bay is a popular working harbour, with some of the finest yellowfin tuna, longfin tuna, and yellowtail freshly available. The harbour also specialises in tuna, snoek and crayfish.  The southern side of the harbour is a fishing port and processing centre.

The lively harbour is always busy and buzzing with people as it also hosts many tourism activities such as boat trips, diving and fishing expeditions. Cruises and snorkeling/diving trips to Duiker Island depart from here as well. You can also take glass-bottom boat trips to Hout Bay’s seal island.

There are several restaurants in and around the harbour. From tasty delicacies at Fish on the Rocks to the world-famous Mariner’s Wharf to wining and dining with a live band alfresco style at Lookout Deck, Hout Bay is paradise for seafood lovers. The harbour is also home to the Hout Bay Yacht Club, along with fresh fish outlets and craft stores.

The Republic of Hout Bay

The residents of Hout Bay are very passionate about their beautiful location. In the 1980’s a tourism initiative was started, selling Republic of Hout Bay passports. It was linked to a charity campaign launched by the Lions and Rotary Clubs.

Rumour has it that someone travelled around the world with his Hout Bay passport, and no one was none the wiser. And over the years a few people managed to convince immigration officers to stamp their souvenir passports.

Cape Fur Seals in Hout Bay Harbour

The harbour is also a favourite resting spot of the Cape Fur Seals. These seals are the largest of all the fur seal varieties and are famous for popping up in the harbour. Often, you will find them swimming or just lazily resting their stocky, strong body covered with a velvety dark grey or brown fur. It is not surprising to have a close encounter with these Cape Fur Seals in the harbour as they are very inquisitive and friendly animals.

Bay Harbour Market

One of the busiest attractions in Hout Bay is the Bay Harbour Market. It promises you an unforgettable market experience. The buzzing indoor market has more than 100 stalls, giving both foreigners and locals a wide variety of fantastic selection of food, drink and shopping. This once-abandoned-factory-turned-market is home to innovative and creative traders offering handmade arts and crafts, proudly South African clothing items, unique artworks, antique collectibles, organic products, cultural curios, natural fabric linens, funky fashion, and leather goods.

A wide range of food is also available, along with renowned South African craft beers. The Bay Harbour Market attracts an average of over 24,000 local and foreign visitors a month. You are guaranteed to enjoy high-quality shopping, tasting, eating, and drinking with live music from the Harbour Sound Stage in the background. The market is open every Friday 5 – 9 pm and Saturday/Sunday 9.30am – 4 pm.

Hout Bay Beach

Within close proximity to the harbour is the Hout Bay beach. The sheltered long white sandy beach is ideal for swimming and water sports such as surfing, sailing, sea kayaking, and fishing. And its amazing scenic beauty attracts local and international visitors.

Don’t miss out on the exciting adventures, beautiful places to explore, delicious food to taste, and the rich culture to experience in Hout Bay!

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