Harrington Street Restaurants Leftys Cape Town
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Harrington Street Restaurants and Cafés

The hip and happening Harrington Street has a selection of must-visit spots for delicious food. From coffee to burgers and organic to vegan — Harrington street has something for everyone to enjoy.

Lekker Vegan Harrington street

Lekker Vegan | Corner of Harrington & 37 Barrack Street

 Hours: Monday to Thursday 12PM – 10PM | Friday 12PM – 3AM | Saturday 1PM – 3AM | Sunday 3PM – 10PM

The owner, James Knaap, altered his lifestyle drastically after experiencing health challenges with a chronic illness. By switching to a vegan diet and becoming more conscious of his eating habits, he overcame it. After this big lifestyle change, he decided to make more people conscious of the benefits of becoming a vegan. The menu includes Gatsbys and nuggets, gourmet burgers, and more. Lekker Vegan’s décor is simplistic and fresh, with a tongue in cheek bright logo.

Visit lekkervegan.co.za for more information

New York Bagels Harrington street

Photo by tripadvisor.co.za

New York Bagels | 44 Harrington Street

Hours: Monday to Friday 7AM – 4PM | Saturday 8AM – 2PM

New York Bagels dates back to 1940. The awesome brand finally hit the South African shores with a bang. Indulge in traditional, hand-rolled bagels with decadent fillings. Add to that a delicious cup of coffee, and you’re set to go. They also serve other pastries and cakes, prepared on site. A slice of traditional baked cheesecake or chocolate croissant can balance out your savoury bagel.

Visit the New York Bagels Facebook page for more information.

Kamili Coffee Harrington Street

Photo by House&Leisure

Kamili Coffee | 48 Harrington Street

Hours: Monday to Friday 7AM – 6PM |Saturday to Sunday 8AM – 4PM

Kamili means “perfect” in Swahili, and after one sip of the amazing coffee, you will agree with the name choice. You can either pop in to grab a bag of beans for your home. Or take a leisurely moment for yourself with a good cuppa coffee and a waffle in the funky space. They also serve breakfasts, fresh salads, gourmet hot dogs, and more.

Visit kamilicoffee.co.za for more information.

Bootlegger Harrington street

Bootlegger Coffee | 50 Harrington Street

Hours: Monday to Friday 6h30AM – 5h30PM | Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 7h30AM – 3PM

The Bootlegger Coffee Company has been around since 2012. It was created by three best friends — Antonie Basson, De Waal Basson and Pieter Bloem. Starting in Cape Town, they’ve also branched out to Johannesburg. A unique feature of each store, is a carefully selected AC/DC song line, mounted on the wall in neon lights. The menu boasts with great café foods, to complement the coffee perfectly. There are 14 branches across the city. Grab a coffee for only R19 before 8:30am.

Visit bootlegger.co.za for more information.

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Surfarosa Harrington street

Surfarosa | 61 Harrington Street

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12PM – 4AM

A funky surfer-punk bar with a casual and festive vibe. It’s a favourite hangout of the locals, to blow off some steam, or spruce up the night with live music. Inside you can relax in a private booth, or enjoy the fresh air outside in the courtyard. The bar also features a small dance area. The last Thursday of every month a live band fills it up quickly.

Visit Surfarosa’s website for more information.

Harringtons Lounge Harrington street

Harrington’s Cocktail Lounge | 61 Harrington Street

Hours: Thursday & Friday 12PM – 4AM | Wednesday & Saturday 5PM – 4AM

Upstairs from the surfer bar, you can relax in style in the sophisticated after-work drinks space. With stylish botanical prints, crystal chandeliers, velvet booths, and revived hardwood floors — its suaveness at its best. Their cocktails are rated among the best in the city. And the delicious tapas complement them perfectly. Pop in on First Thursdays to catch The Black Market. It features an exhibition, happy hour, and live DJ’s.

Visit Harrington’s Cocktail Lounge’s website for more information.

Downtown Ramen Harrington street

Photo by capetownmylove.com

Downtown Ramen | 103 Harrington Street

Hours: Monday to Saturday 5PM – 10PM

What exactly is ramen? It is Japanese quick-cooking noodles, mixed in a broth with meat and/or vegetables. The décor has a rough-and-ready feel to it, and the seating is tavern-like. All the focus is placed on the delicious bowls of ramen! It’s one of the best spots in the city to get your dose of healthy Japanese delights.

Visit Downtown Ramen’s Facebook page for more information.

leftys harrington street

Photo by Christine Diampovisa

Lefty’s | 105 Harrington Street

Hours: Monday to Saturday 4PM – 1AM

Another popular hangout of the locals in the area, including the students. The laidback atmosphere welcomes you in to come and chill with a drink after work. It has the typical look and vibe of a bar. Great off the beaten path spot, if you want to really feel part of the local crowd. They have American-style dishes and serve epic ribs. Try the fried chicken on waffles with syrup.

Visit Lefty’s Facebook page for more information.

Belly of the Beast Cape Town Pork Restaurant

Belly of the Beast | 110 Harrington Street

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 7PM – 10PM

This is a secret fine dining space on Harrington street. They operate on an online bookings only system and each dinner sitting only serves a maximum of 20 guests. The reason for the tight guest list, is that the owner-chef Neil Swart and co-owner and Anouchka Horn believe in sustainable dining, ensuring that no food goes to waste, they operate on a nose-to-tail policy.

Read our post to find out more about this innovative restaurant.