Top 10 Travel Bloggers who love to visit Cape Town
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10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

Travel Blogs are a source of inspiration, entertainment, and shared experiences. Some people travel as a career, some do it on vacation, and for others, it’s simply a lifestyle.  The following travel bloggers, from solo females to couples and families, are some of our favorites who love to visit Cape Town. Through their stories, tips, and pictures they inspire us to explore this beautiful city.

#1 Bucket List Journey

Bucket List Journey

Creator of the amazing, inspirational, and award-winning travel blog Bucket List Journey, Annette White has developed one of the best travel blogs around. She has an Instagram that has been named one of the best travel accounts to follow, and her blog gets over 500 000 monthly views.

Annette has been recognized by and partnered with various companies including TripAdvisor, Chase, Sandals Resorts, and LAN Airlines. She has explored more than 50 different countries on 6 continents. Annette is also the author of the popular book Bucket List Adventures, in which she not only shares helpful traveling information, but also inspires people to step out of their comfort zones.

With her passion and adventurous spirit, Annette will inspire you to pack your bags and start checking off your own bucket list trips in her blog Bucket List Journey.

#2 Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped - 10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

The daring travel blog duo Hannah and Adam started travelling full-time about 6 years ago. They created the compelling travel blog Getting Stamped. After selling almost everything they owned, the brave couple took off on a Round the World Trip that went from a 1-year planned trip to a 5-year journey. To date, they have traveled to 75 countries with some of the most beautiful Instagram posts to prove it.

Their adventurous story and passion for following their dreams will amaze and inspire you as you follow their journey. Read about their Cape Town experience in the post 10 Places That Should Be On Every RTW Itinerary.

#3 Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate - 10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

Kate McCulley quit her job 8 years ago to follow her dreams and to travel the world. She created the honest and inspirational solo-female travel blog Adventurous Kate, and she has lived up to the name since. A 6-month trip turned into 7 years travelling across 75 different countries over 7 continents. Adventurous Kate shows what it’s really like for women to travel solo around the world. As a result, her honest and informative posts inspire all solo travelers to follow their travel dreams.

Read about her journey around Cape Town in her post Adventurous Kate’s Offbeat Guide to Cape Town.

#4 Camps Bay Girl

Camps Bay Girl - 10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

Carline Meyer is the creator and author of the charming and motivational blog Campsbay Girl. She created the blog to detail her travel experiences. As a Cape Town native, she provides useful insight and stunning views of the city. Since starting, she has gathered over 1.7 thousand loyal followers and readers. With her blog and Instagram, she not only captures the beauty of Cape Town, but also other striking locations around the world. Her mesmerizing photos will have you out and about exploring the beauty of Cape Town.

#5 The Travel Manuel

The Travel Manuel - 10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

The adventurous power couple Lauren and Vaughan Manuel McShane are creators of the cleverly named, award-winning travel blog The Travel Manuel. Both Lauren and Vaughan are Cape Town natives. While they both agree there’s no place quite like the Mother City, they have a passion to travel around the world. Although their journey started with just the two of them, they now have 2 kids. However, this has not slowed them down one bit, and instead their blog and  Instagram are an informative and encouraging source for families and couples alike.

Read about their various Cape Town posts here.

#6 Mzansi Girl

Creator of the inspiring and powerful blog Mzansi Girl, Meruschka Govender has been blogging since 2010. She is a South African native and is passionate about traveling around Africa, exploring its vast culture and hidden treasures. Meruschka is also the founder of the Afritravel hashtag on twitter, which she founded to help curate African travel related content. Follow her honest and adventurous journey on Instagram.

You can read her posts on Cape Town on her blog.

#7 The Incidental Tourist

The Incidental Tourist - 10 Travel Bloggers Who Love To Visit Cape Town

Named the best SA Travel Blog in 2016, The Incidental Tourist is a powerful and compelling blog created by South African Dawn Jorgensen. She is a conscious traveler who has a deep love for Africa, its people, and the environment. Through stories and posts, her blog and Instagram focus on sustainable tourism, highlighting eco and conservation issues. Dawn’s immense passion for the world can be seen through her journeys, and will inspire you to travel consciously.

Although she enjoys traveling around the world, Dawn loves coming back home to Cape Town. Read about her experiences and suggestions to enjoy the city.

#8 Love My Cape Town

The informative Love My Cape Town Blog was created by parents, for parents. The Pattendens and the Fouries are two married couples with two children who love to explore Cape Town. The blog aims to provide fun experiences for families. By providing insight into family and parent-friendly activities, the goal is to show how even families can travel and have fun. Cape Town is such a big, diverse, and beautiful city—exactly what the Pattendens and the Fouries portray in their experiences. Check out their website for kids-friendly ideas around Cape Town and follow them on Instagram to follow their adventures.

#9  The Average South African

Tebogo Sethokga is the adventurous creator of the insightful food, travel, and lifestyle blog The Average South African. The blog explores all of the amazing food and travel destinations in South Africa. Tebogo is a native South African, who provides a lot of personal experiences and useful information about Cape Town. Native Capetonians and travelers alike will find The Average South African a useful and inspiring site.

For engaging photos and a constant source of information, follow the blog on Instagram.

#10 Boring Cape Town Chick

Boring Cape Town Chick is a personal lifestyle and travel blog by South African native Megan Peta. While she’s lived in a few different places throughout the world, Meg is passionate about sharing information on the “most beautiful city in the world!” Her honest, funny, and insightful blog has everything you need to (and didn’t even know you needed to) know about Cape Town. Check out her blog posts and follow her on Instagram.

They all agree, Cape Town is an amazing city to visit or to live in. Which one is your favourite blog to follow?