Big Five South African Beers
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Big Five South African Beers

Cape Town’s streets are lined with pubs. Sometimes, choosing your favourite beer from a long list of exquisite craft beers can be tough. Here are the top five pints we recommend you try while visiting Cape Town.

Cockpit Brewhouse Black Forest Stout

The Black Forest Stout is a limited edition beer, which is not available all year round. It tastes like chocolate and cherries. You can find this beer at the Cockpit Brewhouse. The owner André de Beer likes to experiment a lot, there’s always a new seasonal “big beer” to try. These are available in limited batches alongside his other staple ales.

Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA

Secret Cape Town Big Five South African Beers

The bitterness of this beer is not for everyone’s taste buds. But for the seasoned beer drinker, the Devil’s Peak Pale Ale is the number one go-to South African Brews option. This beer is best paired with strong cheese or spicy food.

Boston Breweries Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale

The Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale is not the only available flavour you can get of this beer. The flavours can vary for each batch and include nutmeg, cinnamon, and butternut. This beer is not only infused with sweet flavours, they also experiment with spicy flavours.

Cape Brewing Company Amber Weiss

Bursting with a banana aroma, this beer is one of a kind. It’s a creamy pint that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether it’s in the afternoon accompanied with fancy finger foods or in the evening before a night out. It is a great accompaniment for a light meal like a salad or a sandwich.

Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Big Five South African Beers

The Bone Crusher is a full flavoured Belgian-style beer. With a unique orange peel and coriander flavour, it leaves a refreshing zing on your palate after taking a sip. This beer is so good that you can even accompany it with an early breakfast. Who says breakfast was not made for beer?