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Where to see The Wildflowers in Cape Town

In Cape Town, spring season is flower season! Every spring, from mid-August till end-September, the Western Cape comes to life as it transforms into a wildflower wonderland. The Cape Town landscapes is scattered with beautifully coloured blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see. The glorious and vivid colours of the Cape Wildflowers […]

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The Best Things to Do When It Rains in Cape Town

Winter in Cape Town is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Despite the fact that the Mother City’s winter season is largely characterized by wet, grey, gloomy, and dark days – like they say, when winter arrives in Cape Town, the rain soon follows – very few people known that in between the super cold and […]

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The Best Cruises in Cape Town

The Mother City wraps itself around the ocean, and exploring the city from the waters will offer you a unique perspective. Whether you embark on a sunset cruise, or go to observe the residents of an island on the Hout Bay side of the city – you will not be disappointed. There are a variety […]

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Lower Main Road Restaurants Hub

Observatory is an artistic, bohemian neighbourhood of the Mother City. It draws all kinds of interesting characters. The most popular hangout spot, is a small stretch of Lower Main road, with the restaurants lined up next to each other like sardines. It’s difficult to explain the difference between Observatory and Woodstock. They are both a […]

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The First South African Cat Café

Cats rule the internet. Videos, memes, GIFs – they provide us endless hours of entertainment with their shenanigans. Some people adore them enough to plunge into the long term commitment of owning one. Others adore them, but are unable to have one. Whether your apartment doesn’t allow pets, your partner is allergic, or you simply […]

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The Oldest Pubs in Cape Town

Pubs have been around for a long time. The combination of good drinks and good company is always a winner. But the restaurant scene in the Mother City is fierce. Every year new establishments open up, convinced that they will last for decades. But sadly, this is not always the case. We’ve searched the city […]

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Harfield Village Restaurants Hub

From seafood, to pizza, to delicious sushi – there’s something for every taste bud at Harfield Village. Stick to the main road running through Claremont, and you will be oblivious of the little hub of restaurants tucked away in one of the side roads. It’s definitely worth your while to turn into 2nd Avenue to […]

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Roodebloem Street Restaurants Hub

Throughout Cape Town, there are little restaurant hubs. It seems that birds of a feather, flock together. You can pick and choose the type of vibe you feel like. From the grungy Observatory, simply known as Obs by the locals, or the more sophisticated Harfield village. The Roodebloem street restaurants hub strikes a balance somewhere […]