Arangieskop Hiking Trail and Hut
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Arangieskop Hiking Trail And Overnight Hut

Arangieskop Hiking Trail and Hut

Located just over 2 hours from Cape Town, Arangieskop is a 2-day hiking trail in the magnificent Dassieshoek Nature Reserve just outside Robertson in the Western Cape. It is often referred to as the ‘Kilimanjaro of the Cape,’ not because of its height, but rather due to its relentless uphill climb and daunting downhill descents.

**Interesting fact: Even Mike Lundy calls‘the Arangieskop hiking trail the mother and father of all trails in the Western Cape’. Mike Lundy is a household name and veteran hiker in South Africa. Lundy has written over 200 magazine features and newspaper articles, as well as authored and co-authored several books on hiking in the Western Cape. He also presented weekly hiking reports on GoodHope FM, 567 CapeTalk, and 94.5 KFM.

Arangieskop Hiking Trail and Hut

Despite the Arangieskop hiking Trails’ feisty, slightly ruthless, and challenging nature, avid and experienced hikers should not be deterred from hiking and conquering the Arangieskop summit – It’s not known as one of the top, and certainly the most beautiful and thrilling, overnight hiking trails in the Western Cape for nothing.

Arangieskop is great for hiking, adventuring, backpacking, and camping. As its regarded as somewhat of a hidden gem, it is unlikely that you’ll encounter many other people and hikers while exploring this Western Cape natural gem and remarkable mountainside.

Arangieskop Hiking Trail Overview

  • Location: Dassieshoek Nature Reserve, Robertson
  • Starting point: Dassieshoek Nature Reserve, outside Robertson.
  • End point: Dassieshoek.
  • Duration: Arangieskop is a 2-day hike in the Dassieshoek Nature Reserve.
  • Distance: +/- 22km.
  • Elevation gain: 1,583m
  • Maximum altitude: +/- 1696 m (Arangieskop qualifies to be classified as a high-altitude mountain peak)
  • Fitness: Elevated level of fitness is required | The Arangieskop hiking trail is a difficult & challenging hike |The uphill climb is extremely tough – It will push you to your limit and test your endurance and fortitude on every level.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty level of the Arangieskop Hiking Trail is +/- 8/10 | While the average distance covered per day isn’t too extreme (pertaining to highly experienced and fit hikers), the continuous, strenuous, and steep ascents and descents of the trail is both demanding and gruelling.
  • Technical ratings of the trail: The Arangieskop hiking trail includes standard trail walking combined with steep vertical ascents and descents over extremely rocky terrain. Certain sections of the trail are very exposed and badly eroded – This requires optimal balance, focus, and sure-footedness every step of the way.
  • Beauty of the trail: 5/5 – It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and thrilling hiking trails in the Western Cape.

How To Book

In order to hike the Arangieskop trail you need to make a booking (this is absolutely essential). Trail bookings can made made through the Langeberg Municipal offices in Ashton.

**Click here to visit the Langeberg Municipality website to find out more or to make a booking.

The Langeberg Municipal offices only do bookings via email. You will need to finalize payment one week prior to your hike start date. Once you have emailed the Proof of Payment to the booking office, you will be issued with a hiking permit, information leaflet and a map of the trail.

Cost (INCL VAT):

  • Fee for year: R275
  • Hiking trails – per adult per hike: R63
  • Hiking trails – per child per hike (<= 18 Year): R32
  • Badges: R90

Arangieskop Mountain Hut

“The Arangieskop overnight mountain hut is really something special” – Countless hikers who have endured and conquered the Arangieskop hiking trail.

  • Approximate distance to Arangieskop overnight mountain hut: +/- 9.5km
  • Elevation gain: 1235 m

Arangieskop Mountain Hut, Robertson

Photo Caption: #guesswhere this mountain hut is? Have you stayed here? | Photo by: @kevin_n_nel | View in Instagram ⇒

Located just 200 meters below the summit, the infamous Arangieskop overnight mountain hut is deemed one of the best in the country and a stand-out highlight of the Arangieskop hiking trail. It can accommodate up to 23 people and is available to the public to book and spend the night on top of a mountain. The hut was originally built by the farmer who owns the land.

As the Arangieskop hut is situated at an altitude of 1482 m above sea level it is sufficiently stocked with everything you need.

The Arangieskop overnight mountain hut is remarkably cozy and comfortable, making it a great place to stay after enduring a grueling and strenuous uphill climb. Equipped with an indoor fire place and plenty of wood (an indispensable fixture during cold nights on the mountainside as it warms the entire hut instantly), electricity in the form of lighting, primarily solar-powered lights (there are no electrical plug points), permanent washing lines erected above the indoor fire place to hang your worn and wet clothes, and a kitchen (there are pots and pans and occasionally an array of mismatched cutlery and crockery, however it is highly advised that you bring your own plate, cup, and cutlery along just in case), you have everything you need to enjoy a wonderful night spent on the Arangieskop mountain.

The hut has 3 beds downstairs in the open plan lounge kitchen area as well as two flushing toilets, a urinal, and two basins. There are also two hot showers thanks to the wood-fired “donkey boiler” fitted inside the outdoor braai. Additionally, there are 3 bedrooms with single bunks upstairs. Two of these bedrooms have twin bunks (double beds) which is great if you are hiking as a couple.

The Arangieskop overnight hut also boasts a few much-needed outdoor facilities, including a braai area with a stunning grass lawn and picnic table, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long and tough day’s climb. Not to mention the view is absolutely breath-taking, with the hut offering spectacular panoramic sunset, sunrise, and ‘anytime-of-the-day-or-night’ views over the Koo Valley – There truly is nothing quite like it!

Signs recommend that you use ‘dennehout’ wood for the ‘donkey’ boiler and the other wood for the indoor fire place.  Water to the hut is supplied by a green tank just above the hut. The water is usually turned off after each group leaves. This means you will need to turn it on again at the tank when you arrive.

**You can rest assured that the Arangieskop overnight stone hut will keep you safe from the changing weather conditions and outside elements.

Important Note:

  • In order to stay at the Arangieskop Hut you have to make a booking well in advance – You need a permit for this as well as a permit to enter the nature reserve. Visit the Langeberg Municipality website for more information or contact them on [email protected] or 023 615 8086 | 023 626 8242.
  • There are a variety of rule notices that have been put up inside the hut. These rules are reasonable and also for you own safety so please read all of them when you get to the hut.

The place is a true “slice of heaven”. Its owner felt the need to provide a comfortable and serene place for avid and passionate hikers from all walks of life to share, enjoy, and celebrate the unapologetic natural beauty of the setting, the down-right breathtaking view, and the thrilling yet fun adventure of the entire experience. Its all this and so much more that makes the amazing Arangieskop mountain overnight hut the perfect weekend hike destination.

Robertson’s Best Kept Secret | OU SKOOL Camping Site

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay before embarking on your Arangieskop hiking adventure look no further! Regarded as one of Robertson’s best kept secrets, OU SKOOL is a property situated in the wild and wonderful Dassiehoek Nature Reserve, right next to the gate where the famous Arangieskop hiking trail starts.

This special camping spot offers all avid Arangieskop hikers an incredibly clean and convenient camping location, as well as several great amenities to ensure you are ready, well rested, rejuvenated, and fully energized to tackle and conquer the mighty and challenging Arangieskop hiking trail. From a fully stocked outside kitchen (gasbraai / stove), hot / cold water shower, and outside braai area (braai supplies and equipment provided) to an environmentally friendly toilet, as well as a safe, free, and secure parking area equipped with alarms and camera surveillance, you have everything you need to fully prepare yourself for the thrilling and equally grueling hike ahead.

**Should you wish, breakfast and dinner are available and can be served at an extra cost.

  • Contact details: Contact Carin Visser on 082 82 36 703 to make a booking or to find out more about this amazing Dassiehoek Nature Reserve camping spot.
  • How to get to Dassiehoek Nature Reserve: To reach the reserve from Robertson head onto the gravel road that passes a quarry on your left and Keurkloof on your right, when it slowly climbs into the hills in a series of twists that demand careful driving. A huge dam on the left is just across from the entrance to Dassieshoek Nature Reserve.
  • Dassiehoek Nature Reserve GPS co-ordinates: 33.7487° S, 19.8961° E

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