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For coffee snobs who love the planet

A short documentary about 4WKS | Their motivation, purpose & plans for the future

Documentary by: Warrick Leach

4WKS is a forward-thinking, trail-blazing local coffee initiative and eco-friendly company for coffee snobs who love the planet. Revolutionising the coffee world with their fresh, and innovative 100% compostable coffee pods, 4WKS is a platform dedicated to shifting existing coffee habits, changing perspectives, celebrating South Africa’s thriving local coffee culture and sharing it with as many people as possible, all while contributing to the welfare of our planet, making a difference, and giving back to the environment.

4WKS Origin & Motivation

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

For self-confessed coffee snobs, brothers and first cousins, and co-founders of 4WKS, Daniel, Oliver, and Lulu – who come from a tight-knit family of French Mauritian descent – coffee has always been a consistent thread throughout their lives, having shared some of their most memorable moments and greatest ideas over a delicious flat white.

Having been raised on farms, these passionate coffee connoisseurs share an equally deep love for nature and the environment as they do for coffee. Combining their two passions with their resolute belief in business as a force of good, they started an inspired movement and eco-conscious, sustainable, zero-waste company that is part of the global and societal shift of the future – A better, kinder future for both people and the planet – and so, 4WKS came to be!

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

While also recognizing the brilliance of Nespresso™ machines and the need for great coffee at the push of a button, they were made acutely aware of two things. Firstly, the unsustainability of plastic and aluminium single-use coffee capsules which, in 2018 alone, resulted in 56 billion capsules landing in landfills – where they’ll remain for 450-500 years (shocking, isn’t it?!). Secondly, they took on the task of challenging the coffee inside the capsules (also known as pods) and why they’re largely imported, mass-produced, and have a shelf-life of 18 months – when the best coffee should be consumed fresh.

They wanted to make the best, local, micro-roasted coffee – which they themselves love – available to people at home, the office, or on holiday with a pod that, freshly-packed, tastes delicious and is home compostable and does absolutely no harm to the environment.

Local Coffee Collective

Truth Coffee Roasting

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods -Terbodore Coffee Roasters

Terbodore Coffee Roasters

Rosetta Roastery

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods - Naked Coffee

Naked Coffee

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods -Deluxe Coffeeworks

Deluxe Coffeeworks

Instead of roasting their own coffee, 4WKS partnered with 5 of the finest leading local micro-roasters across South Africa: Terbodore Coffee Roasters, Deluxe Coffeeworks, Truth Coffee, Naked Coffee and Rosetta Roastery, to make the best coffee in South Africa (and possibly the world) available to all coffee lovers (whether connoisseurs or coming-of-age coffee newbies) at the mere press of a button.

4WKS takes the roasted coffee acquired from their 5 top-quality local micro-roasters, encapsulates the coffee into 100% fully compostable capsules, and sells these capsules on their 4WKS Online Store. Their range of compostable capsules can also be purchased directly from each Roaster’s cafés (i.e. Terbodore, Deluxe, Naked & Rosetta Cafés) and their various direct sales channels. This ensures that South Africa’s finest coffee roasts are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are. This is further cemented by the fact that 4WKS ships and delivers nationwide!

In terms of flavour and strength, each individual coffee roast offers something bold, unique, and sensational to ensure there’s something for every avid coffee enthusiast to enjoy.

Terbodore Coffee Roasters and Deluxe Coffeeworks boasts dark-roasted blends, with Terbodore being 4WKS darkest/strongest-tasting coffee cap. Truth Coffee, Naked Coffee and Rosetta Roastery’s 100% compostable coffee caps are all single origin coffees, with Rosetta Roastery featuring a light roast and Truth and Naked Coffee both being a medium roast coffee blend.

All 4WKS coffee roasts are best enjoyed, like all great coffee, in 4 weeks from roast to shot.

4WKS Range & How It Works

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

As a new fan or 4WKS first-timer, 4WKS sell their range of fresh, 100% compostable coffee capsules with their unique signature 4WKS jar. This is done for two main reasons:

  1. To ensure all coffee caps are kept ultra-fresh with an airtight lock.
  2. It is one of 4WKS solutions to being zero waste & eco-friendly – If you buy the jar once, you can refill it the next time.

This brings us to the next 4WKS coffee cap purchase option – Refills! Once / if you already have your own signature 4WKS jar, all you need to do is fill it up with a refill. This forms part of 4WKS quest to be as zero-waste as possible.

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

As 4WKS collaborates with 5 of South Africa’s leading local micro-roasters, they have a wide array of sensational coffee roasts, caps and jars to choose from. Whether you’re a lover of light or dark roast coffees – 4WKS has exactly what your coffee-loving-soul needs.

**Insider tip: 4WKS recommends buying a 4WKS Mixed Jar, or a 4WKS Test Kit – to experience all of their exciting coffee favourites, especially if you’re a 4WKS first-timer, and then go ahead and choose your winner!

However, if you’re a head-over-heels, die-hard coffee aficionado and you know EXACTLY what you like, go ahead and do your thing! 4WKS have the following jars and refills available for order on their online shop:

4WKS Jars

Terbodore Jar (Dark Roast | Strong Blend)

Deluxe Jar (Dark Roast | Strong Blend)

Truth Jar (Medium Roast | Black Honey)

Naked Jar (Medium Roast | Mild | Single Origin)

Rosetta Jar (Light Roast | Mild | Single Origin)

4WKS Mixed Jar (A Mix of all 5 Roasters | Light, Medium & Dark Roasts)

4WKS Test Kit (A little taste of 4WKS, featuring caps from all 5 partner Roasters – so you can taste, test, and choose your favourite!)

4WKS Refills

4WKS Mixed Refill

Terbodore Refill

Deluxe Refill

Truth Refill

Naked Refill

Rosetta Refill

4WKS Coffee Caps

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

The coffee inside 4WKS Caps are meticulously roasted, ground, and packed fresh every WK – Best said by 4WKS themselves, their coffee caps are as fresh as eggs (perhaps even more so). Each 4WKS unique and decadent coffee cap roast is best enjoyed, like all great and exceptional tasting coffees, in 4WKS from roast to shot.

Compatible with Nespresso® machines, all 4WKS Coffee Caps are 100% compostable, containing zero plastic or aluminium. Made from an innovative plant-based bio-material, each cap is sealed with a vegetable fibre lid, and branded with edible ink. When composted, the 4WKS cap will break down in WKs. Even if it is deposited in a landfill, the cap will break down hundreds of times faster than traditional plastic or aluminium capsules.

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

In tandem and collaboration with their extraordinary partner roasters, 4WKS is excited and proud to have launched an innovative and transformative composting programme that is not only pro-active and persistent in the pursuit of preserving our planet, but dedicated to making a REAL difference and having a profound positive impact on our environment.

Help 4WKS Help The Planet

4WKS Compostable Coffee Pods

Photo credit: 4WKS

As 4WKS capsules are 100% compostable, they can be turned into compost when entered into a commercial composting facility. At these facilities, they are able to break down plant-based bio-materials into carbon or nitrogen by means of high temperatures, which can in turn be converted into nutritious soil full of life!

There truly is so much for us to learn about waste management and it has, excuse the pun, “organically” turned into a big pillar of 4WKS, and one they’re intent to crack in their mission to shift coffee, habits + culture!

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