Secret Cape Town - Nelson Mandela Artwork
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106 Longmarket Street, Central Business District

Secret Cape Town- 106 Longmarket Street, Central Business District

Photo taken at: 106 Longmarket Street, Central Business District, Cape Town, Western Cape

Photo Caption: Another amazing piece of #streetart by @brianrolfeart in the heart of #capetown. This time a portrait of #nelsonmandela. Do you know where to find this piece in the #cityofcapetown ?

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This iconic masterpiece can be found in one of Cape Town’s oldest streets, Longmarket Street located in the Central Business District (CBD). Longmarket is a quaint street featuring diverse culture, Victorian buildings, thrifty marketplaces, restaurants, bars and other hangout places. Being one of Cape Town’s gems, the Longmarket Street is visited by both locals and tourists alike.

Among the highlights of Longmarket Street are fascinating street arts depicting diverse issues from wildlife conservation to human rights.  This specific phenomenal artwork of Brian Rolfe is in honor of the symbolic leader of the anti-apartheid movement and former President, Nelson Mandela. Brian Rolfe is a visual artist based in Cape Town, known for his exceptional artworks.

This work of art will always remind the people of Cape Town of Mandela’s contribution to the radical change of the country. Nelson Mandela is South Africa’s icon of democracy and social justice. He was a Nobel Peace Prize winner who stood up to those who sought to oppress others. Mandela was the first black president of South Africa and the first president to be elected in a Democratic manner. Guided by the principles of equality, justice, fairness, and peace for all, he negotiated the end of Apartheid in the country which brought peace to a racially divided country. He formed a multi-ethnic government to oversee the country’s transition. He also led the fight for human rights around the world.