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It’s no secret that co-working spaces such as Workshop17 are revolutionizing ‘the standard working environment’ and taking over the corporate world one shared working space at a time. With the rise of the start-up economy and the growing need for workplace flexibility, co-working spaces have become a global phenomenon.

Co-working spaces are not only praised for their modernized approach to enhanced workplace flexibility and productivity, but their desire to inspire creativity and collaboration.  Adopted by freelancers, start-ups, small businesses, and even large corporations, South Africans have fully embraced this innovative modern-day movement.

Successfully leading the shared co-working space movement in South Africa is none other than Workshop17.  With over 10 years’ experience in creating next-level co-working solutions, Workshop17 undoubtedly spearheaded and catapulted the South African co-working culture.

About Workshop17

Achievements & Awards

Awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best Co-working Space in South Africa’ at the 2020, 2019, and 2018 Southern Africa Startup Awards, Workshop17 has loudly and proudly established itself as the leading flexible workspace provider in South Africa. To further add to its already impressive accomplishments, Workshop17 was announced as the winner in the Best Co-working Space category during the 3rd Global Finale of the Global Startup Awards (GSA) which took place on the 27th of January 2021. The Global Startup Awards is the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition. It aims to find and recognize selected global future-shapers in various industries that have all shown outstanding achievements in business and service to their respective communities – Two aspects Workshop17 have always shown great commitment to.

“We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award and to receive recognition for our vision in providing a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation. It is a tribute to the whole South African ecosystem of start-ups and innovators, and we are honoured to have been given the opportunity to compete on a global level with game-changing co-working space providers from across the world.”

– Paul Keursten (CEO and Co-Founder of Workshop17)

About Workshop17

With over 1500 members, 450 organisations, and 6 locations, Workshop17 is reshaping the workplace one location at a time!


Workshop17 designs, builds, creates, and manages flexible co-working spaces in which startups, freelancers, forward-thinkers, savvy entrepreneurs, teams, industry movers and shakers and companies – big and small, profit and non-profit, new, and experienced – can work, meet, collaborate, and innovate. With the aim to provide a unique, holistic, and dynamic workplace solution, Workshop17 prides itself on being at the forefront of revolutionising the ‘standard’ workplace and are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing working environment and what is regarded as ‘the new way of working’.

Since the start of Workshop17 in 2012, they have been fully committed to prioritising and incorporating the needs of all individuals, teams, and enterprises into each of their locations by providing members with a cool, creative, collaborative, and forward-thinking space to be productive, grow their networks, expand their ideas, and feel part of something bigger.

For Workshop17 founders Mark Seftel and Paul Keursten, creating a successful collaborative co-working space goes far beyond removing literal barriers. They have found that if you bring people together, innovation and collaboration happens. This is because once the normal barriers between disciplines and job descriptions are broken, you will experience a remarkable fusion of diverse skill- and knowledge- sets.

“Our purpose and our vision at Workshop17 speak to one another. We want to create workspaces which excite people, where they are optimally productive, where they feed off the diversity of human connections available in the space, and ultimately apply their talents to tasks which have value for them and for society. We’re on a journey to create work environments like this. Our goal is to make every space special, and we’re spearheading this strongly”

– Mark Seftel (Source: Asset Mag).

Mark Seftel went on to say that “Our vision is to democratise space and allow anyone, big or small, to access the best, most productive resources in much the same way as cloud computing providers allow anyone to spin up or down, processing power”.

Fellow Workshop17 founder Paul Keursten added that “Workshop17 doesn’t just create co-working spaces; we connect people and businesses, offer entrepreneurs and professionals growth through collaboration, serendipity, and more than a little magic. Our members join a thriving hive of insight, a network of opportunities, and a melting pot of expert skill-sharing.”

Workshop17 Workspaces


Workshop17’s creative, collaborative co-working office spaces are discreetly elegant, chic, contemporary, and state-of-the-art. Each space is designed with the intention to inspire productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Located in seven secure buildings across the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, every Workshop17 co-working space is furnished with the creative outputs of local designers and furniture manufacturers and equipped with the latest in advanced technology to ensure optimal productivity is achieved and maintained.

To ensure they meet all individual, teams and business needs, Workshop17 boasts a variety of dynamic workspaces. For those looking to collaborate and work interactively, Workshop17 has created spaces like ideas lounges, pause areas, informal meeting booths, lounges, and open cafés. Members who prefer some privacy or are crunching to meet a deadline are encouraged to use their hot-desking areas and VC booths.

Each of their working spaces also comes fully equipped with phone booths, meeting rooms, boardrooms, seminar rooms and auditoriums, all of which enables members to work, meet and collaborate in an optimal environment. This allows for an easy and seamless transition from your home to the office.

Workshop17 has developed their very own software platform to manage all aspects of flexible workspaces. This includes bookingsmemberships, access control, internet access, wallets (for space and other uses, creating a cash free environment) and networking.

All of Workshop17’s workspace solutions are:

  • Flexible: Each workplace environment is designed to grow, shrink, and adapt with changing needs. It offers the ideal workspace without the burden of being tied to long term commitments.
  • Friction free: Workshop17 provides you with everything you need to be productive and removes all hassles and sticking points. This way you can solely concentrate on what you want to achieve.
  • Comfortable: Each space is ergonomic and beautiful, with a variation of seating and workspace solutions to suit all needs.
  • Engaging: All of Workshop17’s co-working spaces allow for networking opportunities.
  • Technologically advanced: They provide members with corporate grade Audio Visual and ICT facilities and state-of-the-art technology.

Workshop17 Workplace Solutions

Workshop17 offers a range of workplace solutions to suite every need. Members can choose between:

Their flexible member plans include walk-in day use, monthly memberships and nomadic workers who only need a couple of hours each month.

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For more information on Workshop17’s various membership options and associated prices, click here.

Workshop17 Locations

Workshop17 boasts 6 incredible locations across Cape Town and Johannesburg. Individuals, teams, and businesses can choose between the following premium locations:

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The Evolution of Workshop17


Starting in 2012 in the inner city of Johannesburg as OPEN collaborative Workspace, the company launched the Workshop17 brand in partnership with the V&A Waterfront. Since then, Workshop17 has become a wildly popular and well-established brand with several locations in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Since opening their very first location, Workshop17 has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, they have gone on to win numerous awards, revolutionised what is regarded as the ‘standard’ working environment and continues to expand their footprint across the Western Cape and Gauteng.

While Workshop17 currently has 6 thriving locations across Johannesburg and Cape Town, they are on a trajectory to grow into a network of 15 stand-alone locations, and a larger number of boutique locations where they partner with others. Their vision is to provide workspace solutions to as many people as possible for the new normal we all find ourselves in, as well as to enhance workplace flexibility and productivity by creating a workspace that is a combination of the home, the corporate office and third spaces.

Workshop17 Information

Workshop17 Locations

Cape Town:

Watershed | Watershed, 17 Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Kloof Street | 32 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Paarl | Tabakhuis | Corner Tabak & Louws Street, Southern Paarl, Cape Town


Rosebank | Firestation | 16 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Sandton | West Street | 138 West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg

Rosebank | The Bank | Corner Tyrwhitt and, 24 Cradock Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Workshop17 Contact details

Cape Town:

Watershed | 021 205 9000 | [email protected]

Kloof Street | 021 300 5884 | [email protected]

Paarl | Tabakhuis | 021 205 9006 | [email protected]


Rosebank | Firestation | 010 599 0301 | [email protected]

Sandton | West Street | 010 599 0322 | [email protected]

Rosebank | The Bank | 010 599 0301 | [email protected]

For more information on Workshop17’s various membership options and associated prices, click here.