Located in the beautiful suburb of Newlands, Lapos Kitchen is a cool, captivating and unique Cape Town culinary gem. Known as one of the best Italian Social Dining Experiences in the Mother City, a visit to Lapos Kitchen is an absolute must for any avid food lover. And even if you don’t consider yourself to be a die-hard foodie at heart, Lapos Kitchen and Chef Lapo Magni welcomes you with open arms and a warm and vibrant atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Restaurant & Setting

As you make your way down Boundary Road in Newlands, just before you think you’ve gone too far, you’ll see a single marked sign saying Lapos Kitchen. Followed by a descending staircase. Not quite knowing what to expect, you’re suddenly met with one of the most picturesque and tranquil settings you’ve ever seen. It will almost feel like you’ve escaped to whole new world entirely. With beautiful lush greenery, big shaded trees and the sound of flowing water with the Liesbeek River just below you, it truly is a nature lover’s paradise right in the heart of the city.

Besides its serene outdoor dining area, Lapos Kitchen also boasts a chic and intimate indoor social dining lounge and seating area. Thereby offering diners the very best of both worlds! Plus, their famous and equally authentic outdoor wall of wine bottles will be a total hit. And makes for the perfect Insta-worthy snapshot spot! So be sure to snap a few cool photos while you’re there!

Food & Dining Experience

Food oh glorious food! Wow, you are in for quite a treat! Diners can expect delicious, fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced ingredients used to create a range of exciting menu offerings. Simple, yet bursting with flavour, each dish is bound to set your pallet alight with sensational flavour combinations. As Chef Lapo Magni combines the very best of his traditional Italian roots with an authentic African inspired fusion. Lapos Kitchen offers guests a few dining experiences to choose from:

Social Dining Experience

Known as Lapos Kitchen’s flagship experience, they aim to offer diners a social dining experience unlike any other. Guests are invited to share in a feast of 6 carefully-constructed courses with friends and fellow food lovers. Hosted by the enigmatic Founder and Chef Lapo Magni. Chef Lapo prides himself on taking diners on an immersive culinary journey across Italy and South Africa. Allowing diners to experience the very best of what both food cultures and flavours have to offer. But besides exceptional food and wine, this intimate social dining experience is all about bringing people together. And encouraging diners to share in the pure joy derived from enjoying good food, good wine and good company.

Lazy Sundays at Lapos Kitchen

We had the immense pleasure of attending one of Lapos Kitchen’s wonderful Lazy Sunday events. And what a great experience it was indeed! Besides the beautiful outdoor setting, the cool vibe and laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect summer spot for anyone wanting to spend a chilled-out Sunday afternoon with friends and family. But what are Lazy Sundays at Lapos Kitchen all about? Unlike Lapos Kitchen’s more formal social dining experience, Lazy Sundays is an informal and super-chilled event. Guests are encouraged to sit back, relax, let loose, socialise and enjoy good food, good wine and good company in an amazing setting. Sounds like a summer dream, right? There are no set menus and no bookings required. You can just walk right in and eat and drink to your heart’s desire. Guests of 4 or more are however advised to book through Lapos Kitchen’s Dineplan page in order to avoid disappointment. It is the new hot summer event of the season after all!

Dishes start from R65 p/p and there are always veggie or vegan options available. Thereby ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. As the menu is always changing according to the seasons, guests can expect a whole new selection of exciting dishes and bold flavour combinations every time they attend. But when exactly do these cool bucket-list worthy culinary events take place? The Lapos Kitchen Lazy Sundays is an ongoing event held once a month. The next Lazy Sunday event will be taking place on Sunday the 18th of December and the 5th of January from 12 – 6pm. So make sure you don’t miss another opportunity to experience this cool experience for yourself!

Vibe & Atmosphere

There’s a certain magical charm, vibrant atmosphere and lively infectious energy that fills the air as soon as you arrive. And although you can’t quite put your finger on it, the best thing to do is to sit back, take it all in and enjoy every second of this cool and immersive dining experience. Besides the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, the personalised touches made this unique dining experience one-of-a-kind. Seeing Chef Lapos coming out and personally interacting and engaging with every single guest, explaining his passion and inspiration behind the dishes, sharing his love of food and taking genuine interest in every diner’s experience, was something truly special. Thereby making dining at Lapos Kitchen so much more than merely enjoying a really good meal in a beautiful setting, but a memorable experience in every way.

Lapos Kitchen is one Cape Town culinary gem that undoubtedly deserves to be on every local and traveller’s bucket list. Plus, make sure you don’t miss out on the hot new summer event of the season – Lazy Sundays!

Location: 13 Boundary Road, Newlands, Cape Town

Contact details: [email protected] | 076 199 9189

Or follow them on Instagram @laposkitchen