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That’s it, the dream! It’s that feeling every rider longs for.

The sun is up and the sky is blue. The wind caresses your face, leaving a slight chill on your skin where your sunglasses and buff don’t provide cover. Your motorcycle is roaring and you smile while riding along those smooth and stunning coastal roads, with the best ocean view one can imagine. On your left the magnificent cliffs of table mountain, while to your right the Atlantic ocean unfolds with its majestic dark blue color, its rough waves and the hint of the south pole not far off. If you are lucky, you might spot some Southern Right Whales or a pod of dolphins playfully jumping between the waves.

That is what you can experience with RETZA Motorcyle Tours. Whether renting a motorcycle alone and exploring the city yourself or with the grandiose and breathtaking guided tours, it will be an experience that you will not forget.

At a guided day-ride you can explore the historical city of Cape Town, its buzzing markets and the colorful streets of the Bo-kaap before taking you around the stunning Cape Peninsula to discover the raw nature of the Western Cape. A guide will lead you to the best spots in the city with other drivers in a great atmosphere. With the guided 3-day and even 7-day tours, you can also explore the other beautiful surroundings from Cape Town to the whole Western Cape in a great group.

Motorcycle Tours Cape Town RETZA Royal Enfield Tours Table Mountain

In South Africa, even highways are breathtaking.

The road leads us around the base of Table Mountain, crossing Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens towards Muizenberg with the first breathtaking views of the ocean. The elevated road provides us with fantastic panoramic views of Cape Town, False Bay and its fine white lines of sandy beaches, demanding a quick stop for pictures and to soak in this beauty.

Following this winding road, you can continue towards Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope, passing Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town. Of course, you should stop at the famous Boulder Beach and its Penguins. A colony that migrated from the South Pole in 1982 and that chose this city as its new home. It’s a unique experience, watching hundreds of penguins (about 3,000!) sunbathing in this picturesque bay with its white sand, turquoise water and unique rock formations.

Don’t be scared…ok, maybe a little.

Motorcycle Tours Cape Town RETZA Royal Enfield Tours Penguins

The mountains, the ocean, the animals. A perfect interplay of great landscapes show wonderful photo opportunities. The cameras are clicking; the GoPro’s are being switched on for this once-in-a-lifetime moment. An experience that moves everyone and that leaves us speechless and deeply impressed.

The landscapes are unique, enjoy driving, having a relaxing picnic at a beautiful vantage point or watching the sunset over Camps Bay, a seaside resort between the 12 apostles and the ocean.

The famous Chapman‘s Peak Drive

Motorcycle Tours Cape Town RETZA Royal Enfield Tours Champmans Peak

Whether as a self-drive or on a guided tour, the most famous coastal road in South Africa should not be missed. The scenic drive between Hout Bay and Noordhoek leads in a total of 114 curves between steep rock faces and the ocean. Not only the viewpoints will lead you to a photo stop. Moments that need to be captured and that you won’t forget.

When the drivers bring their motorcycle back in the evening or come back from a guided tour we see the wonder & surprise in the riders’ eyes. This spark for more, more adventure, more challenges, more breathtaking experiences and the desire to let this beautiful country South Africa surprise and impress you.

For queries about upcoming trips, self-rides and rentals as well as other requests, please contact [email protected].


  • Rental cost per day: R 1450 / day
  • Coffee Ride: R350 p/p
  • Half Day Tour: R2500 (pillion R900)
  • Guided 1 day Tour: R3500 (Pillion R1000)
  • 10% discount for SA ID holders on rentals
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Important Info


  • Rental cost per day: R 1450 / day
  • Coffee Ride: R350 p/p
  • Half Day Tour: R2500 (pillion R900)
  • Guided 1 day Tour: R3500 (Pillion R1000)
  • 10% discount for SA ID holders on rentals
  • Includes: Motorcycle hire, petrol, helmet, jacket, snacks, tour guide…
  • Pillion costs on request.
  • An experienced and certified tour guide will accompany the rider (and pillion) on a separate bike to lead the way and ensure our riders can relax and enjoy the ride, without worrying about the route.
  • Guest will ride their own bike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a motorcycle licence? 

You need a motorcycle license in order to ride the bike on your own. If you do not have one RETZA will organise a rider for you, and you can be a pillion (co-rider) and simply relax and enjoy the view.

What is a pillion?

A pillion is a co-rider who doesn’t ride the motorcycle but sits behind on the backseat. It’s a great position to enjoy the ride and to take lots of photos!

Rent A Royal Enfield Motorcycle

You can hire any of RETZA’s Royal Enfield motorcycles and choose from our stunning fleet of different colours, be it military green for the retro look or the vibrant squadron blue for style.

Cost per day: R 1450 / day |

10% discount for SA ID holders on rentals

A full and valid motorbike driving license is required to rent the bike

We offer rentals in Cape Town and Johannesburg / Pretoria (delivery charges may apply)

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