Cape Town, Kruger Park and Mozambique Tour

Cape Town · Kruger National Park · Mozambique

From Cape Town to Mozambique

Travel from the lively streets of Cape Town to the untamed vastness of Kruger National Park and the beautiful sands of Mozambique on a transforming adventure. This meticulously selected Cape Town, Kruger Park and Mozambique Tour combines culture, wildlife, and tropical beauty. Join us on an incredible journey from Cape Town to Mozambique, where each site serves as a chapter in an unparalleled narrative of exploration and discovery.

Cape Town, Kruger and Mozambique Tour
Top Things To Do In Cape Town This Weekend

Days 1-5

5 Nights in Cape Town

Begin your remarkable vacation in the bustling metropolis of Cape Town, where natural beauties and cultural riches collide. During your five-night trip, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the renowned Table Mountain, travel around the gorgeous Cape Peninsula, and sample the fine wines of the Cape Winelands. Explore the city’s history on Robben Island, marvel at the beauty of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, or simply unwind on Clifton’s beautiful beaches. Cape Town has plenty to offer every type of visitor, guaranteeing that your stay is nothing short of amazing.

Cape Town, Kruger and Mozambique Tour

Days 6-8

3 Nights in Kruger National Park

During your three-night vacation in Kruger National Park, immerse yourself in the African environment. This world-famous wildlife refuge is home to the Big Five and provides exhilarating safari adventures. Take expert-led game drives in search of lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos. Engage your senses in the sights and sounds of the African savannah to obtain a better knowledge of this amazing environment. Enjoy the beauty of the bushveld as the sun sets over the huge plains, knowing that the adventures of Kruger are only outside your door.

Cape Town, Kruger Park and Mozambique Tour

Days 9-11

3 Nights in Bazaruto Island

Escape to the lovely beauty of Bazaruto Island, a hidden jewel in Mozambique’s archipelago. During your three-night visit, you’ll discover a world of beautiful beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and undersea treasures. Dive or snorkel among spectacular coral reefs brimming with marine life, explore the island’s sand dunes, or take a traditional dhow tour. Bazaruto Island encourages you to unwind, refresh, and create memorable experiences, whether you seek tranquility on sun-kissed coastlines or want aquatic activities.

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