Top Things To Do In June In Cape Town

Top Things To Do In June In Cape Town

Whether you’re eager to ignite your thrill-seeking spirit and free your adventurous side, simply kick back and relax, explore the city’s creative flair and culinary excellence, discover all of its natural surroundings, landmarks, and hidden gems, you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice.

With a plethora of things to do, see, and experience, there is something for absolutely everyone. 

Here are some of the top things to do in June in Cape Town 2022.

**Note: This blog was last updated on 17/05/2022 | Keep checking the page for more exciting June event updates


  • When: Thursday, 2 June 2022 | In-person viewings open 2 June 2022 – 15 June 2022 | Online viewings open 2 June – 15 July 2022
  • Where: Christopher Moller Gallery | 7 Kloofnek Road, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Time: 10am
  • Event by: Christopher Moller Gallery
  • Contact details: 021 422 1599 | [email protected]
  • Click here to RSVP and receive the first view of the catalogue

AUTUMN IS FRESH is a group exhibition showcasing the most revered artists from our stable. This is a group of creative thought leaders who all carry a strong message and meaning within their work.

While each individual speaks their own narrative, there is a comradery and urgency in their purpose to lead the conversation within their genre. May it be a message of community, communism, culture, or heritage – work is being created to tell and share, include, and possibly promote evolution of thought.

The collection hosts Tega Tafadzwa, Professor Ablade Glover, David Olatoye, Azuka Muoh, Michael Gah and Jean-Baptiste Djéka.

#Heat to the Beat Boogie | Clifton 1st | Secret Sunrise

  • When: Saturday, 4 June 2022
  • Where: Clifton 1st Beach, ERF246 Victoria Road, Clifton, Cape Town
  • Time: 8am – 9am (Please arrive at 7:30am to receive your headsets, event starts at 8:00am sharp)
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Age restriction: Family friendly
  • Theme: Heat to the Beat Boogie
  • Tickets: Click here to get your tickets
  • What to bring: Wrap up cosily in lots of layers 

Entrance Fee:

  • R150 General
  • R50 kiddies (under 12)
  • *Additional #ShareTheJoy Donations which go towards The UP are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

A warm-up wiggle for a winter’s morning! Move your body to the beat – build heat – a chance for movers and groovers to meet and move those feet! Join Secret Sunrise Cape Town as they warm up, dance it out, take it all in, break it down, build themselves up, feel it all and generally give their bodies the pure love that is MOVING them.

Click here for more details and information on the Heat to the Beat Boogie | Clifton 1st | Secret Sunrise event or visit the Secret Sunrise website.

#Wild Thing | St James | Secret Sunrise

  • When: Saturday, 4 June 2022
  • Where:  St James Grass Patch | St James, Main Rd, St James, Cape Town
  • Time: 7:30am – 8:30am (Please arrive at 7:15am to receive your headsets, event starts at 8:00am sharp)
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Age restriction: Family friendly
  • Theme: Wild Thing
  • What to wear: Faux fur | animal print
  • Tickets: Click here to get your tickets
  • What to bring:  Water, warm clothes, and your wild attitude

Entrance Fee:

  • R150 General
  • R50 kiddies (under 12)
  • *Additional #ShareTheJoy Donations which go towards The UP are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Click here for more details and information on the Wild Thing | St James | Secret Sunrise event or visit the Secret Sunrise website.

#Winter Wiggle | Kommetjie Beach | Secret Sunset

  • When: Saturday, 4 June 2022
  • Where: Kommetjie Beach | Kommetjie Public Beach, Kommetjie, Cape Town
  • Time: 5pm – 6pm (Please arrive at 4:45pm to receive your headsets, event starts at 5pm sharp)
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Age restriction: Family friendly
  • Theme: Winter Wiggle
  • Tickets: Click here to get your tickets
  • What to bring: Warm Winter layers of fun! Think faux fur, hats, onesies and a bit of sunshiney bling to make it interesting.

Entrance Fee:

  • R150 General
  • R50 kiddies (under 12)
  • *Additional #ShareTheJoy Donations which go towards The UP are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Click here for more details and information on the Winter Wiggle | Kommetjie Beach | Secret Sunset event or visit the Secret Sunrise website.

#Forever Young at Heart | Blouberg | Secret Sunrise

  • When: Saturday, 4 June 2022
  • Where: Blouberg beach (opposite the KFC) | Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
  • Time: 5pm – 6pm (Please arrive at 4:45pm to receive your headsets, event starts at 5pm sharp)
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Age restriction: Family friendly
  • Theme: Forever Young at Heart
  • Tickets: Click here to get your tickets
  • What to bring: Water and warm clothes for after the dance

Entrance Fee:

  • R150 General
  • R50 kiddies (under 12)
  • *Additional #ShareTheJoy Donations which go towards The UP are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Click here for more details and information on the Forever Young at Heart | Blouberg | Secret Sunrise event or visit the Secret Sunrise website.

#The monthly Obs-fficial Thrift Fest

Top Things To Do In June In Cape Town
Photo credit: Thrift Fest
  • When: Saturday, 4 June 2022
  • Where: Observatory Community Centre | Cnr Collingwood and Rawson Road, Observatory, Cape Town
  • Time: 9:30am – 2:30pm
  • Cost: For Customers: Entrance is R10 (R5 for kids under 12 years)
  • Event by: Thrift Fest
  • There is a playground for the kids and lots of vendors to shop from 
  • Pets are more than welcome

#Facilitator Training | Secret Sunrise

  • When: 16th June – 19th June 2022
  • Where: Gecko Creek Wilderness | Remhoogte, Cederberg, Western Cape
  • Time:Thursday – Sunday | Check in at 2pm on Thursday
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Tickets: Click here to get your tickets

Unleash Your Self and Become a Secret Sunrise Facilitator!

Born under African skies, the global movement Secret Sunrise aims to unite the world through music, movement and connection. Currently active in 16 cities across the world and growing rapidly, this global JOY TRIBE aims to get the world grooving. Join Secret Sunrise in getting up and out of your comfort zones, dancing, connecting and sharing the joys of self-expression!

*The Secret Sunrise journey to Unleash Your inner Sun*

  • Understanding the juice/secret behind facilitating secret sunrise sessions.
  • Experience a minimum of 3 Secret Sunrise sessions
  • A deeper understanding of facilitating free dance space
  • Level 1 or 2 Secret Sunrise Accreditation
  • The ability to earn income through co-facilitating (level 1) or lead facilitating (level 2) Secret Sunrise events in person or online globally

All accreditations allow you to work as a facilitator for Secret Sunrise sessions in your area and anywhere around the world where SS dances are held.

*What the “Unleash Your Self” retreat entails*

  • An Immersive Dance Experience to discover your true moving nature, your authentic body expression & original blueprint.
  • An Opportunity to radically transform your life by diving deeper into your authentic Self and learning tools that support your relationships, vocal empowerment, enhance your creativity & purpose.
  • A Safe Space to release blocks and limiting beliefs, while you re-wild your natural expression.
  • A Training in deep listening to unleash your authentic self & expanded self confidence to boldly share more of your light with the world.
  • A Journey to unleash your innate wisdom and deepen your context of your sacred purpose.
  • A Skill Share of tools & practices to awaken and fully embody your creative & balanced lifestyle.
  • A Quest to step fully into your unique voice to share your message & essence confidently with our world.
  • A Joyous Weaving of like-minded souls & wisdom keepers to learn, grow & expand alongside.
  • A Body, Mind, Heart Detox from the normal way of life to reset your system, accelerating new states of radiance & enhanced holistic wellbeing.

This Immersion is for those who are yearning to deepen their relationship with themselves and community. It is for those who are ready to hit the refresh button on their life & focus on improving the quality of holistic health (emotionally, spiritually, mentally & physically). It is for people who want to access new layers of authentic being, self-expression & those who are inspired to elevate their role as agents of Joy, Unity, Peace and Hope.

This is an inclusive experience for all the wonderful humans, teachers of any kind, transformational guides, public speakers, facilitators, life coaches, musicians, poets, artists, ceremonialists, conscious leaders, business owners/ entrepreneurs/ innovators, or anyone else who is called to take their emotional wellbeing to the next level.

You are all invited to come and have a dance-filled transformational experience with Secret Sunrise Cape Town!

Space is limited. Book early to secure your spot!

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the retreat, please contact [email protected].

Click here for more details and information on the Facilitator Training | Secret Sunrise event or visit the Secret Sunrise website.

#Jazzathon 2022 – 25 Years of The People’s Festival

Top Things To Do In June In Cape Town
Photo credit: Cape Town Jazzathon
  • When: 17 June – 19 June 2022
  • Where: GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World | 1 Jakes Gerwel Drive, Cape Town
  • Time: 8pm – 11pm
  • Contact details: [email protected]
  • Tickets: Click here to get your ticket / tickets
  • Take note: There is a ticket limit of 10 tickets per person and per credit card on this event
  • Click here for more information

Affectionately known as The People’s Festival, Jazzathon is a multifaceted Cape Town project that promotes jazz in every form, including live performances, educational workshops, award programmes and multimedia content. Produced and managed by JCQ Productions, Jazzathon provides opportunities to many musicians, service providers and associations. Jazzathon hosts a variety of integrated projects throughout the year leading up to the annual, much-anticipated music festival called the Cape Town Jazzathon. Initiated in 1997, this flagship event is eagerly anticipated by both performers and fans alike.

The concept of Jazzathon is the brainchild of Craig Parks. Initially intended to run as a record-breaking marathon of jazz music, the idea was to allow local jazz lovers to experience jazz culture by any means necessary. In 1997, founding members of newly established JCQ Productions – John Esterhuizen, Craig Parks and Quinton Raaff – produced the very first, free jazz festival in Cape Town. The Cape Town Jazzathon has launched the careers of many well-known South African musicians, promoted South African music to international recognition and achieved award-winning status as a contributor to South African jazz culture. The festival soon became an annual event.

The festival unashamedly opens its doors to all young, upcoming and previously disadvantaged musicians. The objectives of the festival are as follows: to provide a platform for musicians to showcase their talent, to provide an opportunity for emerging and disadvantaged musicians, to pay tribute to those who used their musical talent to shape our cultural heritage, to educate and develop those who contribute to the cultural heritage of South Africa, to facilitate interaction and opportunities for developing artists, to provide a platform for charitable organisations to create awareness, to promote reconciliation, unity and a common nationhood, and finally, to contribute to the growth of tourism in South Africa.

One of the main aims of The Cape Town Jazzathon is to provide a platform for previously disadvantaged, brand new and young-and-upcoming artists. The event pays tribute to women, youth and legendary local artists.

Jazzathon strives to celebrate South African and African music culture. Jazzathon reflects the passion of the people who are proud to share South Africa’s rich cultural heritage with a global audience. Jazzathon will always promote diversity, honour history, cultivate development and contribute to a positive future for the prosperity of our beautiful country as a holistic nation and the local Capetonian jazz scene.

#Khayelitsha Fashion Week

  • When: Saturday, 18 June 2022
  • Where: Cape Town City Hall, Darling Street, CBD, Cape Town
  • Time: 3pm
  • Cost: R120 – R250
  • Event by: Khayelitsha Fashion Week
  • Tickets: Click here to get your ticket / tickets
  • Click here for more information

Khayelitsha Fashion Week’s purpose is to give developing and established local brands a platform to showcase their latest offerings and new designs to the community and surroundings of Khayelitsha.

Fun Things To Do In Cape Town

#Enjoy a Beach Day

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

There is nothing better than being sun-kissed, sandy-toed, and salty-haired while soaking up the glorious Cape Town sunshine. Enjoying a blissful beach day on one of the Mother City’s beautiful beaches is by far one of the top things to do in Cape Town. Thanks to Cape Town’s lovely year-round mild Mediterranean climate, beach season can be enjoyed right throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking to have some beach fun in the sun, sunbathe, go sandcastle building, learn to surf, enjoy a sunset stroll or beach sundowner, Cape Town’s variety of sensational beaches caters to all your beach-loving desires.

Here are some of our favorite beaches that all deserve to be on your Cape Town beach bucket-list: Camps Bay, Clifton, Muizenberg Beach, Bloubergstrand, Llandudno, Bakoven, Glen Beach, Boulders Beach, Big Bay, Oudekraal Beach, Long Beach in Kommetjie, Noordhoek Beach and Water’s Edge.

#Spend the day at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

If you’re a head-over-heels nature lover, a visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens should definitely be right at the top of your Cape Town bucket-list. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is acclaimed as one of the great botanic gardens in the world. It has also won the highly esteemed ‘International Garden of the Year’ award, and to be honest, very few gardens can compare to the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch. This not only makes Kirstenbosch gardens one of the best gardens to visit in Cape Town, but one of its most magnificent natural gems too!

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

Located right at the base of Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch is one of the most incredible displays of indigenous natural beauty you’ll find anywhere in the city. It forms part of the Cape Floristic Region, also known as the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cape Floristic Region is the world’s smallest, yet most diverse, floral kingdom. It is one of only six floral kingdoms in the world and is the only one that occurs entirely in one country. Here you’ll find a glorious diversity of fauna and flora entirely indigenous to Cape Town. Kirstenbosch covers an area of 528 hectares filled with more than 7,000 plant species, 2,500 of these from the Cape Peninsula.

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

Besides its vast natural beauty and top Cape Town garden status, Kirstenbosch offers visitors an endless variety of things to do and see. Not to mention some exciting adventure experiences!

Here is a sneak-peak of what you can expect on your visit to Kirstenbosch:

  • Calling all wildlife and bird lovers! Kirstenbosch is home to over 125 bird species, making it any bird enthusiast’s dream come true. You will also encounter several reptiles, frogs, and invertebrates as well as amphibians such as the Chirping Frog, the Cape River Frog, and the critically endangered Table Mountain Ghost Frog.
  • Avid hikers can enjoy a variety of hiking trails and walking routes. The Kirstenbosch estate can be explored via five trails of differing levels of difficulty. All are well-maintained, logged footpaths or gravel roads and are sign-posted. The Braille Trailand Boekenhout Trail are ideal forest walks for those pressed for time and the not so fit. The Stinkwood Trail is a relatively short exploration of the oldest part of the forest with some of the largest trees. The Yellowwood Trail and Silvertree Trail are long hikes that take you up to the waterfall and around the estate, through both forest and fynbos. It is also possible to climb Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch, up Nursery Ravine or Skeleton Gorge.
  • Kirstenbosch boasts a variety of beautiful garden areas, including the Botanical Society Conservatory, art at the Sculpture Garden, and the Protea Garden, to mention just a few.
  • For avid adventurers and thrill seekers, there are tons of hidden gems, secret spots, caves, waterfalls and so much more to be discovered and explored – so get ready for an adventure!
  • Beautiful, lush lawns and large shaded trees perfect for picnics and kiddies ruuning around.
  • The famous Centenary Treetop Canopy Walk, also known as the ‘Boomslang’, has fast become a fan-favourite Kirstenbosch attraction for both the young and young at heart. The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a curved steel and timber bridge that winds and dips its way through and over the trees of the Arboretum. The Walkway takes visitors from the forest floor into and through the trees and bursts out above the canopy, boasting spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Garden.
  • The cyad amphitheatre which features life-size models of dinosaurs – this is a real winner with the kids!
  • Kirstenbosch also has a variety of restaurants to and curio shops.

#Hike the Pipe Track Hiking Trail

Top Things To Do In Cape Town
  • Difficulty: Easy level of difficulty
  • Level of fitness required: Low – Moderate level of fitness required
  • Start point: The junction of Tafelberg Road and Kloof Nek (you can park your car in the Kloof Nek parking lot)
  • End point: Camps Bay
  • Average time to the top: 2 – 4 hours (depending on your fitness and experience level) | The route is easy-going, although it becomes slightly tougher after passing by Slangolie Ravine.
  • Approximate route distance: +/- 6km
  • Pet-friendly: Yes. However, Table Mountain National Park is under the jurisdiction of SANParks. This requires that dog-walkers have a Level 1 My Activity Permit (R305 per year).
  • Child-friendly: Yes

The Pipe Track is the perfect Table Mountain hiking route for beginner hikers as well as those looking to enjoy a more relaxed and laid-back hiking experience. The Pipe Track follows a path adjacent to Table Mountain between Kloof Nek and Kasteelpoort. While the Pipe Track hiking trail does not go all the way to the top of Table Mountain, it does circle around the mountain.

The track hugs the side of Table Mountain’s sandstone cliffs and travels through the western slope ravines. This gives you the perfect opportunity to tick an amazing hiking experience off your Cape Town bucket-list all while admiring a magnificent view of Lion’s Head, the Atlantic Ocean, Twelve Apostles mountain range, the beautiful Mother City, and beyond.

A major bonus for first time hikers is that the Pipe Track hiking trail is a pretty easy and effortless route and is generally all on the flat. Unless you choose to start the hiking trail from Camps Bay, then the initial climb will require some effort, however it is still very doable.

**Click here to find out everything you need to know about the Pipe Track Table Mountain hiking trail.

#Watch the sunset from the Clifton Ridge Rocks

**Secret Sunset Spot**

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

The Clifton Ridge Rocks is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful secret sunset spots in Cape Town. While Cape Town locals may be reluctant to share this hidden sunset gem with the rest of the world, how can we possibly deny you the pleasure of watching the Mother City sun go down from this magical spot? Paired with a few sundowners, it’s pure beach sunset bliss!

At the end of The Ridge Road in Clifton, just before you think you’ve gone too far, you’ll stumble upon a small walkway that opens on a little rock ridge. This is the magic sunset spot! Once you’ve reached your secret sunset destination, find a spot, sit back, relax, and soak up all the magic that’s about to come your way. It promises to be one incredible sunset experience you won’t soon forget.

#Go on an Aerial Cable Way ride up Table Mountain

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

Going on an Aerial Cable Way ride up the world-renowned Table Mountain is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Cape Town year-round.

While admiring Table Mountain from below is every bit as beautiful, there are few things that compare to the view from the top of one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Plus, you get to tick something truly thrilling off your Cape Town bucket-list. Whether you’re young or young at heart, going on an Aerial Cableway Ride up Table Mountain is one adventure that will be thoroughly enjoyed by all!

What are you waiting for? Book your Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ticket right now from WebTickets.

#Visit the Arderne Gardens

Gardens and Parks in Cape Town - Arderne Gardens
Photo credit: Arderne Gardens
  • Location: 222 Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town
  • Entrance fee: Free | There is however a donation box for Friends of the Arderne Gardens who maintain it.
  • Operating hours: Open daily from 8am – 6pm

The beautiful Arderne Gardens is the perfect picturesque garden escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner-city. Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s southern suburbs, the Arderne Gardens is renowned for its exotic trees and Japanese-style ponds.

Besides being one of the best gardens in Cape Town to visit, this natural gem has become a popular location for fun family outings, picnics in the park and any-time-of-the-day strolls. Its resident ducks, guinea fowl and fish, has made it a real fan-favorite for the kiddies, as well as the adults of course!

Gardens and Parks in Cape Town - Arderne Gardens
Photo credit: Arderne Gardens

There are tons of beautiful walkways that meander through the garden inviting you to sit back and relax and enjoy the blissful solitude. However, if you’re an adventurer and nature lover at heart, the walkways are perfect for exploring all the fauna and flora the Arderne Gardens has to offer.

**Fun fact: The Arderne Gardens is home to the one of the largest trees in Africa known locally as the Wedding Tree.

#Visit Stony Point Nature Reserve

While Boulders Beach is one of Cape Town’s top tourist attractions, with everyone jumping at the bid to see its thriving African Penguin colony, very few people know that Stony Point Nature Reserve is home to one of the largest successful breeding colonies of African Penguins in the world. Located in the coastal town of Betty’s Bay (approximately 90km from Cape Town), Stony Point Nature Reserve gives visitors the opportunity to witness Cape Town’s favourite ocean locals, the cool and charismatic African Penguins, up-close in their natural habitat by means of boardwalks that wind through the reserve.

African Penguins aren’t the only marine life or wildlife you’ll have the pleasure of seeing when visiting this Cape Nature reserve. The reserve is home to a colony of cormorants which includes three species: The Crowned cormorant, Cape cormorant and Bank cormorant, all of which breed on the outer rocks. There are also Hartlaub’s Gulls and Kelp Gulls which forage in the colony, while the infamous Rock Hyrax, more commonly known as the Dassie, can frequently be spotted on the various surrounding rocks.

The Stony Point Nature Reserve is wheelchair and walking stick friendly and welcomes people of all ages to see and explore its scenic surroundings and incredible marine life.

Location: Stony Point Penguin Colony, Betty’s Bay, Cape Overberg Region, Western Cape

#St James Tidal Pool and Coastal Walk

Top things to do in Cape Town

While Cape Town has no shortage of incredible tidal pools (read our post Cape Town’s 19 Amazing Tidal Pools  to make sure you visit them all), the St James Tidal Pool is undoubtedly one of the best. Not to mention a real fan-favourite among the young and young at heart.

How to get there: Situated close to the Muizenberg station, you will need to cross over the train tracks and follow the winding concrete path that meanders along the coast. Once you’ve reached your desired destination, a refreshing dip in the cool St James tidal pool waters is an absolute must! It really is the perfect Cape Town summer holiday activity for the whole family.

Besides the not-to-be-missed St James Tidal Pool, the St James coastal walk, which stretches between Muizenberg and St James, sure gives the Sea Point promenade a run for its money. Once known as Cape Town’s Golden Mile, this stunning walkway boasts sensational views right throughout.

As the vibrant False Bay coastline is known for its plethora of thriving marine life, be sure to keep a look out for some thrilling sightings of Cape Town’s beloved ocean locals – African Penguins, dolphins, whales, and of course the wonderful Cape Fur Seal!

The path is concreted the entire way and begins just behind Muizenberg’s railway station (It is highly recommended that you park up that end, rather than at the beach).

Feel free to enjoy the St James coastal walk barefooted (if you so desire), but, as a word of warning, the fishermen tend to leave their tackle on the path whilst fishing just out in front of it, so make sure you’re extra vigilant.

While taking a stroll along the ever-beautiful St James coastal walk is a fantastic and fun time for all regardless of the time of day, the very best time to do this walk is during low tide.

#Go on a Red Bus City Sightseeing Tour with the whole family

Going on a famous Red Bus City Sightseeing Tour around the Mother City should be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket list. The iconic Cape Town Red Bus Tour is the ultimate hop-on-hop-off experience. Stopping at some of the city’s top landmarks, hidden gems, and sought-after attractions, it is one of the best, and certainly the most exciting, ways to explore everything the beautiful and vibrant city of Cape Town has to offer. Plus, its tons of fun for the whole family.

**Tip: There are a variety of Cape Town Red Bus City Sightseeing tours to choose from, visit their website to find out more.

  • Contact details: [email protected] | 021 511 6000 (07:00–18:00)
  • Cape Town Tour Office Location: V&A Waterfront (Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town) | Long Street (63 – 69 Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town)
  • For more information visit the City Sightseeing website:

#Visit Cape Point

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Point is one of Cape Town’s most magnificent natural wonders and sought-after attractions. Located approximately 60km south west of the city of Cape Town, at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Point is the ultimate mecca for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Besides its unapologetic natural beauty, Cape Point boasts a rich diversity of fauna and flora, secret beaches, endless adventure experiences, and some of the most thrilling hiking trails in the Western Cape. With so much to do, see, and experience, visiting the renowned Cape Point should be on everyone’s bucket-list.

Check out our blog to find out more about ‘The Top 5 Things To Do At Cape Point Anytime Of The Year’If you’re an avid hiker, we’ve put together everything you need to know about the ‘Best Cape Point Hiking Trails’.

#Enjoy a day at the Company’s Gardens

Gardens and Parks in Cape Town - Companys Gardens
  • Location: Company’s Garden, 19 Queen Victoria Street, Central, City Bowl, Cape Town, Western Cape
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact details: 021 423 2919 | 021 444 1901 | [email protected]
  • Operating hours: Open daily from 7am – 7pm in Winter | 07:30am – 8:30 in Summer

Established in 1652 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the historical Company’s Garden forms a unique oasis in the heart of Cape Town’s inner-city. The Company’s Garden is not only one of the top and most beautiful gardens in Cape Town, it is also home to some of South Africa’s most important landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, St George’s Cathedral, and the National Library of South Africa, to name a few.

Besides its historical significance, the Company’s Garden has established itself as the ideal escape from the hype and hustle of the inner-city. Boasting a vast array of trees and a diversity of fabulous flora scattered about, the garden offers visitors several shady spots and benches on which to sit back, unwind, and enjoy the peaceful and stunning surroundings.

Gardens and Parks in Cape Town - Companys Gardens

While wandering the many scenic pathways of the Company’s Garden, you’ll come across several historical features such as historic statues, a Japanese theme garden, a well that dates back to 1842, and a vegetable garden that recreates elements of the original VOC garden. The Garden also boasts a rose garden, a bird aviary, water features, a restaurant, plenty of squirrels running about, and lovely lush lawns perfect for picnicking under the glorious Cape Town sun.

#Visit Muizenberg Beach & Its Colorful Beach Huts

Top Things To Do In Cape Town

Located along the vibrant False Bay coastline, Muizenberg Beach’s laid-back beach vibe, surf’s up approach to life and vibrant energy has made it one of Cape Town’s coolest coastal towns. Known as one of Cape Town’s top blue-flag swimming beaches, Muizenberg Beach is perfect for enjoying a lovely laid-back beach day with the whole family.

Besides its blissful beach status, Muizenberg Beach is home to the famous Muizenberg Beach huts, also known as the retro wooden bathing boxes. These cool and colourful works of art have not only become one of the most sought-after attractions for travellers and photographers from around the world, but it has claimed the title as one of the most ‘Instagrammable’ spots in Cape Town too. This makes Muizenberg Beach and its colourful beach huts a must-visit destination on any trip to Cape Town.

**Tip: Muizenberg Beach’s famous Surfers Corner is the best place in Cape Town for surfing first-timers to learn how to surf. If you’ve got ‘Learn how to surf’ jotted down on your Cape Town bucket-list – It’s time to seize the surfing day and surf your very first wave at Muizenberg’s Surfers Corner!

#Take a Sunset Drive along Chapman’s Peak

Things To Do In Cape Town

Named one of the most magnificent marine drives in the world, taking a drive along the picturesque Chapman’s Peak Drive should be on everyone’s bucket-list. Affectionately known as ‘Chappies’ by Cape Town locals, this captivating coastal road ribbons along the Atlantic coastline between Hout Bay and Noordhoek. Besides showcasing some of the most sensational panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll pass rugged mountains, picturesque white-sand beaches, and vibrant fishing harbours on your way.

If you’re looking to experience something extra special, a sunset drive along Chapman’s Peak promises to sweep you off your feet and capture your sunset-loving heart all at the same time. It isn’t known as one of the best sunset spots in Cape Town for nothing.

**If you’re eager to add some adventure and thrill to your Chapman’s Peak Drive experience, here are a few things to look out for:

**Tip: Chapman’s Peak Drive is known for its amazing hidden gems scattered along the route. Two of which include the waterfall walk and the secret Look-out Cave.

The waterfall walk is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers and is found just before you reach the toll gate on your way towards Noordhoek.

The Chapman’s Peak Look-out Cave is not only one of its most beautiful hidden gems, but one of Cape Town’s top secret caves and best sunset spots too. Like all of the Mother City’s best kept secrets, you may need to wander a little off the beaten path to find it. Make your way along Chapman’s Peak Drive until you reach the famous Chapman’s Peak Lookout Point – This is where the real adventure begins!

Positioned just below the pass, you’ll have to climb over the railing and carefully make your way down the mountainside to reach the Lookout Cave. Once you’ve reached this cool secret hideaway and stunning sunset spot, it’s time to sit back, relax and soak it all in. The sheltered sand-stone cave boasts the perfect view over Hout Bay and Atlantic Ocean. An extra bonus is that it has enough space to enjoy a picnic and a few sundowners paired with one hell of a view.

Besides these two must-visit secret spots, there are a variety of look-out points and picnic sites located at various points along the drive. Chapman’s Peak Drive is also known as one of the best places to spot the beloved members of Cape Town’s Marine Big 5. Make sure to keep a look-out for Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins, Southern Right Whales, and African Penguins.

** Important note: Chapman’s Peak Drive may be closed during severe weather, or because of road maintenance. Contact the customer service line (021 791 8220) or visit their Facebook page or website to check the current status.

  • Location: M6 | Chapmans Peak Drive, Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town
  • Best time: Best during daylight hours | Particularly beautiful at sunset
  • Cost: Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road, and as such requires as toll tariff fee. Each category of vehicle pays a different tariff and the tariff is applicable in each direction.
  • Toll Details: Click here to find out more about the Chapman’s Peak Standard Toll Tariffs | Click here to find out more about Chapman’s Peak Day Passes | Click here to find out more about Chapman’s Peak Frequent User Benefits