Pipe Track Hiking Trail



Fitness Level

Low – Moderate

Route distance

+/- 6km

Start point

The junction of Tafelberg Road & Kloof Nek | Camps Bay

End point

Camps Bay

Average time

2 – 4 hours (depending on your fitness and experience level)

Pipe Track Hiking Trail


The junction of Tafelberg Road and Kloof Nek marks the starting point of the Pipe Track hiking trail. To get there, park at the very first parking lot on Tafelberg Road and head to the right up the concrete stairs. This is where you’ll find the Pipe Track trail leading towards the Twelve Apostles and Camps Bay side. The track hugs the mountain for about 6 km to Corridor Ravine, but you can turn around at any point. You can also choose to start your hike from Camps Bay. Although the initial climb requires more effort, it is still a very do-able route.

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Pipe Track Hiking Trail

The Pipe Track is the perfect Table Mountain hiking route for beginner hikers as well as those looking to enjoy a more relaxed and laid-back hiking experience. The Pipe Track follows a path between Kloof Nek and Kasteelpoort, adjacent to Table Mountain. Although the Pipe Track does not go up all the way to the top of Table Mountain, it circles around the mountain.

The track hugs the side of Table Mountain’s sandstone cliffs and travels through the western slope ravines. This gives you the perfect opportunity to tick an amazing hiking experience off your Cape Town bucket-list. All while getting to admire the magnificent views of Lion’s Head, the Atlantic Ocean, Twelve Apostles mountain range and the beautiful Mother City.

Pipe Track Hiking Trail

Another bonus for first time hikers is that the Pipe Track hiking trail is a pretty easy and effortless route and is generally all on the flat. Unless you choose to start the hiking trail from Camps Bay, then the initial climb will require some effort, however it is still very doable.


  • There are several trails that lead off/deviate from the Pipe Track hiking route, however these should not be attempted without the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. Many of these trails are not beginner-friendly and require a certain level of fitness and experience. They are also not open to dogs.
  • As a large portion of the Pipe Track hiking trail is directly exposed to the afternoon sun, the trail can be tough and particularly gruelling on hot days. The best time to hike the Pipe Track route in the hot summer months is during the early morning or late afternoon.

**Interesting facts: Besides sensational views, you will encounter a diversity of fauna and flora, including the beloved Cape Fynbos and Proteas, along the Pipe Track route. The Pipe Track also boast a rich history – The Pipe Track trail follows a pipeline that was built for the purpose of servicing and supplying 19th-century Cape Town with water from the Disa Gorge.

  • Pet-friendly: Yes, although Table Mountain National Park is under the jurisdiction of SANParks, which requires that dog-walkers have a Level 1 My Activity Permit (R305 per year).
  • Child-friendly: Yes