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Top 5 Coolest Cafés in Cape Town

Its time to explore Cape Town’s coolest cafés! In Cape Town living that cool café lifestyle is as easy as savouring a spectacular cup of artisan coffee or indulging in a delicious baked good. But, besides sensational sweet treats, some of the best cups of brew made especially for you, croissants and colourful plates of food, its about the vibe too. Besides her beauty and charm, the Mother City certainly has the cool café vibe locked down. And she isn’t afraid to share it with café-loving souls from all around the world. From trendy street-side spots and quirky corner cafés to hip hideaways and bold and bohemian café escapes. There truly is something for every café lover to enjoy. Here are the top 5 coolest cafés in Cape Town that absolutely deserve a prime spot on your global café bucket-list.

#1 Nourish’d Café Kloof Street

Top 5 Coolest Cafés in Cape Town - Nourish'd Café Kloof Street
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Tucked behind lush granadilla creepers and a bounty of gloriously hanging pot plants is where you’ll find this beautiful bohemian inner-city café escape. Besides being one of the top 5 coolest cafés in Cape Town. Nourish’d has also received global recognition for its cool café status. Named the 13th most ‘Instagrammable’ café in the world by Big 7 Travel. Nourish’d not only deserves the number one spot on our top Cape Town café list. But definitely yours too! With its sleek and understated yet beautiful, bold and bohemian look and feel, Nourish’d has undoubtedly captured the hearts of café loving souls from around the world.

Proudly establishing themselves as a healthy laid-back café & juicer. I’s the perfect care-free escape from the hustle and bustle of the Mother City. And the fact that every dish served looks like a work of art and their décor is a bohemian breath of fresh air. Means you’ll get some seriously cool Insta-worthy snapshots of your Nourish’d experience. All while indulging in their wide variety of menu options. Boasting a selection of fresh juices, shots, smoothies, breakfast bowls and tasty toasts. All filled with fresh, homegrown ingredients, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. At Nourish’d the vibe is cool, the people are cool, and the food and feel are super cool. And the fact that it’s the 13th most Instagrammable café in the wold makes it a must-visit spot for anyone travelling to Cape Town. Especially if you consider yourself to be true café lover at heart!

  • Where: 177 Kloof Street The Old Garage on Hof Street Gardens, Gardens, Cape Town,
  • Contact: 064 755 2431
  • Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 7am – 5pm | Friday: 7am – 4pm | Saturday: 8am – 2pm | Sunday: 8am – 12pm

#2 Clarke’s Bar & Dining Room on Bree Street

Top 5 Coolest Cafés in Cape Town - Clarke's Bar & Dining Room
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Clarke’s on Bree Street has fast established itself as one of the coolest café’s in Cape Town. Not only according to us, but local and global café lovers too. There is a certain level of excitement that fills the air as soon as you spot the iconic copper Clarke’s sign and white canopy. And although you may feel the urge to try and resist its cool café charm, this is one battle you’re bound to lose. So, the only thing left to do is, to step inside and let Clarke’s work it’s café magic on you. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! There’s a reason why Clarke’s on Bree has become a real café fan-favourite among locals and travellers alike. And you’re about to find out why.

Besides it’s cool laid-back café vibe and trendy Bree Street location. Clarke’s has become well known for their incredible all-day breakfasts, down-right delicious burgers, sensational cocktails and drinks selection and exciting flavour-filled menu options. Thereby ensuring there’s something for everyone to savour and enjoy. In addition to its jam-packed menu, Clarke’s incredibly cool interiors is undoubtedly one of the top reasons why people just can’t get enough of that Clarke’s café magic. From pared-down wooden tables and rustic yet chic design elements to an amazingly lush indoor plant display. You can’t help but be captivated and mesmerised once you step foot inside.

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating options, Clarke’s street-facing outside tables have become quite the fan-favourite spot when visiting this trendy Cape Town café. Not only for some good ol’ people watching. But also for soaking up all the glorious Mother City sunshine on a beautiful summer’s day. All while enjoying an indulgent cup of coffee, delicious croissant, cool craft beer, sensational cocktail, or whatever floats your boat. At Clarke’s they cater to all taste buds, craving and celebratory occasions.

Whether it’s the cool café vibe, welcoming atmosphere, delicious cups of coffee or exceptional selection of drinks, sweet treats and meals on offer. Clarke’s on Bree is undoubtedly one of the coolest cafés in Cape Town. Not to mention the fact that it keeps the party going and cool café vibes flowing right into the night. Now that’s what we call a top Cape Town café that truly has it all.

  • Where: 133 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
  • Contact: 087 470 0165 | [email protected] | [email protected]
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7am ’till late (the kitchen closes from 4pm – 5pm) | Saturday: 8am ’till late (the kitchen closes from 4pm – 5pm) | Sunday: 8am – 3pm

#3 Origin Coffee Roasting Café

Clarke's Bar & Dining Room - Origin Coffee Roasting Café
Photo credit: Origin Coffee Roasting Cafe

Referred to as the godfather of speciality coffee in South Africa. Origin Coffee Roasting Café is widely known as one of the coolest cafés in Cape Town. And definitely one of the best spots in town to get your morning, mid-day or afternoon-slump coffee fix. Origin is also one of South Africa’s first artisan coffee roasters, and quite possibly the very first in Cape Town. It was therefore instrumental in planting the coffee seeds to what has today become a thriving local coffee scene.

From the sourcing of green beans to the precise roasting, blending, grinding and pouring of coffee. Origin’s love and passion for exceptional coffee is evident in every single cup of brew they serve up. With a focus on sourcing the world’s finest coffee beans and offering the widest selection of single origin coffees in South Africa. Origin gives coffee lovers the opportunity to taste and experience the finest roasted brews from all corners of the globe right here in the Mother City.

Situated in a historic brickhouse and courtyard in the trendy De Waterkant district of Cape Town. Origin’s location is every bit as unique as it’s incredible cups of coffee. So, you better believe you’re in for quite a coffee treat! In addition to their sensational cups of brew, Origin has an exciting menu jam-packed with indulgent baked-goods, delicious gluten-free and vegan options, tasty plates and bowls and knock-your-socks-off breakfast options. Not to mention their amazing selection of local beers, ciders, wine, bubbles and beverages. You want it, they’ve got it.

Besides being the ultimate day-time café hotspot in the Mother City, Origin is changing the game with their very own European-style evening café. Origin’s evening café aims to be the go-to destination for those who drink and those who don’t. Therefore, whether you’re looking to enjoy an indulgent cup of coffee or tea, an exceptional glass of wine or laid-back cocktail and a bite to eat on your evening out, Origin is the perfect place to do it all. Origin’s evening café will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings all year-round.

  • Where: 28 Hudson Street De Waterkant, Cape Town
  • Contact: 021 421 1000 | [email protected]
  • Opening hours:  Monday- Friday: 7:00 – 17:00| Saturday & Public Holidays: 8:00 – 15:00 | Sunday: 08:00 – 14:00

#4 Yours Truly Café & Bar

Clarke's Bar & Dining Room - Yours Truly Café & Bar
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Described as an urban oasis, Yours Truly is a beautiful, bold, bohemian Cape Town café by day and beer garden by night that has captured the hearts of head-over-heels café lovers from around the world. And is without a doubt a local café fan-favourite too. If hip locals, cool creatives, laid-back hipsters, savvy forward-thinkers and trendy travellers are your tribe, then Yours Truly is where you’ll find your café-loving tribe. Besides its laid-back café vibe, it’s cool and captivating interiors is undoubtedly one of the main things that keep people going back for more. Fully immersed in greenery, decked out with wooden accents, thin black lines and cool low-hanging lights left, right and centre, you’ll truly feel like you’ve escaped to your own piece of café paradise right in the heart of the Mother City

While this cool Cape Town café is definitely not all looks, it has certainly embraced the greener side of life in the most glorious way. And you can’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with Yours Truly’s beautiful setting. Undoubtedly making it one of the coolest cafés in Cape Town. In addition to its stunning surroundings, everyone is welcome atmosphere and cool laid-back vibe, Yours Truly boasts a wide selection of coffees, on-tap beers, wine, gin and spirits as well as a delicious food menu bursting with choice and flavour. Thereby ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

But, that’s not all this cool Cape Town café has up its sleeve! As the Mother City sun starts to set, the vibe picks up and the place starts to fill, guests can choose to move on up to the Up Yours Rooftop terrace. Which has fast become one of the top rooftop bars in Cape Town. Especially if you’re looking to enjoy a cool craft beer, glass of Cape vino or refreshing cocktail while watching a beautiful Cape Town sunset. It even has cool live DJ sessions to add some sizzling summer beats to your rooftop bar experience. It’s therefore safe to say that Yours Truly is one cool Cape Town café that might just have it all! Besides its trendy Kloof Street location, Yours Truly also has locations in Long Street and Loop Street.

  • Where: 73 Kloof Street, Schotsche Kloof, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Contact: 021 426 2587 | [email protected]
  • Opening hours: Café: Monday – Sunday 6am – 12pm | Up Yours Rooftop Bar: Monday – Sunday 3pm – 10pm

#5 Truth Coffee Roasting Café

Yours Truly Café & Bar - Truth Coffee Roasting Café
Photo credit: Truth Coffee Roasting Cafe

Much like wine, in Cape Town, coffee is culture. With world-renowned coffee shops like Truth Coffee Roasting Café having a lot to do with it. But, if you don’t believe us, just have a look at the global coffee charts to get the proof you need. Voted the best coffee shop in the world in 2016 by the UK based publication The Daily Telegraph 2 years in a row, Truth has certainly staked its claim to the global coffee throne and showing no signs of retreating any time soon. Undoubtedly making it one of the top must-visit coffee shops and coolest cafés in Cape Town for locals and travellers alike.

Establishing themselves as one of the most highly sought-after coffee experiences in the Mother City, Truth Coffee Roasting Café specializes in selecting and roasting the world’s most exclusive coffees. Thereby putting mediocre cups of instant coffee to shame with their gourmet home-roasted cups of brew. And with the slogan of ‘Taste the joy of the extraordinary’ you better believe you’re in for one sensational cup of brew.

In addition to great coffee, the award-winning Truth Coffee Roasting Café’s steampunk-themed interiors creates an industrial-chic space that is bold and captivating yet trendy and laid-back all at the same time. And their vintage Probat coffee roaster with all its modern electronics, will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot inside a Sherlock Holmes-era laboratory right in the heart of Cape Town’s inner city.

Besides its super cool interiors and sensational cups of coffee, Truth also offers really delicious food options. As well as a variety of wine, craft beers and various tea selections (they even have High Tea). Not to mention the fact that the staff at Truth are truly incredible and only too happy and keen to share their love and knowledge of coffee with whoever will listen. Especially if you need a little extra help navigating their epic menu jam-packed with exciting coffee options.

In other exciting news, Truth has also added their TRUTH.After Dark edition. Which means you can enjoy their gourmet cups of brew right into the midnight hours. Making it the perfect night-time Cape Town coffee stop too.

  • Where: 36 Buitenkant Street | Cape Town City Centre
  • Opening times: Takeaway deli opens from 05h59 on weekdays serving coffee and pastries
  • Café: Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm | Saturday 8am – 6pm | Sunday 8am – 4pm | TRUTH.After Dark – Monday – Saturday 6pm – Midnight
  • Contact: 021 2000 440 | [email protected]