Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town
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Top 10 Ice Cream Spots in Cape Town

Like all worthy eatsplorers, our love affair with ice cream stretches far and wide & we bet yours does too!

Cape Town’s summer season is in full swing, making it the perfect time to savour the cool deliciousness of an ice-cream. Let’s be honest, is there anything more satisfying than a scoop of ice cream on a hot summers’ day in the glorious Mother City? Absolutely not!

While the Mother City has no shortage of incredible ice cream hotspots to choose from, we’ve done our very best to narrow it down to the top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town.

Enjoy ice cream lovers – this one is just for you!


1. The Creamery

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Creamery

Its ice-cream time! More specifically Creamery ice-cream time! The Creamery is undoubtedly a Mother City staple and huge fan-favorite when it comes to ice-cream – trust us, once you taste it, you’ll definitely understand why. To make things even better, The Creamery not only ensures that every scoop is jam-packed with ALL the ice-cream goodness your ice-cream loving heart desires, but completely eliminates any sort of ‘guilt complex’ you may have if and / or when you surrender to satisfying your irresistible sweet tooth craving. Why is that you ask? Well, not only is it heaven in a tub, it’s handmade using seasonal, organic, locally sourced ingredients (and served in biodegradable tubs) – how great is that?!

With trusty favorites like Peanut Butter, Rosetta Roastery Coffee, Sea Salt Caramel, Sweet Cream, and 65% Chocolate you’ll always find creamy greatness at one of the Creamery branches in Cape Town. With stores all over the city, and seasonal flavor changes, this spot will have you coming back again and again. And there is no limit to the imagination of the flavor team here – the sky is truly the limit! Combinations like Christmas Mince Pie, Chocolate Orange, Hot Cross Bun, and Malva Pudding have all been found at The Creamery, but there’s never a guarantee that a flavor will return – so you better get it while its ‘hot’!

In addition to its wide range of unique & down-right delicious flavor combinations, every month they have a new flavor to try, and try you must! Each branch also has an ice-cream covered treat on offer, like warm waffles in Newlands or freshly baked cookies in Mouille Point.

At The Creamery you can get toppings, tubs, and there’s even a loyalty card to reward you for visiting and treating yourself – what a bonus!

**Local tip: In addition to being one of the best ice-cream spots in Cape Town, The Creamery is also one of the top waffle spots in Cape Town – talk about a double threat!


  • Harbour View at the V&A Waterfront: Shop 6160b, Victoria Wharf (next to Exclusive Books) | 021 203 3489
  • Palmyra Junction: Shop 16, Palmyra Junction, 4 Palmyra Road, Claremont | 021 203 5210
  • Mouille Point: Shop 2, New Cumberland Building, Park Road | 021 434 2455
  • Newlands: Shop 4, Newlands Quarter, Dean Street | 021 879 3404
  • Durbanville: Shop 18, Durbanville Village Square, Cnr Rose & Oxford Street | 087 803 0844
  • They’re also at popular markets like the V&A Waterfront’s Food Market and the Earth Fair Markets in the CBD on Thursdays.

2. Crumbs and Cream

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Crumbs & Cream

If you’re a self-proclaimed head-over-heels ice-cream lover at heart, the incredible Crumbs & Cream should definitely be right at the top of your Cape Town ice-cream bucket-list!

Crumbs & Cream began their ice-cream adventure in 2016 with the super cute and extremely hard-to-resist pink and yellow truck at the Watershed Market at the V&A Waterfront. As luck will have it, The Crumbs & Cream Ice-Cream Sandwiches were an instant hit and after just two months, the brand expanded and they opened their flagship store in Sea point. Its safe to say that Crumbs & Cream has taken Cape Town by storm with customers flocking to get their hands on these delectable cookie and ice-cream sandwiches.

One of the coolest things about Crumbs & Cream – besides their irresistible ice-cream flavors & beyond delicious ice-cream sandwiches of course – is the fact that this top Cape Town ice-cream spot takes fun seriously, VERY seriously! The Crumbs & Cream fun-factor is incorporated into absolutely everything – from the exciting atmosphere and the colorful branding to the customer service and music. Crumbs & Cream is all about providing ice-cream lovers with a one-of-a-kind ice-cream experience from beginning to end, whether they’re creating a limited edition Crumbs & Cream sandwich, sharing a ready-made selection with friends, or enjoying a sweet treat whilst swaying on the swings at the Sea Point store.

That’s not all! Not by a long shot! While Crumbs & Cream is certainly all about the fun, they are also super focused & committed to keeping things fresh & fabulous! Each time you visit a Crumbs & Cream store, you’re bound to find something new. Look out for the cookie of the month, tuck into a spooky Halloween themed ice-cream sandwich, or even sink your teeth into one of their Vegan options!

So how does it all work? Create your own personalized Crumbs & Cream sandwich by choosing any two different cookies from the regularly updated variety of freshly baked cookies. (Think Choc Chip, Red Velvet and even Milk Tart…yum!) Then pick your ice-cream of choice and decide on any of their yummy toppings and spreads. The best part about a trip to Crumbs & Cream? With so many different combinations, there’ll always be something new to indulge in!


  • Sea Point (flagship store): 16 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town | 081 343 2761 | * Kosher and Halal
  • V&A Waterfront: Watershed Kiosk | 081 343 2761 | * Kosher and Halal
  • Website:

3. Unframed

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town - Unframed

Photo credit: Unframed

Rated best ice cream parlour in the world by Big 7 Travel

We’re kicking off our list of the top ice cream spots in Cape Town with an absolute bang with one of the best ice cream parlours in the world as rated by Big 7 Travel – Unframed!

Unframed is an artisanal ice cream parlour that makes their ice cream entirely from scratch using real, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. In addition to their extensive variety of flavorsome, knock-your-socks-off ice-cream, Unframed has something for every ice cream lover at heart! Whether you’re all about the old-school classic delights or something a little more bold and daring, Unframed has the perfect ice cream flavor combination for you.

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town - Unframed

Photo credit: Unframed

To top it off, Unframed also has a wide array of vegan and lactose intolerant ice cream options, as well as amazing fruit-based sorbets to choose from. To ensure absolutely everyone is catered for, Unframed always has an indulgent selection of at least ten rotating ice cream flavors with at least two sorbets and three vegan offerings available at all times.

Besides their flagship store in Woodstock, this cool Cape Town ice cream parlour boasts three more locations:

  • Woodstock (flagship store): Woodstock Quarter, 187 Sir Lowry Road | M – F 11am – 4pm | 063 601 0287
  • Kloof Street, Gardens: 45C Kloof Street | Daily 11am – 11pm | 065 913 2005
  • The V&A Waterfront Food Market: V&A Food Market | 065 878 3917
  • Delaire Graff, Stellenbosch: Helshoogte Rd, Stellenbosch | Seasonal | Daily 12am – 5pm | 063 601 0287
  • Allora, Franschhoek: 34 Huguenot Rd, Franschhoek | M-F 12am – 8pm / WE 10am – 8pm | 021 876 4375
  • Spier Farm, Stellenbosch: Annandale Rd, Stellenbosch | Seasonal | Daily 12am – 5pm | 063 601 0287
  • Website:

4. Kristens Kickass Ice Creams

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Kristens Kickass Ice Creams

In the idyllic setting of the Noordhoek Farm Village, is Kristen Batzer-Buttress and her kick-ass ice cream. Hand-made & delicious, Kristens Kick Ass Ice Creams is a small batch ice creamery with a mission to make your day a little bit brighter, a little bit sweeter, and a lot more awesome. Based on an idea of childhood-inspired flavors and combinations, Kristen is scooping up classic flavors like chocolate, made with 70% dark chocolate and cocoa, vanilla and salted caramel but also has unusual combinations like Rooibos Apricot and Crack Caramel. In fact, the teams at Kristens Kickass Ice Cream are constantly trying out new and interesting flavors to keep things interesting, fresh, and on-trend to surprise and delight their customers & keep them coming back for more again & again!

Kristen’s Ice Cream also has a wide variety of amazing sugar-free and dairy-free options available, so even if you have special dietary requirements, you can still enjoy every single lick & bite of this ice cream – NO EXCUSES!

What are you waiting for? Pop into a store right away to grab a cone, take your favorite flavor home in a 500ml tub, or have your ice cream delivered to your home or work.


  • Noordhoek Shop: Noordhoek Farm Village, Village Lane, Noordhoek, Cape Town | 079 265 5108
  • Constantia Uitsig – Heritage Village: Constantia Uitsig Heritage Village, Spaanchemat, River Road, Constantia, Cape Town | 079 654 9027
  • Newlands: 6 Cardiff Castle, Main St, Newlands, Cape Town | 081 481 6715
  • Stellenbosch: Shop 9B, De Wet Centre, Corner of Bird and, Church St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch | 069 560 5785
  • Website:

5. Moro Gelato

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Moro Gelato

If you’re craving “new-school” Italian gelato, Moro Gelato is renowned for creating and making gelato the traditional Italian way with a slight twist by incorporating a delicious variety of modern and local fan-favorite flavors.

If there’s one nation who knows how to do things with flair and extravagance, it’s the Italians – and this is no different when it comes to their spectacular ice cream flavors and exciting flavor combinations. Moro Gelato is real-deal Italian gelato in every way!

Not only will you feel like you’ve been transported straight to the charming streets of Italy when indulging in one of Moro Gelato’s amazing gelatos, but each and every simply sublime gelato is freshly made, using only the best local produce and spices. So you better believe you’re in for one hell of a treat!

Beyond their extensive selection of classic and uniquely inspired gelato flavors, Moro Gelato also offers head-over-heels ice cream lovers an incredible selection of vegan-friendly sorbet options, This ensures that there is something for absolutely EVERYONE to enjoy and gives everybody the opportunity to join in on the delicious Moro Gelato celebrations!

Their pastel-coloured parlour on Long Street is Wes Anderson perfection and they are open till late – which is music to any ice cream enthusiast’s ears! They also have chocolate fountains with dark and white chocolate pouring like a waterfall for your enjoyment pleasure. Besides their Long Street location, Moro Gelato has 2 more locations in Green Point and Sea Point.


  • Green Point: Shop 2, Portside Centre, Corner Upper Portswood Rd and Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town
  • Sea Point: 85 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
  • Cape Town CBD: 165 Long Street, Cape Town CBD
  • Stellenbosch: 13 Andringa Street, Stellenbosch Central
  • Email: [email protected]

6. IceDream

Best Ice Cream Cape Town - IceDream

Introducing another one of Cape Town’s best ice-cream spots – drum roll please – the one and only ICEDREAM! Proudly boasting the title of “Oldest Geletaria in Cape Town,” this family-run Italian Gelateria most definitely knows what they are doing when it comes to ice cream (sorry, gelato). They have been serving scoops since 1993, after all.

Made without any preservatives, flavorants, colourants or added fats, the gelato from Ice Dream is made with only the freshest ingredients. But don’t let that fool you – in fact, be prepared to be surprised! The gelato here will undoubtedly exceed all your gelato expectations – not only is it indulgent & beyond delicious, it is jam-packed with flavor, unbelievably creamy, and quite literally tastes like a dream!

To continue the gelato dream, this one-of-a-kind gelateria in Hout Bay offers sweet-tooth-lovers a wide variety of dreamy classic flavors as well as some available on special request like Amarula, Roasted Pumpkin, Mascarpone & Almond, and Beer. Their fan-favorite dairy free Sorbeto is made with seasonal fruits like sweet melon, litchi, lemon, strawberry, and pink grapefruit – perfect & refreshing for a hot summers’ day.

Established in 1993, there is no denying that this brother and sister-run gelateria has a recipe for success that has won over many Capetonians and visitors to Hout Bay.

7. Gelato Mania

Best Ice Cream Cape Town - Secret Cape Town

Gelato Mania is not only one of the best ice-cream spots in Cape Town, but a real fan-favorite amongst Capetonians – and with good reason too! Gelato Mania is a unique, family-run Gelateria, which specializes in Artisanal gelato (traditional homemade Italian-style ice cream). Using an age-old traditional recipe, Gelato Mania offers taste sensations, which are refreshing bursts of exceptional flavors, leaving you craving more! Every scoop of Gelato Mania is a unique blend of quality, flavor, and an unforgettable experience, bringing to life our promise- Memories you can taste. If that’s not enough to convince you, Gelato Mania has well-earned & highly deserved bragging rights to the biggest selection of traditional home-made Italian style ice cream in South Africa, so you’re truly spoilt for choice!

The Gelato Mania craze doesn’t end there, oh no! In addition to its incredible selection of indulgent & mouth-watering flavors, Gelato Mania also makes Diabetic Gelato, vegan-friendly gelato, banting-friendly gelato, and the freshest fruity sorbets perfect for hot summer days. This means it has something for absolutely everyone to savour & enjoy – YES, YOU TOO! To top it off, you can even get delicious waffles and pancakes to pair with your gelato, giving it that extra oomph!


  • V&A Waterfront- Our Flagship Store: Shop 152, Ground Floor, Victoria Wharf, Cape Town
  • Hermanus: Corner Market Street and Marine Drive, Hermanus
  • Sea Point
  • Newlands: 47 Dean Street, Newlands, Cape Town
  • MOJO Market: 30 Regent Street, Sea Point, Cape Town
  • Green Point: 65 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town
  • Camps Bay: Shop 11 Victoria Road, Camps Bay
  • Canal Walk: Canal Walk Mall, 490 Century Boulevard, Century City, Milnerton, Cape Town
  • Stellenbosch: 18 Andringa Street, Stellenbosch
  • Kloof Street: Kloof Street Village, 8 Rheede Street, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Penlyn: 285 Belgravia Rd, Belthorn Estate, Cape Town

8. The Ice Café

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: The Ice Cafe

You cannot go to Kalk Bay and not stop by the iconic Ice Café for some melt-in-your-mouth, flavor-bursting, silky smooth, down-right delicious, leave-you-wanting-more, knock-your-socks-right-off ice cream – there is just NO way! Located on Kalk Bay’s Main Road, this cool spot has become a real fan-favorite and not-to-be-missed Kalk Bay attraction among both locals and tourists alike primarily due to their famous homemade ice cream. Made using a secret family recipe consisting of natural ingredients, no eggs or gelatine, you can expect to enjoy the most indulgent and flavor-filled ice-cream you’ve ever had – YES! It’s that good! And no, we’re NOT exaggerating!

Some of the Ice Café’s famous ice cream flavors include, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Black Forest (with real cherries, chocolate cake and cream), Liquorice, Coffee, Coconut, and LOADS more – ensuring there is something for absolutely everyone to savor and enjoy. All of Ice Café’s ice creams are served either in a sugar cone or a cup (the choice is yours), which can be enjoyed while strolling along Kalk Bay’s quirky, captivating, and cool seaside streets.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, this might just do the trick – In addition to the Ice Café’s selection of beyond delicious and flavor-filled homemade ice cream, they are well known for giving ice cream lovers HUGE scoops of ice cream (they’re just generous like that), at an unbelievably affordable price. Another great thing about Kalk Bay’s Ice Café is the fact that they love to keep things fresh, interesting, and exciting by changing and introducing new fresh  ice cream flavors daily. They are also incredibly environmentally conscious, encouraging customers to return plastic spoons and utilizing paper tubs only.

Its safe to say that enjoying an ice cream from the iconic Ice Café is by far one of the top things to do in Kalk Bay on any visit.

  • Where to find it: 93 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: 9.15am – 6pm | Friday – Saturday: 9am – 6.30pm
  • Contact: 021 788 4816

#9 De Villiers Chocolate

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: De Villiers Chocolate

There are at least a hundred reasons you should visit the idyllic Franschhoek Valley, one of the top ten being the delicious ice cream at De Villiers Chocolate. This bean to bar chocolate company focuses on ethically and sustainably sourced products used to make the most incredible truffles, confectionery, chocolate thins, bars and of course, ice cream. They have 15 flavours of ice cream and sorbet to choose from and their own gluten-free cones made fresh daily.

Their café also offers chocolate and ice cream tasting so you can really taste why there is no place quite like De Villiers Chocolate anywhere else in the world. Once you’ve tried the ice cream, take a chocolate salami, dark chocolate pizza, or bag of spiced drinking chocolate beans home with you to spread the love.

  • Location: Unit 1, Simondium Guild, R45, Franschhoek Rd, Simondium
  • Contact details: 021 874 1034 | 067 805 4515 | [email protected]

#10 Ditto on Kloof

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Ditto on Kloof

Ditto has made some serious waves in the Mother City ice-cream scene as Cape Town’s very first 100% plant-based ice cream shop – how cool is that?! Teaming up with Oh Oat, they craft creamy delights using oat milk, ensuring a divine treat for all, whether you’re a dedicated vegan or a dairy devotee. Brace yourself for a flavor fiesta—these creations are sensational, bursting with the freshest and most lively ingredients imaginable. Indulge in the zing of salted pretzels, the allure of licorice, the punch of coffee, and a symphony of fruity sensations.

Can’t swing by Kloof Street? No worries! They’ve got your back with their delightful delivery service. Trust me, a visit to this gem while in the Mother City is a must! And as if that’s not enticing enough, they even serve heavenly waffles crowned generously with their luscious vegan ice cream.

#11 The Diary Den

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Diary Den

Life is Sweet at The Dairy Den — quite literally. This tiny but prominent ice-cream Sea Point sweet spot offers “the best soft serve in Cape Town” served in black Oreo cones that will make you feel like a kid again. Approach with caution though, because once you are there you will most definitely have to try one of their gourmet doughnuts too. The iconic Dairy Den unicorn swirl with its sprinkles and pop of colour comes highly recommended and is a real hit with both the young and young at heart. So, why not unleash your inner unicorn spirit & give it a try? If you’re feeling extra daring, you can even order The Belter, a cone-donut-soft-serve combination that dreams are made of.

In addition to delicious soft serve and indulgent gourmet doughnuts, the Diary Den also has milkshakes as well as other dairy-based delicacies on offer – they definitely have something for everyone to enjoy. This means you can bring the whole family to The Dairy Den and all leave happy as can be.

Their pink Instagram-friendly store on Main Road is just a few minutes away from the promenade. They recently opened a branch in Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs.


  • Sea Point: 148 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
  • Kenilworth Centre: Food Court (Shop 121), Kenilworth Centre, 1 Doncaster Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town
  • Willowbridge Centre: Shop G54A, Willowbridge Shopping Centre, Carl Cronje Dr, Bellville, Cape Town
  • N1 Value Centre: Solly Smiedt St, Goodwood, Cape Town
  • Website:

#12 Sorbetiere

Top 10 ice cream spots in Cape Town

Photo credit: Sorbetiere

If there ever was a hidden gem in the Cape Town ice cream scene, it would be Sorbetiere. Blink, and you might miss the shop, but once you taste their ice cream the memory will be lasting. Buried within the belly of Woodstock, a suburb known for its creative energy and grit, it can be easy to miss this artisan’s storefront. Pair this with the fact that the entrance to the shop is hidden in a private courtyard and you will understand why Sorbetiere can be a little difficult to find.

Sorbetiere is the creation of French chef Beran who used her childhood memories of eating homemade strawberry sorbet as inspiration. After 10 years in the kitchens of various restaurants in France, she settled in Cape Town in 2013, adding some much-needed oh-la-la to the Cape Town ice cream offering.

Chef Beran started by producing fresh sorbets from scratch, using only the best local fruits and ingredients. It didn’t take long for the fledgling artisan to build up a reputation, and soon interest from the restaurant trade started flooding in. Today Sorbetiere has a growing list of premier restaurants they supply, quite understandable when you experience their tantalizing and bespoke flavours.

Now visiting Sorbetiere will have you uncovering not only sorbet but also a delicious mix of ice creams, all created with freshly sourced, all-natural ingredients and is completely free of additives, or artificial flavouring. They pride themselves on doing things the right way. And it shows.

We would highly recommend poking your head in, even if it can be a little hard to find! Word on the ground is, try the toasted brioche ice cream sandwich.”

You can enjoy the Sorbetiere at the following restaurants & cafés in & around Cape Town:

Cape Town:

  • South China Dim Sum
  • The Cousins
  • Honest Cafe
  • Swan
  • Table 7
  • Bruegels
  • Serendipity
  • The Office
  • Nikkos Glencarry
  • Food Fanatics
  • Shamballa
  • Nelson’s eye
  • Bodega
  • Duchesse
  • The eatery Wood Fired Grill
  • A Tavola
  • Block House Kitchen
  • Zenzero
  • The Bungalow
  • Lily’s
  • Mama Roma
  • Manna Epicure
  • NV-80 grill and bar
  • Paranga
  • Bobo’s
  • Pilcrow and Cliver
  • Seabreeze
  • Sirocco
  • Sotano
  • Thali
  • Woodlands Eatery
  • The Alphen


  • Tokara Deli
  • Koelenhof Wine Farm
  • Vadas at Spier
  • Le Siemma


  • Bouquet Cafe
  • The Goatshed

Somerset West:

  • Al dente Deli


  • Homegrown Bakery and Cafe

13. Icezeit

Icezeit’s owners have combined experience of 35year and wow, you can tell from your first taste. With over 150 flavours of your favorite Gelato and Sorbets, Icezeit boasts the kind of European pedigree that makes it one of Cape Town’s must-taste delicatessen destinations.

Best Ice cream Cape Town - Icezeit

Flagship Store Contact Details

  • Physical Address – 32 Waterkant Street, Cape Town CBD
  • Website –
  • Phone Number – 021 421 0901

14. Venezia Ice Cream Parlour

Venezia Ice Cream Parlour is a Capetonian Institution. First opening their doors in 1954, they’ve been in the ice cream business for 64 years! They serve Italian ice cream, Belgian waffles, coffees, milkshakes, smoothies.

Best Ice cream Cape Town - Venezia Ice Cream

Pop by their store in Sea Point to see why they’ve lasted while everyone else has come and gone.

Flagship Store Contact Details

15. You Bet It’s Ice Cream

And rounding out our Top 10 Ice Cream Stores in Cape Town is You Bet It’s Ice Cream.

You Bet It’s Ice Cream won’t let any dietary restrictions restrict your ability to eat ice cream. Their ice cream and sorbets suit most dietary requirements: vegan, banting, low carb high fat, diabetic, paleo, the only limit is the season!

Best ice cream Cape Town - You Bet Its Ice Cream

You Bet It’s Ice Cream uses only using organic ingredients to create natural ice cream and sorbet made by supporting local suppliers.

Flagship Store Contact Details