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Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Cape Town is a playground for everyone. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor fun to be had. We’re not going to list the obvious family fun options. But for in case you’ve forgotten: ten blue flag beaches, endless mountains to conquer, the Top 10 Parks in Cape Town, and Cape Town’s 19 Amazing Tidal Pools.

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Cape Town

Let’s tell you about more fun things to do with your family in Cape Town. There are a lot of options that will entertain both the kids and the grownups.

#1 Go Karting

go karting Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Create a friendly competitive moment with your older kids. Who can do the quickest lap? The Kenilworth Karting track has become an old favourite institution in the city. And there is also another track to try at Century City.

Visit karting.co.za for more information.

#2 The Clay Café

the clay cafe Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Let the creativity run rampant, each family member creating their own masterpiece. Best part, you get to keep your crockery creation afterwards. Don’t worry if you’re not too creatively inclined, the helpful staff will teach you a few tricks. Stop for a bite at the restaurant afterwards to chat about the experience and admire each other’s artwork. There is also a huge outdoor play area for the kids to blow off steam after sitting still.

Visit claycafe.co.za for more information.

#3 College of Magic

college of magic Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

The school has been teaching people the art of magic since 1980. It will stimulate both your kids’ minds and your own. Junior courses are hosted on Saturday mornings and adult courses on Thursday evenings. You can also simply sit back and watch the experts put on a mesmerizing public show. These magical performers can also be booked for a private show at a kids or staff party.

Visit collegeofmagic.com for more information.

#4 Rush Trampoline Park

rush sa Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Reconnect with your inner child alongside your kids at this indoor park. The wall-to-wall trampolines are sure to burn some calories, keeping you fit and make the kids sleep like angels afterwards. They have two branches in the city. One is situated at Stadium on Main in Claremont, on the third level of the parking lot. The other is in the Greenstone Mall, corner of van Riebeeck and Modderfontein Road. Besides the wall-to-wall trampolines, there are also three basketball slam dunk lanes, two dodgeball courts, two long trampoline lanes for epic flips,  plus a battle beam and more.

Visit rushsa.co.za for more information.

Insider info: get free entry with a City Pass

#5 HintHunt

hint hunt Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

A unique way to bond as a family, if your kids are over the age of 9. Older kids above 15 can also crack the mysteries on their own. You’ve got 60 minutes to figure out the mystery to escape the room. Don’t worry, it’s not a small confined space, so you won’t feel claustrophobic while solving the riddles and puzzles. With enough team work, you can crack the code before the hour is up!

Visit hinthunt.co.za for more information.

#6 Cave Golf & Scratch Patch

Cave Golf Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Putt-putt is one of those fun activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. Spice up the traditional game in a cave setting at the V&A Waterfront! Before or after the game, stop at the Scratch Patch, and let the kids discover the wonder of gemstones while hunting for their own ones. There’s another branch of the Scratch Patch in Simonstown.

Interesting fact: close to half of the world’s gemstones are found in South Africa

Visit scratchpatch.co.za for more information.

#7 Bugz Family Playpark

Cave Golf Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

This is a kid’s paradise! The expansive park features outdoor and indoor play areas, suitable for kids aged 2 to 10. Entertainment includes a water slide, choo-choo train, quad bikes, swing horses, real horse rides, a tree house, and even a castle. If you’re lucky the Bugz characters will make a special appearance. And don’t forget to watch the magic show. Fun galore!

Visit bugzplaypark.co.za for more information.

#8 ZipZap Circus School

zip zap circus school Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

Ever dreamed of running away with the circus? Well, here you can sample the circus life. Best of all, the programs are hosted free of charge. They are funded by organisations and individuals passionate about the Zipzap vision. The programs are customized for various age groups, from kids to adults. If you rather want to watch the experts entertain you, pop in at one of their shows during the year.

Visit zip-zap.co.za for more information.

#9 The Blue Train Park & Putt-Putt

Cave Golf Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

No, this is not the famous train that travels to Gauteng. It’s a smaller one with an epic location next to the ocean, in Sea Point. The train has been operating for 50 years, maintained by the Sea Point Rotary Club. Both kids and adults can ride the fun train. Before or after your ride, squeeze in a round of putt-putt with a sea view. You can park next to the putt-putt course and walk along the Promenade to the train.

Visit thebluetrainpark.co.za or puttputtcapetown.co.za for more information.

#10 Imhoff Farm

imhoff farm Top 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Family in Cape Town

A farm outing is always fun for city dwelling kids. Situated in Kommetjie, the expansive space has something for everyone. The kids can play at the Higgledy Piggeldy petting zoo while the adults relax at the Blue Water Café. And pop in at the Old Cape Wine Shop before you leave. Other activities offered include Imhoff Equestrian Centre with outrides on the Noordhoek Beach. Plus a very unique experience – riding a camel! You’ll score brownie points with the kids for the rest of the year. You can also host a kids party at the farmyard.

Visit imhofffarm.co.za for more information.

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