Skeleton Gorge Beach, Table Mountain

Skeleton Gorge Beach, Table Mountain

Photo Caption: Fancy a swim at a secret beach to start your Monday off well? Do you know where this amazing beach is?

Hint: It is not at sea level.

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When you hear the word beach, you think of the ocean, right? But did you know that there is a beach on top of the world renowned Table Mountain? It is called Skeleton Gorge Beach.

To reach the beach, you have to hike through the Skeleton Gorge which starts within the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and leads up to the shaded, indigenous forest on the eastern side of Table Mountain, leading to the highest point, Maclear’s Beacon. This route involves some light, non-exposed scrambling and offers a jungle setting and inland views on the ascent which eventually leads to breathtaking city views.

Upon reaching the breakfast rock, take the right path ahead. About 5 minutes or so later, you will find yourself walking in ankle-deep sand. After a few more steps a beautiful white beach  awaits you, which leads into the water of the Hely-Hutchinson dam.

Water on the Mountain

The Hely-Hutchinson dam is one of the five dams on Table Mountain. It was built in order to supply Cape Town with water and was completed in 1904. It can hold 920 000 square meters of water. The dam was named after the governor Walter Hely-Hutchinson.

The Skeleton Gorge Beach is an inadvertently man-made phenomenon which is caused by the wind and water weathering the sandstone around the dams. Its picturesque view and peaceful and tranquil scenery make the beach a perfect place for a snack or a lunch stop after hiking up the mountain.

Although quite strange, the Skeleton Gorge Beach adds to a number of good reasons to hike up the magnificent Table Mountain. Read our post about Hiking Up Table Mountain