Royaltea: A Tea Bar That Does Things Differently

A new tea movement has arrived in the Mother City. The delicious fresh style of tea originated in the Chinese city Guangzhou, in 2012.  Royaltea now has over 600 stores across Asia, Canada, the USA and now South Africa too. They are becoming a leading brand in reviving tea culture worldwide.

This is not simply a new bubble tea craze, this is moving away from settling for low-grade ingredients and teas. They decided to create something more authentic and healthier. They have a great choice of refreshingly unique beverages which can be served hot or cold.

It’s Better than other Bubble Tea Brands

Royaltea started out with a simple goal, a mission to create more authentic tea-based beverages; moving away from artificial powders and syrups.

Royaltea Cape Town - Secret Cape Town

The tea drinks that are sold at Royaltea makes use of only natural and premium ingredients; freshly brewed Asian teas, floral jams, seasonal fruits and top of the line tapioca pearls that are always freshly cooked to perfection.

The History Behind Royaltea SA

Yixin Zhou and Jacob McGowan introduced Royaltea to South Africa after getting a taste of cheese tea during a visit to China. They couldn’t get enough of it. So it compelled them to introduce the product to Cape Town. Royaltea’s cheese tea is a cold drink which consists of an Oolong Tea base, topped with a cream cheese foam. The foam is then sprinkled with matcha, which is an antioxidant rich green powder.

Yixin and Jacob aim to introduce something new to the tea culture in the Mother City.

Create Your Own Happiness in a Cup

Work your way through their exciting menu. Choose from old school milk tea, rooibos, matcha, taro or chocolate mixed with earl grey.

For something truly refreshing, try one of their many green tea based fruit teas. You can also never go wrong with a cup of cheese tea!

Royaltea Cape Town - Secret Cape Town

With the concept of “healthy, natural, and delicious” – you can create your own style of tea through these steps. The combinations are endless!

Signature Specials

People are loving the seemingly endless selection of good milk teas on the market. A few of Royaltea’s signature drinks include:

Fruit Teas:

●      Jasmine Orange – jasmine, peach jam, Green Tea, and orange

●      Pineapple Smash – pineapple, Green Tea, and passion fruit

●      Passion for Grapefruit – grapefruit, passionfruit, and Green Tea

●      Early Grey and Lime – golden syrup, Earl Grey, and lime

●      Loney Lime – honey, lime, and Green Tea

●      Strawberry and Rose – rose jam, Green Tea, strawberry, and passionfruit

●      Lemon Bomb – honey slush, Green Tea, and lime

●      The All Inclusive – peach Oolong Tea or Green Tea, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, passionfruit, and watermelon or pineapple

Royal Cheese:

●      Rose and Shine

●      Cherry Blossom

●      The Royal Green

●      Just Peachy

●      Lycheese

●      Basics (this can be any tea without the cheese toppings)

Royalteasa - Secret Cape Town

Milk Tea/Bubble Tea:

●      Dairy Delight – cream cheese topping, Bubble Tea, and tapioca pearls

●      Bubble Tea – 5 Black Teas with tapioca pearls

●      Volcano Milk Tea – Oreo crumbs, Bubble Tea, Nutella, and Chinese brûlée

●      Chinese Brûlée Tea – tapioca pearls, Bubble Tea, and Chinese brûlée

●      Oreo Daily Delight – Oreo crumbs, cream cheese toppings, Bubble Tea, and tapioca pearls

Cape Town’s Royaltea Branches

There’s no doubt that Royaltea is a big hit in the Mother City’s culinary scene. Try it for yourself to get in on the buzz. A taste of this amazing cheese tea is like drinking a slice of cheesecake.

Royaltea Cape Town - Secret Cape Town

To enjoy the tea to its fullest, sip it at a 45 degree angle from the cup without a straw. Visit for more information.


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Shop G11, Lifestyle on Kloof

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Sunday: 9am–2pm

Public holidays: 9am–6pm

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