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Memories of South Africa

The warm summer breeze touched our skin as we left the airport. Wind blew through the palm leaves in front of the building. Voices from every direction were offering taxi drives to the arriving tourists. We followed the rental car sign to get our car we booked some months ago. The joking and friendly staff let us forget the long flight to this new continent. “Drive safe!” we heard as they gave us our car keys. Now we were ready. The adventure could begin.

But there was only one problem left. I started to realize it as I opened the left door of the car. I remembered: There was something different.

After I changed seats, used the wipers to show that I am turning in to the next street, I started to feel more comfortable with the different traffic system. “94.5, KFM” the radio sounded while we were entering the highway. The table mountain started to appear in the distance. 15 kilometres left to Cape Town.

As we slowly arrived at our hotel we saw the owner waving his hands and shouting our names. He seemed really happy to see us. The same happiness and joy we already realized among the people at the airport. He showed us our rooms, explained a little bit about the city and asked to please not waste too much water.

“Short trousers today?”, “Always!” he answered, as we left again to meet my sister. She was doing an internship in this city and had already arrived two months ago. We decided to meet her at Signal Hill. The traffic increased so we needed a little time to get on top. But it was totally worth it! After we were warmly welcomed we enjoyed the view over the city. The Table Mountain on the right side, covered in white clouds. The buildings of the city in front of the blue Atlantic Ocean. And Camps Bay right behind us with the panoramic twelve apostles.

Memories of South Africa by Tim Küntzler

This was the perfect time for the first shot. I opened my backpack, took out my camera, switched it on and pressed the button. The camera started to record. The same way it captured the penguins at Boulders Beach, sunrise on Lions Head, elephants in Mossel Bay, my surfing experiences, a sailing trip, or ostriches at the Little Karoo Desert in the following two weeks.

A lot to discover and explore. In one of the most beautiful countries I ever visited.

These are my Memories of South Africa.


This fantastic video was made by the talented Tim Küntzler. You can follow him and see some of his other videos here:

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Filmed with:

  • Panasonic Lumix GX 80
  • Lumix G Vario 14 – 140 mm F3,5 – 5,6
  • DJI Spark
  • GoPro Hero 5 Session
  • iPhone 8