Cure Concept Kitchen Lapos Kitchen Event
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Cure Concept Kitchen


  • Event: Cure Concept Kitchen
  • Ticket Booking Link:
  • When: Sunday, 1st of March 2020
  • Location: Lapo’s Kitchen, 13 Boundary Road, Newlands, Cape Town
  • Contact Details: [email protected]
  • Additional information: This event has limited spaces available | Book your ticket to this exclusive dining experience as soon as possible
  • Time: 3pm – 9:30pm | Keto Cooking Class: 3pm – 5:15pm | Dinning & Conversation: 5.30pm – 9pm

Tickets: There are three ticket tiers available:

  • Tier 1: Cooking Demo & Dinner (R850 per person)
  • Tier 2:  Cooking Demo Only (R550 per person)
  • Tier 3: Dinner Only (R550 per person)
  • Ticket Booking Link:

Cure Concept Kitchen is a new, immersive, nutrition-focused dining experience for the mind, body and soul!

Cure Concept Kitchen Lapos Kitchen Event

An immersive, nutrition-focused fine-dining experience for the mind, body and soul. Cure Concept Kitchens is an authentic collaboration between Think Food, Lapo’s Kitchen and MarcoLikePolo that have come together to create an exclusive series of events that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. This new, immersive, nutrition-focussed dining experience is a unique and enriching high-end experience. Focussed on curative cooking practices that aim to restore and enrich your mind, body and soul and heal your body of disease. All experienced in a fine-dining setting. As Cure Concept Kitchens consists of a series of events, each immersive dining experience will focus on various themes of Therapeutic Nutrition. Intending to start conversations about how to tackle the root cause of disease through food and lifestyle choices and to change the narrative surrounding “treating the symptoms” through the use of pharmaceuticals.


Cure Concept Kitchen - Chicken Dish

The focus of the evening will be on the Keto Lifestyle. A very hot topic in the world of health and nutrition today. Which is widely known to many for effectively managing diseases such as diabetes (type 2 and also type 1), cancer, seizures, traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s) and almost effortless weight loss being the most welcome ‘side effect’ of this kind of therapy. Keto and ‘Low Carb, High Fat’ diets are not only ‘en vogue’, but seen as the ace in the deck of therapeutic nutritionists.

The evening will kick-off with an interactive and educational cooking demonstration of Keto-based dishes, led by Chef Lapo and Christoph of Think Food. The dining element will follow. A refined and delightful experience, focused on taste and practicality, demonstrating how the Keto lifestyle can be easy on the wallet while improving quality of life. The evening will include musical entertainment, fascinating conversation surrounding the theme and a chance to meet interesting fellow diners.

Guests of the Cure Concept Kitchen are invited to arrive curious and open-minded, ready for an exclusive dining experience overflowing with beautifully presented food, thought-provoking and informative conversation and musical entertainment.


Cure Concept Kitchen - Chicken Dish

Having personally experienced the immensely beneficial impact of the Keto Lifestyle, Christoph Lenz – Think Food (Expert in Therapeutic Nutrition & Keto Practitioner), Chef Lapo Magni – Lapo’s Kitchen (Health Conscious Chef) and Marco Wielander – MarcoLikePolo (Designer of Experiences). Envisioned a dining exploration to share with others and start an alternative conversation around the treatment, prevention and management of particular conditions and lifestyle challenges.

Chefs, foodies and sufferers of various diseases have found this way of life not only helpful in managing or treating their issues, but also enjoy the simplicity of the recipes and food preparation, as well as the astonishing bursts of flavour! So, why not share it with rest of Cape Town, and hopefully the world too!


Cure Concept Kitchen

Cure Concept Kitchen is a collaboration between Christoph Lenz, Chef Lapo Magni and Marco Wielander. Who are all on a journey to share their wealth of knowledge about Therapeutic Nutrition. As well as their personal experiences of it through immersive and interactive dining experiences. Their mission is to promote food as the first choice of medicine!

At Cure Concept Kitchen we believe in creating a positive health impact through mutually beneficial partnerships in order to educate and help others!

Join the Cure Concept Kitchen movement and join them for this immersive, enriching and exclusive dining experience on Sunday the 1st of March 2020 by booking your ticket today . To find out more about this one-of-a-kind culinary journey, contact Cure Concept Kitchen on [email protected] or visit their Facebook event page