Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront

Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront

Photo Caption: Do you know where to find this building in Cape Town?

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Photo by @mogammadyaseen

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The iconic red clock tower at the V & A Waterfront is an important part of the old Cape Town harbour. It was built in 1882 and served as the original Port Captain’s Office. It is a three-story Victorian Gothic-style building, featuring a clock imported from Edinburgh and surrounded by pointed Gothic windows. The top floor is home to the original clock mechanism. On the second floor is a decorative mirror room where the captain had a full view of the harbour. The bottom floor houses an old tidal gauge mechanism which was used to check the tide levels.

This historical landmark was declared a national monument in 1978. The red walls of the Clock Tower today are the same color as they were in the 1800’s. It was restored to its original color and state of operation and transformed into a retail and office complex in the late 1990’s. The tower has since become an important focal point in the Waterfront’s urban design. A number of museums, art galleries, restaurants, the Robben Island Gateway, and other interesting shops surround it. The Clock Tower is accessible through the customized swing bridge built in 1997.

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