Cape Town's Top 5 Most Instagram-worthy Spots

Cape Town’s Top 10 Most Instagram-worthy Spots

Cape Town is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. From formidable mountains to endless stretches of beach, to pristine blue oceans. It’s an Instagrammers paradise! These are a few of our favourite places to snap the perfect shot.

#1 Table Mountain

Table Mountain has the knack of “following” you wherever you go in the city.

Cape Towns Top 10 Most Instagram worthy Spots jpg

From the close-up view in the city bowl,  to the wide screen shot of the mountain across the bay in Blouberg Strand. And needless to say, the view from the top of the mountain is spectacularly breathtaking.

#2 Chapman’s Peak Drive

World famous for its many twists and turns, a drive on Chapman’s Peak will never disappoint. It hugs the mountain tightly, with the ocean winking at you from far below.

Chapmans Peak Drive

Luckily the road builders anticipated that people will want to stop and admire the view from all angles. There are lookout spots every few kilometers.

#3 Cape Point

This is the point where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet each other.

Cape Towns Top 10 Most Instagram worthy Spots

It has been declared a national reserve. You can take the stairs to explore the area, or hop into the Flying Dutchman Funicular to whizz up and down. Just watch out for the feisty baboons in the area!

#4 Lion’s Head

It is Cape Town’s most-hiked mountain! You have the option of spiraling the mountain or if you are more adventurous (and fit enough) you can use the chain ladders to scamper to the tippy top of the mountain.

#5 Camps Bay

When driving over Kloofnek road towards Camps Bay, mesmerizing beauty greets you.

The winding road leading to one of the most popular beaches in town, is hugged by the Twelve Apostles mountain range on one side and the expansive Atlantic ocean on the other. Reaching the glitzy suburb you might confuse the setting with a Californian beach – palm trees lining the road and a variety of posh restaurants fighting to get your tummy’s attention. A sunset on the Camps Bay rocks is a must!

#6 Robben Island

This is a world heritage site with a museum depicting a big chunk of our country’s history. Our most famous freedom fighter, former president Nelson Mandela, spent 18 of his 27 years sentence on the island. Walk in his shoes for a moment as you explore the prison site.

#7 Muizenberg and St. James Colourful Bathing Boxes

These vintage wooden bathing boxes were almost removed a few years back, but the community stepped up and saved them. They now have a fresh coat of vibrant paint for your viewing pleasure. Play around with the angles against the mountain and sea backdrops to create your own unique photos. Read more about the area in our post here.

#8 Woodstock Street Art

Street art is popping up more and more across the city, but if you want to view the best selection of it, Woodstock is the place to go. A great way of exploring the magnificent art pieces, is doing a VoiceMap Woodstock Street Art Tour. This way you won’t miss out on anything, plus you will experience the art through the eyes of a local artist.

#9 The Bo-Kaap

The colourful houses were created as a sign of defiance against slavery. Step back in time as you walk down the cobblestone streets, admiring the quirky houses. Consider doing a free walking tour of the Bo-Kaap to experience it more thoroughly. Or read more about the history of the area in our post here.

#10 Boulder’s Beach

Cape Town has many wonderful nature moments to experience, but watching cute penguins definitely takes the cake. At Boulder’s beach, Cape Town you can snap pictures galore without disturbing the penguins while they relax at one of their favourite gathering spots. And the area has been fitted with special wooden bridges which you can use as the perfect vantage point to get that epic adorable shot. Read more about the cute little penguins in our post here.

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