Canola Fields, Overberg Region

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The scenic Overberg region is just an hour’s drive East of Cape Town. It’s nestled between the Breede River (East), the Hottentots-Holland Mountains (West), and the Riviersonderend Mountains (North). It is an agricultural region with breathtaking mountains, hidden valleys, rolling green pastures, and golden wheat fields.

The Overberg’s fertile ground is perfect for growing wheat, barley, and oats. And in 1993 farmers tried a new crop called Canola. It is a cool-season crop, developed in Canada in the 1970’s. The crop is used for edible oil for humans and canola meal for livestock. The oil is pressed from the tiny brown seeds found in pods on the plant.

Earthy Goodness

Canola oil is low in polyunsaturated fatty acids and a good source of Vitamin E. It is a good choice for frying, cooking, and baking. The Canola meal is a good source of protein, ideal feed for livestock. The meal is also a high-quality organic fertilizer for commercial organic farmers. The beautiful yellow flowers are a preferred source of food for bees and the fields also serve as a major breeding ground for the blue crane, the national bird of South Africa.

The best time to tour around Overberg is during late July, August, and early September. The shades of green and bright yellow canola patches create a vibrant, magical scene. Harvest time is between October and November. The plowed fields become an assortment of reds and browns, peppered with hay bales.

The scenic view of the Canola fields in Overberg makes the region a must-visit place not only for photographers but also for anyone who wants to appreciate the magnificent natural beauty.