Camps Bay Tidal Pool

Camps Bay Tidal Pool Beach and Pathway

photo by DanieVDM

Tidal pools are rocky, man-made pools built to give beachgoers a safe place to cool down in the ocean without having to worry about being hit by the waves. There are numerous tidal pools around Cape Town. One of the most popular tidal pools along the Atlantic Seaboard is Camps Bay Tidal Pool.

This tidal pool can be found on the southern side of the Camps Bay Beach with easy access to the strip of cafes and restaurants along Victoria Road, which makes it the perfect dip-and-dine destination in Cape Town. It has a nice white sand beach to relax on in between swims, as well as public toilets and paved access via stairs or a ramp.

Aside from the cold blue Atlantic waters, the Camps Bay Tidal Pool also offers a spectacular view of Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. The setting sun dips below the ocean directly in front of the pool making it a fantastic location for late afternoon and sunset swims. The view alone makes this tidal pool well worth your visit.

Amazing Photo by @nasreenroberts

In the mornings some swimmers can be found swimming laps in the pool as it is quite large, and there are often joggers who like to cool off in the pool after starting their day with a run along the coastal promenade.

Camps Bay tidal Pool Morning Swimmer

photo by @clyde0thomas

Just like most of the tidal pools in Cape Town, Camps Bay Tidal Pool is a family-friendly place to swim and play, making it an ideal destination for families with playful kids.

With its convenient location and popularity around the city, you will often find this tidal pool packed with people who want to enjoy the sun and the cold waters, especially during the weekends and holidays. Depending on the tide and how the South East wind has been blowing sometimes the water in the pool can be a bit warmer than that of the ocean next door as it has time to warm up in the hot African sun.

Camps Bay Tidal Pool From Above

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