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Are you ready for the ultimate Art Exhibition & Live Auction event in Cape Town?

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Aspire Art Auctions

Exciting not-to-be-missed local Live Auction & Art Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary art in Cape Town!

Cape Town | 37A Somerset Road, De Waterkant | 29th & 30th of September 2021

Aspire Art Auctions

About Aspire Art Auctions

Aspire Art Auctions is an innovative industry-leading South African-based specialist auctioneering and fine art consulting company. Specializing in Modern and Contemporary Art, Aspire delivers a full spectrum of value-added Art Consulting and Collections Management Services in addition to advising collectors, corporations and various institutions on the buying and selling of art.

Established in 2016 in response to a non-representative and non-inclusive auction industry in South Africa, stunted by insularity and an extreme lack in diversity, Aspire Art Auctions seized the opportunity to revive, reinvigorate, and revolutionize the South African auction trade to support and celebrate the country’s rising and rapidly growing art industry.

Aspire Art Auctions

Artwork by Gerald Chukwuma – A celebrated Nigerian Contemporary artist | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

As leading African fine art consultants and auctioneers, Aspire Art Auctions holds an array of records and boasts several industry firsts. Their unwavering commitment to not only represent, but contribute to a more inclusive industry which promotes diversity, access, and broad range inclusivity, while increasing global appreciation and regard for art from this continent, has led to Aspire Art Auctions inspiring true change and instigating a real paradigmatic shift within the industry as a whole.

In even more exciting news, Aspire Art Auctions have recently opened an exquisite new gallery space located at 37A Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town, and to properly celebrate this fabulous artistic occasion, Aspire is hosting a not-to-be-missed Live Auction and Exhibition!

The best thing is absolutely everyone is invited to join in on the remarkable art Exhibition and thrilling Live Auction festivities – Whether you’re an experienced and ardent art aficionada and collector or a mere art lover and avid artistic enthusiast admiring and exploring their way through the vibrant South African and African art scene, ALL are welcome!

Spectacular Live Auction & Exhibition of Modern & Contemporary Art in Cape Town

Time to get excited! This Spring, Aspire Art Auctions returns to Cape Town with a much-anticipated Live Auction an Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary art, taking place over two days on the 29th and 30th of September 2021.

Aspire Art Auctions

Artwork by Ephraim Ngatane (“The donkey cart”) | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Presenting an outstanding and enthralling collection of 132 works of art by 80 exceptional and renowned artists, the Aspire Art Spring Auction will not only impress, but exceed art enthusiasts and collectors’ expectations with its vast diversity of exciting, compelling, and highly considered selection of artwork.

With a strong focus on African and South African art, the Aspire auction sale and exhibition loudly and proudly represents an array of remarkably talented artists from 8 African countries including, Benin, Cameroon, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, as well as international artists from Europe, the UK, and USA.

Aspire Art Auctions

Talented African Artist Zemba Luzamba from the Democratic Republic of the Congo | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Reflecting and celebrating the spirit of our time, Aspire Art Auctions is shining a bright and long-awaited light on both artists of colour and female artists, with their artwork making up more than half of the art on offer, allowing their artistic creations to be prominently featured and displayed for the world to see – Undoubtedly making Aspire Art Auctions’ Live Auction and Exhibition THE event to attend!

In addition, important and significant historical works are presented alongside a diverse collection of Contemporary Art which includes photography and new media work.

Rare & Remarkable Artwork on Display at Aspire’s Live Auction & Exhibition

What makes this particular Aspire Art Auctions’ Exhibition and Live Auction so unique, exciting, and monumental is the fact that the rare and remarkable artwork on sale and on display have not been seen / showcased in public for countless years, with some artworks making their first ever debut.

By far one of the top highlights of this year’s Aspire auction and exhibition is a striking, large-scale still-life painting by leading Contemporary Swiss artist Uwe Wittwer, which will be available on auction for the first time ever in local history.

In addition to being a local historical artistic triumph, Uwe Wittwer’s artistic masterpieces are rarely ever showcased or auctioned anywhere in the world, undoubtedly making Aspire Art Auctions profoundly proud and privileged to both showcase and debut Wittwer’s beyond exceptional work.

Aspire Art Auctions

Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou Artwork | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Other amazing newcomers to this riveting and not-to-be-missed South African Live Auction and Art Exhibition extravaganza are two exceptional artists of African descent – Kenyan artist Richard Kimathi and Cameroonian artist Moustapha Baïdi Oumarou.

Already established in Nigeria and having featured in both London and Paris, Nigerian artist Gerald Chukwuma will also be making his local South African debut at this year’s Aspire Auction and Exhibition.

Where is Aspire Art Auctions’ Exhibition & Live Auction Taking Place?

Aspire Art Auctions

New Gallery space located at 37A Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Aspire Art Auctions’ much-anticipated Exhibition and Live Auction of Modern and Contemporary art will take place at Aspire’s exquisite new gallery space located at 37A Somerset Road in De Waterkant on the 29th and 30th of September 2021.

Buyers are invited (and highly encouraged) to join Aspire for in-room bidding (by far the most exhilarating), or alternatively utilize Aspire’s real-time online bidding or telephonic bidding platforms.

Aspire Art Auctions’ Spring Live Auction and Exhibition preview is currently on display for all to see in the gallery and can be viewed from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. To get you even more hyped up, a fully illustrated auction catalogue is also available and can be directly downloaded at

What can you expect from Aspire’s Live Auction & Exhibition

Contemporary Art Section

Live Auction & Exhibition Sculptures

If you appreciate the art of sculpting, you certainly won’t be disappointed by Aspire Art Auctions’ Exhibition & Live Auction!

Sculpture is a prominent and powerful medium in local art. The Aspire auction will highlight the unique and impressive body of sculptural work led by Edoardo Villa and Sydney Kumalo, arguably two of Africa’s greatest modernist sculptors – Really giving sculpting enthusiasts something to look forward to!

Aspire Art Auctions

Sculptural work led by Edoardo Villa | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Beyond these two sculping greats, additional sculptural works that will be featured at the Exhibition are Lucas Sithole’s moving Don’t worry your father will come, Brett Murray’s Donkey, first exhibited on Sleep Sleep in 2005, and Willie Bester’s sculptural tableau, Transition, which captures his unique approach in using found objects to evoke the gritty realities of life experienced first-hand on the streets of South African cities.

Aspire’s sculpting magic doesn’t end there! Several other Contemporary sculptors will be represented at the Live Auction and Exhibition including, Norman Catherine, Dylan Lewis, Gerald Machona, Stefanus Rademeyer, and ceramist Nico Masemola.

Aspire Art Auctions Sculpture

Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

**Tip: If you regard yourself as a true sculpting lover and connoisseur, look out for Miniature Figure III by British Modernist Lynn Chadwick RA, who, in 1956, was awarded the coveted prize for sculpture / sculpting at the 28th Venice Biennale.

Historical Art

Seasoned collectors can expect an artistic treat when attending Aspire Art Auctions’ Live Auction and Exhibition!

Aspire Art Auctions

Artwork by Erik Laubscher | Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Historical art treasures for avid and experienced collectors include two exquisite still life paintings created in 1948 by Erik Laubscher during his time at the Anglo-French Art Centre.

Paintings from Laubscher’s ‘London Period’ are extremely rare, remarkable, and remain highly sought after, even till this day. This further includes a collection of early, small-scale Alexis Preller works, showing the artist’s experiments in subject, style and medium.

Landscape Art

Aspire Art Auctions

Landscape Art by master landscapist Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef – Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Landscapes, and thus landscape art, has always been an integral part of the South African art scene, and remains an essential collecting category to this day.

Avid landscape art admirers can look forward to an incredible selection of beautiful and valuable paintings by master landscapist J.H. Pierneef, alongside Ruth Everard Haden, Maud Sumner, and the much-loved Cape painter Hugo Naudé, all of whom have the magnificent ability to capture the beauty, light and uniqueness of the local landscape at its finest.

More About Aspire Art Auctions

While Aspire Art Auctions’ focus is pan-African, they have locations in both of South Africa’s leading art world capitals – Johannesburg and Cape Town. By operating in two of the country’s thriving artistic hubs, it gives them the opportunity to make Client’s collections, as well as gallery exhibitions and auction previews of all important national offerings far more accessible, practical, and readily attainable to the public.

Aspire Art Auctions Team

Aspire Art Auctions

Photo credit: Aspire Art Auctions

Led by a dynamic, qualified, and experienced group of Art Specialists, fine art consultants and auctioneers with extensive formidable collective knowledge and expertise, the Aspire Art Auctions’ team are immensely passionate about South African and African art and the future of this continent in its entirely.

Representing the longest combined secondary art market presence in South Africa, with collective art industry experience of more than eighty years, Art Specialists Emma Bedford, Jacqui Carney, Ruarc Peffers, Marelize van Zyl, Sarah Sinisi, Makgati Molebatsi, and Percy Mabandu are renowned for producing highly curated auctions of premium quality international, African, and South African art.

While Aspire Art Auctions specialize in Modern and Contemporary art, their vision, passion, and dedication to showcasing and sharing both Africa’s and South Africa’s vibrant and extraordinary art scene and profoundly talented artists with both the local and global art industry far is truly incredible!

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