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Wally’s Cave on Lion’s Head

Wallys Cave On Lionshead

Photo Caption: There are a number of amazing caves and ledges that look out onto #tablemountain. Can you #guesswhere this one is in this epic photo by ? @picstagramms (Definitely one of the best sunrise hikes ? )

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NB: Wally’s Cave is currently closed due major erosion which has led to a high risk of falling rocks and a danger to hikers.

Lion’s head is not only one of the most iconic landmarks in Cape Town, it is also one of the most-visited hiking spots. Its magnificent views of the ocean, Camp’s Bay, and the renowned Table Mountain draws people from all walks of life. It has a number of hidden caves, the most popular of which is Wally’s Cave.

Wally’s Cave was once a secret spot on Lion’s Head. But the circular cave mouth with its breathtaking view of Table Mountain now draws hikers and adventure seekers like moths to a flame. Hikers go to Wally’s Cave at sunrise or sunset to take an epic silhouette shot with the mouth of the cave as a frame and Table Mountain as the perfect backdrop. The cave is sheltered and was named after a British-born honorary scout, Wally Struthers, who made it his mission to build up water pools and sheltered caves on the mountain.

Wallys Cave On Lionshead

Photo credit: @stormcloud06

To get to Wally’s Cave, you have to deviate from the main Lion’s Head trail. Take a left detour just before the first ladders and follow a well-trodden path until you reach the cave. But the Table Mountain National Park has closed the illegal access trail to Wally’s Cave after the death of a hiker. The increasing number of visitors has caused major erosion which has led to a high risk of falling rocks. For the safety of the hikers, Wally’s Cave is temporarily closed at the moment. Contact the South African National Parks for updates on the situation.