Virpis Top 10 Things To Do In Cape TOwn

Virpi’s Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Food. Outdoors. Adventure.

Cape Town has been my home for over 15 years, yet I feel like I’ve only explored a small portion. Since working for Secret Cape Town I have been exposed to a whole new world. Living in Table View means you are in your own little bubble, and I think it’s time to pop my bubble. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Cape Town.

1. Sushi Nori

GET READY TO TASTE THE BEST BLACK BEAN BEEF EVER! There are so many days where I honestly just don’t feel excited to cook, or feel like cooking at all, and on those days, regardless of how frequent or far between they are, Sushi Nori will always be my go-to.

Hidden in a corner is a pot of gold that very few people know about. With friendly staff, that may or may not know me by name (don’t judge), and a talented chef, Sushi Nori has perfected the art that is their black bean beef. Black bean beef is an unmatched combination of sweet, salty, and spicy. With beautiful pockets of melt-in-your-mouth beef strips, crunchy veggies, and flavorful black beans, this dish comes perfectly paired with fried rice or steamed rice.

2. Bulshoek Camping weekend

I love a good camping weekend away with friends. My favorited activity-filled place to get away from it all and soak up the splendor of nature is Bulshoek dam near Clanwilliam. Located a little over two hours’ drive from Cape Town, situated right at the foot of the Cederberg Mountain Range, it is by far one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful natural hidden gems.

Water levels in Bulshoek dam are kept constant throughout the year, making it ideal for water-sport enthusiasts. I have personally learnt how to wakeboard here and have created countless amazing memories on the inflatable tubes.

One of my personal favorite things to do is to pack a cheeseboard, containing my favorite and beyond beloved goat’s cheese from Fairview Wine Farm, as well as a few ice-cold drinks, and venture down the river.

**ALWAYS remember to pack sunblock. Clanwilliam is known for its farm fields and extreme heat.

3. Matroosberg Nature Reserve

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

I remember the day I saw snow for the first time – I was completely in awe of its beauty. While running on the white fluffy snow definitely looks majestic when you’re sitting in the car, once you step foot outside, man oh man, there is nothing that can prepare you for the freezing cold temperatures that hit every inch of your body like a ton of bricks.

Make sure you wear plenty of layers and pack as many flasks with warm hot chocolate as possible – you’re going to need it!

If you are an owner of a high-rise 4×4 vehicle, I recommend traveling along the infamous Matroosberg Nature Reserves 4×4 route on the greatest snow adventure. This is the perfect adventure experience for family and friends.

At the bottom of the mountain the snow is hard, compressed, and sometimes has a few mysterious yellow puddles, BUT at the top of the mountain you can explore the thickest layers of untouched snow. This is the ultimate snowy playground for those epic snow fights and to showcase your snowboarding skills.

4. Beaverlac

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Beaverlac is in my opinion the best camping spot! If you’re looking to get away from civilization and experience nature at its best, then Beaverlac is the spot for you. With no electricity and cellphone reception, you are forced to be one with nature and unpack those hiking boots.

Beaverlac is home to two rivers, the Ratel and Olifants River, which fill up multiple rock pools along Beaverlac’s campsite. One of my favourite things to do is to walk to the Secret Pool with snacks, towels, and an umbrella. Just a short 5-minute walk from the Secret Pools is a quiet rock pool surrounded by greenery. If you don’t mind frogs then this is the perfect spot to spend the day. Just remember, you are visiting their home, so always be kind to the creatures found in and around these rock pools.

There are some of the most amazing hiking and mountain biking routes available for all visitors. The to do list at Beaverlac is endless.

If you forgot to stop at Porterville for some of those camping essentials, don’t worry, Beaverlac’s shop is well equipped with things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed.

5. Wine Tasting

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Going wine tasting is the perfect #SundayFunday thing to do. I’m not much of a drinker, but I do love a good cheese and meat platter paired with some delectable wines. One of my favorite wine stops is Bloemendal Wines. While my boyfriend cycles through the beautiful mountain bike routes I can sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold glass of white wine and soak up the view.

Fairview Wine Farm is another must-visit Western Cape winelands gem. Besides their amazing wines, they are known for their incredible cheese. As mentioned before, Fairview Wine Farm is home to a delicious Chevin Black Pepper and Paprika goats cheese as well as White Rock with fig and another with cranberries. My mouth is watering already!

6. Diving

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

False Bay is home to some of the most beautiful marine life. Each time a fish (literally any kind of fish) swims past me, a smile automatically appears on my face. As you can imagine, this is a bit of a problem as each time I smile water creeps into my mask. This has made me an expert at mask clearing.

I could get lost in the water forever and simply watch marine life go about their day, but unfortunately this is not possible. With False Bay’s cold Atlantic waters, the key is to always keep moving in order to keep warm.

One of my top things to see while diving is sharks. I may say that now while I’m on land, but who knows what I’ll feel when I’m confronted by a shark swimming past me.

7. 4×4 Atlantis Dunes

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

The Atlantis Dunes showcases a different side of Cape Town’s beauty. While Cape Town is known for its blue skies and green landscapes, the Atlantis Dunes is all about highlighting its stunning sand dunes and beautiful Table Mountain views.

This adventure is something that can’t be done often and should be kept for the end of the month. It’s always a good idea to go with a full tank of fuel if you’re planning on going for the day.

This exhilarating adventure gives you butterflies in your tummy and always keeps you guessing as to what’s on the other side of the dune. But don’t worry, there are skilled staff doing regular rounds to ensure everyone is safe. If you do get stuck somewhere, there is always someone who is eager and willing to show off their towing skills and lend a helping hand to a fellow 4×4 enthusiast.

8. Sundowners

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Cape Town is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunset watching spots. A great way to end off a stunning summer’s day is sitting on Derdesteen beach with a thick Oreo and Belgium Chocolate milkshake from Rocomamas. This is most definitely a moment that is best when shared with your loved ones.

In addition to enjoying a delicious sundowner, always make sure you snap a quick picture of the beautiful sunset and colorful sky views.

9. Ice Cream Trips

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Working in Social Media I can’t help but visit some of the most Instagrammable gems in Cape Town. Like every girl, I have a sweet tooth and a strawberry ice cream always hits the spot.

Why not go on a cool ice cream trip and visit the Dairy Den? Not only are their ice creams to die for, but the location itself is super Insta-worthy, chic, cool, and sassy.

10. Pizza served with a view

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

I have a great love for food, especially when it’s served with a gorgeous view. Table Mountain is known to make a sneaky appearance in all scenic pictures taken in Cape Town. My favorite pizza is a traditional avo, feta, bacon, and garlic pizza. It’s a classic and I’m never disappointed when it arrives. What is your favorite pizza?