Table Mountain National Park

Photo Caption: Do you know where this is? This is one of the most secluded and difficult places to find on Table Mountain. Even if you are standing with a GPS right in front of it, you might still miss it. Any ideas?

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There are many hidden gems in Table Mountain. One of which is a series of interlinking deep and narrow slits and fractures between rocks called the Tranquility Cracks. The Tranquility Cracks are considered one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets. This labyrinth of corridors filled with indigenous Yellowwood trees is not visible from the outside, making it more difficult to find. But once inside, you can have fun squeezing through the narrow corridors. There are several passages and interesting viewpoints to find.

The Tranquility Cracks is situated approximately halfway along the Twelve Apostles Spine route. There are a number of trails to reach this surprising hidden wonderland, but the easiest and safest is via Corridor Ravine. The trail begins on the Pipe Track above Camps Bay and ascends the Corridor Ravine. Once you reach the top, turn left toward the Tranquility Cracks.

The hike to Tranquility Cracks provides some of the most beautiful views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Camps Bay. In addition, the tranquility and serenity of this secret place makes it a perfect spot to relax on a warm sunny day and to enjoy a picnic while appreciating one of the best views in Cape Town.

The Tranquility Cracks are definitely worth exploring and it makes for an excellent destination for a hike on Table Mountain.