Tranquility Cracks Table Mountain

Table Mountain National Park

Photo Caption: Do you know where this is? This is one of the most secluded and difficult places to find on Table Mountain. Even if you are standing with a GPS right in front of it, you might still miss it. Any ideas?

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There are many hidden gems in Table Mountain. One of which is a series of interlinking deep and narrow slits and fractures between rocks called the Tranquility Cracks. The Tranquility Cracks are considered one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets. This labyrinth of corridors filled with indigenous Yellowwood trees is not visible from the outside, making it more difficult to find. But once inside, you can have fun squeezing through the narrow corridors. There are several passages and interesting viewpoints to find.

Many people try to find the cracks, but few manage to find them.

The cracks are located at the top of Slangolie Buttress, but despite this DO NOT HIKE UP SLANGOLIE RAVINE! The route has been officially closed by SANPARKS due to rockfalls which have deemed it extremely unsafe.

You can hike up any of the Table Mountain hiking routes and then traverse to this surprising hidden wonderland, but the easiest and safest is via Corridor Ravine or Kasteelpoort.

The Tranquility Cracks is situated approximately halfway along the Twelve Apostles Spine route.

Corridor Ravine starts on the pipe track above Camps Bay. The Pipe track trail is worthy of a hike all on its own, and offers stunning views of Camps By a and the coastline along the twelve apostles. Along the way you will bump into many people trail running, walking their dogs or hiking like you.

To start the hike you can either start from the Theresa avenue trail head in Camps Bay…

or the one at the base of Tafelberg Road.

The path along the Pipe Track is very well marked. After the flatter section of the pipe track ends you will reach the Milkwood Forest which is the start of Slangolie Ravine. Again DO NOT USE THIS ROUTE.

Make after the Milkwood Forest make sure you take the correct path toward Corridor Ravine.

There are some shallow caves along the way that you can take a good drinks break at. Make sure you move along cautiously as in some places along the trail the path is made of loose gravel and is quite narrow, so be careful not to slip or fall along the way.

The ascent up Corridor Ravine can be quite steep so make take your time and take plenty of rests along the way.

There are some amazing views to take in as you climb. Be careful the closer you get to the top as the path can get a bit loose with some of the scree that has slid down the mountain.

Once at the top enjoy your achievement of getting to the top of the mountain. There are some great rock structures here to take a break on.

When you are ready to move on take the left turn at the top of the ravine towards Kasteelpoort and the Cableway.

Walk along this path till you get near the top of the rise. You are looking for a path off to your left. Be careful as there are actually a few paths between Corridor Ravine and Kasteelpoort that are not  used to much and look like you are on the right track, but these lead to other routes like Woody Buttress or other view points.

This is why Tranquility Cracks tricky to find.

If you start to see Lionshead in front of you and you have not turned left yet, then you know have gone slightly too far. So back track a bit looking for the path.

The path to Tranquility Cracks can be a bit vague and overgrown but you need to head towards an outcrop of rocks. Along the way be careful of snakes as this is not a well trade path.

You will only know if you have been successful in your search once you have actually found Tranquility Cracks as the entrances are hidden by bushes and Yellowwood trees.

Once you have found the cracks there are a number of amazing tunnels, entrances and cracks to explore, so enjoy yourself as you explore this lessor known section of Table Mountain.

Tranquility Cracks Hiking Trail Table Mountain Map

We would love to see some of the pictures you take and discover in and around the cracks, so tag us with #secretcapetown or @secretcapetown so we can see them, or comment below.

Tranquility Cracks is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet picnic, so pack some snacks and some water.

Alternate Route: If you would rather hike up Kasteelpoort or you are coming from another area of Table Mountain. Follow the signs towards Corridor Ravine and look out for a path that leads off to the right. If you get to Corridor Ravine then you know you have gone to far!

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